walking in on my sister


 So how all this saturday was. i was about 17 years of age and my sister was 16 and omg was she hot. i have always wanted to do dirty things with her. but i never got the balls to try.
so one night it was around midnight and i had to go pee and no one was up so i decided to just walk to the bath room naked. so i got and walk back and i hear some noise from my sisters room.   i walk in her room and i say are you ok.
she was laying on her bed naked with her legs spread open finger the most amazing pussy i have ever laid eyes on. but still being a virgin i got so hard . i say omg i am so sorry and i walk abck to my bed. i lay down and fall back to sleep. so ten min pass and i am sleeping .
all of a sudden i feel some one get under my covers. i just ignore it and went right back to sleep. then five minutes pass and i feel a nudge and its my sister laying right next to me. i can feel only skin.

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   so i left up the sheets and she is naked. i say to my sister i am so sorry for looking at you naked and she says thats ok i enjoyed it really. my mouth dropped . she ask did u see anything you like i say yes a tight little pussy and she say oh would you like to see more but you have to let me see you naked first.
so i was so neverous and she leans in and kisses my lips and starts to take my shirts off and then my pants and underwear off with her teeth. she pulls up the covers and says wow omg thats a huge dick. she takes my nine inch dick in one hand and starts to stroke it up and down and takes my hand and places it on her pussy and has me finger her. i start to precum and she takes her hand and licks it and makes me lick it . it was actually good.
 so we start to make out and i fingering her and she moves down to my dick and starts to suck it. omg did it feel amzing. i start to moan her name  while she is sucking my dick . after i cum in her mouth . i move down and start to eat the hell out of her. wow was it the best pussy ever.

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   she came in my mouth so quick that i swallowed it all.
so she ask me if i wanted to fuck and in the back of my mind i was like i really don;t want to lose my virginty to my sister , but o well. so she grabs my dick and shoves it in her tight pussy. i being off going slow and work my way up to fast and hard. so i am fucking her and she starts to cum and i start to cum and omg i had one of the best organism every . i pull my dick out and i see i pop her cherry and she is bleedu=ing so i ask if she wants to keep going and she says hell ya.
so she sits me up and gets on top riding my dick and moan my name. she is stratching the hell out of me. she keeps boucning up and down and taking every inch of my dick in her little pussy. then she gets up and get on all fours  and i shove my dick in her pussy from behind,. wow did it feel amazing . i came in her again. she asked if i wanted to do anal and i said can you show me how.
so she takes my dick and shoves it in her ass and wow it was even tighter. she i am humping the shit out of my sister and she is screaming in pain.

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   so i pull out and she tells me to shoot my sperm in her mouth and well keep making out. finally we ended and we went back to our rooms and the next morning she asked if i had an amazing time and i say ya. i ask if we can again and she says hell ya
so everytime we get horny we fuck each other . we have been for many years now
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