What you two doin?


I needed some help with washing and waxing my car and I knew my sexy neice was always up for getting away from her moms house.    As I pulled up at Sis' house I noticed that she wasn't home, but my nephews car was there so maybe I would have to settle for my nephews help.
I knocked on the front door but got no answer so I tried the door and it wasn't locked.    I stuck my head in the door an called out a hello, no answer, but there was music coming from the bedroom area so I went down the hall to see if I could  find my nephew. The last door was closed and that was where the music was coming from so I started to knock on the door when I heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking. I new the my nephew was here but who was he sticking it to. I very slowly turned the doorknob and very gently pushed the door, opening it just enough to be able to see into the room, well, there on the bed was my nephew, with his cock buried as far as possible in his sisters pussy. They were doing it doggy style with their backs to the door, turned just enough to see everything from my vantage point.
    Michael had his hands on Bonnies hips and was pounding the fuck out of her sweet little pussy. I watched them fuck and just as he rammed it home and growled in orgasm, I open the door, "Hey you two. What ya doin'". Mike yanked his cock out of her pussy and sprayed cum all over her back and cute little ass. She screeched and grabbed the pillow and tried to cover herself with it.    I chuckled, "Little late for that". "How long you two been at this?"  "We just. .

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      . . . . "  "You know. . . . . " "But I, we just thought. . . . . "
    "Thought you should fuck each other?" I asked, chuckeling.

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       "Well don't stop because of me. ?"  'I love to watch"  They looked at me and at each other, "Really?" they asked in unison. "Really" I answered. " But I  want to play too, not right now but soon. "  "Deal?" I asked. "Deal" they said,  She put down her pilow and they went back to fucking, and sucking.    They had to stop soon because their mom was due home, but we made a date for the following Saturday.   We would meet here and they would go with me to the wizzy wash and then we could go to my apartment for a swim and whatever else might happen,    Next chapter. "Whizzy wash"