Watching, turned to doing.


Topic: A camera, my mom, my bathroom, FUN!this story is recent.
About a month ago I was surfing on some porn sites on line, and a i can upon an incest site. I watched the video of a young boy fucking the shit out of his sleeping mother. I instantly became hard while watching, so i grabbed my 8 incher out and released myself to the video. It really turned me on thinking about the kid fucking his mother, so i thought of myself fucking my mother, and the orgasm came stronger and harder. I have never really thought about my mother sexually, but after watching the video, i am really into it.
 Let me describe my mother for you. She is 53 years old, a bonofied mature girl. she is blonde, a little bit of weight, but not enought to make her ugly, just enought to grab and spank when she is naughty, she has 33c tits, and a nice blonde pussy. her and my dad don't get along very well, so my dad sleeps in another ohuse on out proprety far from were we both sleep.
so after i finished beating off to the movie, i started to search for a spy camera, so maybe i could catch her changing or, peeing (im kinda into girls peeing). I found this little camera about the size of a doublemint gun pack, it could record for 2 hours straight, and it had really good picture. so naturally, i ordered it.
In the time it took for my camera to arrive (about a week) i explored my sexual feelings for my mom a lot deeper then beating off. i would steal her dirty panties form her luandry basket while she slept, and smell and lick the dirty crotch of her panties. The smell of nice matured pussy gave me an instant hard on, and i would blow my load all over the crotch area.

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I then thought of taking it to the next level with the panties. while she was at work i would sneak into her bedroom, well i was the only one home, so i guess i would just walk in.   I would go into her panty droor and take out a nice fresh cleam pair. I would smell them, taste them, then blow my load all over the crotch. so when she put them on, my dired cum would rub up against her nice clit.
The day my camera came was a great day. I was home alone again, and the fedex man dropped it off. I unwrapped the packaging and looked at my new best friend. it was accually smaller then a double mint packet, and could accually record for 3 hours straight, on one charge! I went to work trying new angles for my cmaera to go, in the bathroom, in her room, in the car, so i could get an upskirt or two.  
 My first test was when she got home, she instantly ran to the bathroom to pee, and i had already hidden the camera in a secure place, so i could see her wet cunt peeing.
Later that night when she had gone to boed, i plugged the hard drive into my computer, the footage was amazing. I saw her big pussy push all the golden liquid out. and what surprised me is that she didn't wipe, she was a dirty girl.  
weeks of filming my mom dress and undress was keeping me sexually contained, but i needed more. I wanted to smell her cunt right with my nose next to it, i wanted to taste it, eat it, FUCK IT!.


So that night while she was taking a bath, i took two of the sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet and put them in some tea. when she got out, and got into bewd, i gave it to her, and she slurped it up in minutes, shortly after she fell asleep. I came in and turned the over head light on, nothing changed with her. I shook her. Nothing. I shook her very hard, and for about two minutes, nothing. So with that i climbed into bed with her, i got down under the covers with a small flash light i had brought along, i spread her legs, and lifted her nighty. there was her fresh wet pussy, stright from the bath. Without wasting any time i put my snout stright to it, and took a deep smell. My ock instantly shot up, and when i put my whole mouth around her pussy, i shot a msall load onto her foot. With that, i inched my way up, pointed the head of my cock to her pussy and stabbed into her, a small moan came from her mouth, but i didn't care, i started to fuck her harder and harder and hard. till i was screaming, and she still didn't stur. when i knew i was going to come, i quickly pulled out, grabbed my dick, opened her mouth with my spare hand, and shot a fat load into her mouth, The great thing is that he coughed and swalled it all.
After that night i countinued filming her, and fucking her. she still has no idea.

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