Winter Family Fun Prt 4


I awoke to see mom and dad dressing, what was weird was they were wearing skimpy bathing suits bottoms only under their snow suits. They both noticed my arousal and said that Sara and I need to take care of what ever we had to take care of and then meet them at the lodge for some great skiing. As they walked out Sara stirred stretching she moved up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips smiling and thanked me for a great time.
I felt that old stirring again between my legs and ran my hands over my sisters body grabbing a tit, giving it a squeeze before she said she needed a shower. She got up and walked to the bathroom as if it was second nature to be totally naked in front of her brother.
As she went into the bathroom she turned looked at me and asked if I wanted to do her back. I of course said yes along with her front. I entered the bathroom to see her bending over to start the water and I took this time to run my hands from her shoulder down her back to her beautiful ass. Sara enjoying the attention just wiggled her ass against me and smiled.
We entered the shower together and started washing each other paying special attention to each others hot areas. I had a raging hard on and sis’s nipples were at full peak. We soaped each other, first our fronts slowly taking our time. I rubbed Sara’s tits then her flowering pussy and her soaking my cock and balls then surprising me by reaching farther back under my balls to my ass and over my brown eye causing my to shutter with new feelings. I knew we had better finish or we were going to start something right there.
Once we rinsed all the soap off, we let the warm water cascade over our bodies as we looked deep into each others eyes knowing that what was about to happen would change our lives forever.                      
We barely dried off before we headed back to the bed, both horny as hell from our shower, we laid down locked in a lovers look.

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   I was exploring Sara’s body like it was the first time I had ever touched another human being. Sara was laying there soaking up all the sensations of my touches.
We locked into a deep kiss so passionate that it would have made soap opera stars jealous. Sara laid on her back as I laid beside her, I was moving my left knee over her pubic area and thighs as I rubbed her tits and nipples. I broke our kiss and started to nuzzle her neck, runny my other hand through her hair.
All the while Sara is running one hand from my head down my back in a back and forth motion as her other hand went down my chest to my cock then balls and back up to my chest. I moved slowly from her plump tits down her flat stomach to her fur patch just above her clit and juicy pussy that I would soon be entering for the first time.
As my hand reached her pubic mound she started to rotate her hips up and down to try to force my hand further to her enflamed pussy. I soon obliged and was squeezing both sides of her lips between my fingers with one in the middle searching for a place to enter.
Her hand ministrations had me ready like never before, I knew this was the time. I continue to look into her eyes as I raised up and without having to say a word moved my virgin love tool over to the entrance of her womanly treasure. As my cock reached the first layer of soft wet warm pussy I looked at Sara to ensure she was ok with this and without saying a word she just smiled and nodded yes.
I slowly began to sink my dick ever farther into a place not only had it not been before but also into a place it should never have gone. I could not believe the feeling, sis was so tight that I thought I was going to hurt her but the look in her eyes told me everything was fine.
As I inched my way in I could see Sara’s eyes begin to haze over and she let out a sigh as I got my whole 7 inches in.

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   When I was up to the hilt I just stayed there taking in the sensations that I had never had before. Sara started to hump her hips up a little and I took that as a sign to start moving more in and out.
I couldn’t believe it when I woke up today I was a virgin and now not only am I not a virgin but I lost my virginity to my own sister.
I slowly started moving my dick in and out taking my time pulling it mostly out waiting a few seconds then sinking it all the way in again holding for a few seconds before repeating. Soon we were into a rhythm and enjoy each other as never before. I reached my head down and sucked on each of sis’s nipples as I ran a hand down her back to her ass giving it a squeeze as I got there.
Our motions increased until we were a so totally into each other that it felt like we were one. Sara began to moan loudly thrusting her hips as I meet her thrust with one of my own. I traced the crack of her ass with my hand and following it down to her asshole and pussy then back up to her ass, the next time I slide my finger in her pussy under my dick then out again leaving a trail of pussy juice down to her asshole where I put the lubrications to good use and slide my finger into my sisters ass. She started moving up down and side to side as she had never felt this much pleasure or love.
Sara knew it wouldn’t be long now and really started to move her ass into high gear humping not only her brothers big dick but also his finger in her ass. She was lifting nearly her whole body off the bed to try and get her brother deeper into her triggering one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever had.
Rick sensing that his sister was close made him feel better as he knew he would not last long at this pace, they both became animals lost in their own little world as they pushed into each other harder and harder faster and faster. They both knew the time had come and so they both released their passions at the same time.
Rick shooting his seed deep into his sister as his sister soaked her brother with her own juices as they felt nothing but the extreme pleasure they were giving each other.

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As they laid there coming down from their first of what would be many encounters Sara stated “damn now I have to shower again” Rick just looked up and said “not necessarily”. At first Sara wasn’t sure what he meant but soon figured it out.
Rick moved down to where he was face to face with the first pussy he had ever fucked, he could see his sperm spilling out and running down his sister ass crack, Sara just smiled and said “ that’s it little brother clean me out. With that Rick plunged into his sisters well fuck pussy and began sucking up all the juices he could both his and his sisters.
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