When Siblings Blossom


Topic: Fortunate Circumstances Isaac sat in his room reading his monthly guitar magazine wondering whether or not to go to sleep, he had had muscle cramps for some nights now and it would sometimes be to painful to sleep through them.
He had grown a foot and a half since last month, and he had noticed that his penis had grown quite a bit as well, he wasn't surprised really seeing as though his mother would always state that his father was hung like a horse and Isaac should be the same.
She was right of course.
Isaac finally decided to hit the sack when a knock rapped on the door,
"Isaac, can i come in?, it's Bree"
"Sure" replied Isaac with a look of a little less boredom on his face.
She entered the room her long blond hair and tanned skin tight body lit up the the space,
Isaac couldn't believe how beautiful she was for a girl of only sixteen,
And then something happened, Isaac felt his crotch start to move upwards, he placed his magazine on his lap as quickly and as inconspicuously as possible but he was sure she caught a glimpse of what just happened.
"Isaac, Bree began. i was wondering whether or not you had any books on biology?"
"At three o'clock in the morning?, Isaac retorted.
"Well, i have this big test on Friday and seeing as though i can't sleep i might as well study for it, you know?"
 "Alright i guess you can borrow it, but bring it back when your done i don't want it to go missing".
Isaac reached into the draw oppisite his computer and pulled out a copy of year twelve biology.
"Here", said Isaac as he handed the book to his sister.
"thanks Isaac", thanked Bree and with that she lent  in and touched her lips to her brothers.
Shock ran through Isaac's body as his younger sister kissed him sucking on his tongue,
this moment seemed to last forever until she finally broke off,
"night", Said Bree as she strolled out of his room.
The next morning came and the sun was hiding in the clouds and rain was shattering against the windows and the roof. Isaac headed downstairs for breakfast when he saw his sister sitting at the table.
"What are you still doing here, aren't you supposed to be at school?, asked Isaac.
"Aren't supposed to be at work?", teased Bree.

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" It was canceled today, what about school than?"
Bree finished the rest of her breakfast and walked into the kitchen.
"The rest of the week, She answered. the grounds and the gym are flooded"
"Well than i guess it's movie day isn't it than?" Isaac grinned.
As Isaac drove to the video store his mind kept racing with the images of last night's incident
could this really be how his little sister felt about him?, after all those years of raising her after mom and dad died how could this be the result of their bonding for so long?.
It was all to much for him to handle Isaac put those images and thoughts to the back of his mind.
As Isaac Walked into the lounge room  he noticed  Bree wasn't sitting waiting for the movies
he went upstairs to check. Her door was cracked open just enough to peep through, Isaac grabbed the door handle and was just about to open when he suddenly heard light panting coming form the room.
"Oh yeah, fuck me Isaac, oh fuck me hard thats it!"
Isaac was frozen to the spot listening to the absurd things coming out of his little sister's mouth
he didn't know what to think of this but his dick began to move on it's own accord .
"What the fuck is she doing to me in her head" Isaac thought to himself.
" I'm coming Isaac please come in me to, oh yes baby please i love you!"
Isaac peeped through the door crack and saw his sister laying but naked and leg spread on her bed fixing herself with a large rubber cock and an anal plug slightly protruding form her asshole.
she began to buck wildly as she neared her climax and Isaac could tell this was gonna be a big one.
"FUCK!", Bree's whole body trembled in orgasmic pulses that raced through her head down to her clean shaven soaking wet pussy.
Isaac couldn't believe his ears or his eyes, his sister was frigging herself whilst imagining he was fucking her relentlessly, he moved quietly away from the door and and swiftly moved downstairs to put the movie on.
That night Isaac couldn't sleep all he could do was relive the experience of the previous day
his feelings towards his sister had changed somewhat now and he was beginning to feel confused.
"Is this really where i want to go into, forbidden grounds with my sister, "sex" with my sister?"
Isaac's cock grew hard at the thought of his sister giving herself willingly to him,
he slid his hand down the front of his boxers and grabbed a hold on his meat rod
stroking it as he replayed the whole scenario over in his head.

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"This is what i want"
the next day Isaac left for work early so he would,t have to encounter Bree.
this day passed quickly Isaac didn't have to work all day this gave him time to form a plan.
as he pulled up into the driveway , ran through the plan once more.
later that night they sat in the living room watching movies, thats when Isaac made the first move.
"hey sis come sit next to me for a while, get cozy".
"sure", replied Bree.
"yes!", Isaac thought to himself, "this is going to work", but before Bree got any further she dropped her skirt and panties to the floor.
"I know what you want from me Isaac and i want you to do it, i want you to fuck me"
 "I want to fuck you so bad Bree you don't even know", replied Isaac as he reached out and traced the outline of her luscious pussy lips.
"than take me now before i come from your foreplay oh"
with that said Isaac removed hist shirt and pants to reveal his nine inch hard on .
"oh my god! it's bigger than i thought i want it in me now please", begged Bree as she reached down between her legs.
 Isaac leaned in and kissed her neck tickling it with his tongue making sure he hit all the right spots while Bree stroked his huge hard on. "oh that feels so good Bree keep going don't stop"
"hm , lay down big brother I'll take care of both our cravings"
Bree sat over her big brother and lowered herself onto his long slender love tool and began the rhythm
"oh shit you feel so good inside me Isaac fuck me"
   Isaac quickened his thrusts to satisfy his sister's lust for his cock.
"oh god, i i'm coming Isaac Harder, Harder, oh shit!
"that was so good Isaac thank you for loving me"
"anything For my little sister" 
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