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My parents both had jobs that required international travel.  Most of the time one of them was home, but occasionally both would be out of the country at the same time and I would stay with my grandfather - a Native American.   I spent most of my summer vacations with him and he taught me how to live with nature instead of trying to make nature change to suit my wants.   
He taught me to live in the wilderness in the old ways - making one's own clothes and weapons.   He taught me how to watch a hametrail for hours without moving.   His best skill was disappearing where there appeared to be no place to hide.   This and the ability to lie motionless for hours were the skills that helped me in the military.    I loved the summers with grandpa.   He died when  I was 17 and I was lost without his guidance.
I left home at the age of 18 to attend college.   I entered school under a ROTC scholarship and became a US Marine officer at graduation.   Because of my survival skills and my marksmanship with firearms, I was asked to tryout for the SEALS.   I loved it.   It was hard.   Really hard, but I loved it.
On my 25th birthday I was with my SEAL team on a mission and out of touch with the world.

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    We were gone for two weeks.   When we returned I was summoned to the commanding officer's office where I was informed that my parents had been killed in an airplane rash.   By the time I was notified of their deaths they were already buried.   My enlistment was almost up so I decided leave the corps and go home.   I took leave until the end of my enlistment and went back to my beloved mountains.
When I returned home I found my parents had very large nsurance policies plus they always bought flight insurance.   I was now a millionaire several times over.  
My cousin Susan is a police officer and had been staying at the house with her dog that had been trained as a police dog, but due to the dog's age the department retired him.   Susan kept him in the house during the night but let him have the run of the property during the day.   He did not chase the deer, but lay down and watched them.
Susan and Josh (the dog) slept in the guesthouse and I took over the master bedroom.   I urged her to move into the house, but she liked her privacy.   Susan is 35 years old and in very good shape.   She works out every day with weights and runs every other day with Josh.  
One hot day I was down at the lake and decided to take a swim.

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    I stripped and waded into the cold water.   It was wonderful.   I swam for about an hour then  lay on some rocks behind a large tree to let the sun dry me.   I dropped off and slept very soundly.
I was awakened by laughter.   I moved around the tree keeping concealed and saw my cousin in the lake with another woman and a teenaged girl.   Josh was wading into the water and back out enjoying himself, also.   He caught my scent and came running to me.   When the women saw me, they  screamed and dropped down into the water to cover themselves.   I crawled toward my clothes when Susan stood and called for me to join them.   The other woman and the teen girl slowly stood facing me, also.  
It had been almost a year since I had been with a woman and it was impossible to stop the erection.  
Susan yelled, "Holy Shit!  Look at the size of that thing.   Get over here cousin and let's have a closer look. "
I went into the water where they were standing about mid-thigh in the lake.

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    The teen girl was a real knockout.   She was a natural blonde and her hair was so fine she looked like she shaved her pussy.   Her nipples were large and standing out in front of small areoles on beautifully shaped 32 A/B breasts.   Her blue eyes looked like deep water and her smile was a dentist's dream.  
The woman was an older version of the teenager and also had a perfect smile.   Her breasts sagged a little and there were a couple of stretch marks on her abdomen, but otherwise she was perfect.
Then there was Susan - athletically slim.   Hard as a rock.   No fat anywhere.   Her breasts were about the same size as the teenager's. Her stomach was flat and her abs were like a washboard.   She had a bikini cut and her labia protruded as if they were reaching for me.
When I got to them, Susan reached over and took my penis in her hand and stroked me a couple of times.
"My word, cuz, if I had known you had this under your belt I would have been the house the first night. "  Turning toward the other woman she said, "Joyce, feel the weight and girth of this monster.

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As the woman started to move toward me the teenager grabbed my dick in both hands and dropped to her knees caressing my balls with one hand as she took me into her mouth.   It felt like heaven.
Both women moved to get a better view of the show and Joyce started running her hand up and down my ass and in between my legs as Susan started pinching Joyce's nipples and molding her breasts.   I knew that at this rate I was not going to last long and pushed the girl back.
"Slow down a little.   I haven't even been introduced to these ladies and my dick has been down one of their throats. "
"John, this is Joyce, my best friend and her daughter Linda.   Joyce is a dispatcher at headquarters and is also my lover.   We're both bisexual.   Linda just recently had her first sexual experience that we arranged.   We wanted her to learn to enjoy sex instead of a few minutes in the back seat of some boy's car.   She loves giving head and enjoys the taste of semen. "
"Look, ladies, I have not been with a woman in almost a year.   I'm not going to last long with any of you, but I would like to have all of you.   Here on the grass, and now.

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    This hard-on is killing me and I need some relief. "
Linda said she got me first and wanted to finish "sucking me off".
I lay down on the grass and she came over and started giving me the best blowjob I had ever experienced.   I tried to move her around so I could eat her out, but she stayed at the side and I could see her tits swinging.   Susan and Joyce were all over each other moaning and enjoying themselves.   I was watching them and enjoying the feeling in my loins when I heard Linda moaning.   She pulled up and said, "NO!  DON'T!"
I looked down just as Josh mounted her and shoved his long pink dick into her.   She tried to get away at first, but stopped and went back to sucking my dick while the dog fucked her.   She was moaning and jumping.   I felt the feeling deep inside me and just as I blew my load she reached her climax, also.   Josh was humping her as hard as he could go and as he blew his load she released my dick and yelled in ecstasy.   Josh started trying to get his knot into her but  Susan pulled Josh away.
All three of the ladies were laughing, so I laughed, also.   Linda was on her knees with my cum leaking down her chin and her ass was still up in the air and Josh's cum was running out of her pussy.   He was just sitting there licking his dick.

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Her mother looked at the scene for a minute and went down on her knees and rolled her daughter onto her back.   She started licking the dog's cum off her daughter's pussy and then started to work on on her clit.   Linda arched her back and had another hard orgasm.
As I lay there taking all this in, my erection started back up.   Susan came over and straddled me lowering herself upon my shaft.   When she was all the way down, she started working her vaginal muscles milking me.   She just sat there smiling and grasping me with those wonderful muscles inside her vagina.   I couldn't take it anymore and rolled her over onto her back.   I took her right breast in my mouth and started nibbling on her nipple while rolling her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger.   She was moving now and I raised myself up and started to thrust.   Long, deep, thrusts and each one harder coming down than the last.   She climaxed and I started really pounding her.   I would pull almost all the way out and plunge down as hard as I could.   Each time she would yell with pleasure, "more - more. "
I grabbed her legs under the knees and pulled them over my shoulders and drove down as deep as I could.

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    Then I came.   From deep inside me I came.   Just as I was finishing, she started squeezing me with those wonderful vaginal muscles.   It was great.
I rolled off my cousin and lay exhausted.   Joyce came over and lay close.
"Get your rest, honey, cause you ain't had me yet and I am going to fuck your brains out. "
"Give me a few minutes.   I'm not an 18-year old boy anymore. "
We all got up and went into the lake to relax a bit.   The women seemed to enjoy touching me and running their hands over my ass.
"What's these scars on your back from?"
Before I could answer, Susan said, "Those are bullet scars.   I didn't know you had ever been shot.   What happened?"
"All I can tell you is we were sneaking away after completing our mission and a guard we somehow missed was coming back from taking a dump or something.   He let us pass and opened up on us.

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    Three of us were wounded before we killed the guy.   Thank goodness he was a lousy shot and didn't know how to use the AK-47 he was carrying.   We got into the boat and made it back to the sub.   There was a good medic on board and he got the bleeding stopped.   Later we were transferred to a carrier where they have a full hospital.   I lost part of a lung and now get a disability check from Uncle Sam. "
They looked at me strangely.
Joyce asked, "How may people have you killed, John?"
I answered her honestly, "I don't know.   In a direct line of fire or with a knife maybe a couple dozen.   I've placed charges against buildings that I am sure killed people, but I just don't know. "
Susan told them I was a SEAL and what I did, where I did it, was all classified and question time is over.
Joyce started rubbing my dick and it did respond.   As she got me hard in the water, she turned around and reaching back between her legs guided me into her.   I grasped her by the hips and started to fuck her.   The water moving back and forth between my legs and around my balls was a very strange, but pleasant sensation.

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    In no time Joyce reached orgasm.  
"Get out of the water and lay down, John.   This one I want to control. "
I got out of the water and lay on my back.   She straddled me and impaled herself upon my manhood.   She told me to lay absolutely still and enjoy the show.   And quite a show it was, too.   Her breasts were bouncing and the inside of her vaginal walls would pull out of her a little each time she raised up.   I could watch my dick go in and out of her as she fucked me.   That view and seeing her tits bouncing was very nice, indeed.   Linda and Susan were sitting next to us watching.   I reached over and placed a hand between Susan's legs.  She repositioned herself giving me access to her clit.   Linda saw this and moved into position on the other side.  
This was really strange.

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    A woman was fucking me while I was finger-fucking her daughter and her lover (my cousin).   Strange shit, indeed!  Lots of fun, too! 
After a few minutes Linda started to climax, followed shortly by her mother.   That brought me off just as Susan came.   Joyce moved off me and lay on the grass with the rest of us.
"Where do you guys live?" I asked.
"We live in a travel trailer at the RV park just down the road. "
"Why do you live in a travel trailer?"
Joyce replied, "My husband left us one night after cleaning out the checking and savings accounts.   We sold the house and everything we could sell and bought the trailer.   I can live on my salary this way.   With a house payment, there is just no way. "
"Listen, why don't you check out of the RV park and bring your trailer up to the house.   If you want to stay in the trailer, we have a couple of spots you  can use.   They are plumbed for electric, water, sewer, and satellite TV.   If you can cook as good as you fuck, you can stay for free.   Also, if you and Linda want to work for me, I could use a cook and someone to clean that huge house.


    I'll give you a fair wage plus board and lodging.   There are so-called servant's quarters in the house that has two bedrooms in them.   You are welcome to stay if you take the job. "
Linda said, "I'll take the job if I get to fuck the boss at times. "
We agreed and Susan moved back into the house.   We have a good time and enjoy each other's company as well as enjoying each other's bodies.

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