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Winter Wonderland Hi. I'm Kevin. I'm 5'10, 190, 6 1/2" cock. Not big but it is pretty thick. I have never had a problem with the ladies. I am also a paramedic so I have to stay in shape. This happened one winter day in the mountains while my family was snow mobiling. My sister, her husband and their 2 girls, Kassy, 15 and Karen 13. They brought up their 2 snowmobile's and my parents and I brought up ours. We all had just got done eating lunch and warming up in the motor home when my sisters girls wanted to take a sled out. My sister was hesitant but allowed them to go. I warned them not to be blazing trails and to stay on the marked ones. The girls had been out about an hour and a half. My sister tried calling them on the radios we had but couldn't get them to answer. I got on my sled and started off looking for them. I also took the taboggen with a 4 man tent and survival food sleeping bags ect.

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   My brother in law, father and I took off following the girls tracks but it had started snowing. We made it to the forks but the snow had covered the tracks of the girls sled. I took the fork that leads to the higher elevations and where there are small ponds and creeks. The snow was really comming down now. I found the girls tracks and followed. When I got into a clearing I saw the girls through the snow and they saw me. They turned their sled around and started for me. I saw they were comming onto a ice covered pond. I tried to warn them and as they got almost the side the ice gave way and they went into the water. It was waist deep but they both went under. They both came up soaking wet. Being a paramedic I knew they would be going into hypothermia quickly as the temperture was 3 below zero. I also knew I had to get them out of the wet clothes. I rode up to them as they were getting out of the water. I told them to get on my sled and I went to the edge of the trees and found a spot to set up the tent.

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   I told the girls to get out of their wet clothes and I set the tent up. I set the tent heaters up and started them. Kassy was already out of her clothes down to her panties and bra. Karen was still standing there theeth chattering. "Karen, get out of your wet clothes, Kassy, bra and panties too and get into the tent" I said as I handed Kassy a blanket to wrap up in. Seeing Kassy in her blue bra and boyshorts made my jaw drop. I never thought of my neice in any sexual way but DAMN!! Her body was great. Had to be C cup's, flat stomach and her ass was the kind you stare at when you are at the mall. I watched her pull her panties down and she had one of the most perfectly trimmed brown haired pussies I have ever seen. She looked at me and with chattering teeth "I can't un-hook my bra". I stepped behind her and un- did her bra. She took it off to reveal her naked titties. Small round pink areolas with rock hard nipples. I couldn't help but stare at them. She quickly wrapped up in a blanket.

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   I went to Karen and she wasn't moving. Just staring off in the distance. She was shaking so bad that she couldn't move. I un-zipped her snowmobile suit and pulled it off. Then I removed her pants, shirt, panties and bra. Her body was a smaller version of Kassy's. Small pert A cup tits, and black pubic hair that was just starting to cover her pussy. I wrapped her in a blanket and carried her into the tent. I went back out to bring the rest of the gear into the tent or close to it and got the satellite phone. I called my father and told them what had happened. They said they had tried to follow me but the pass I went through was closed off due to the snow. I gave them our GPS location and said to see if they could get a helicopter into us. Once inside the tent I saw that the girls had just layed down where they stopped still shaking with cold. I zipped the bags together and both girls got into it. With the tent heaters going I figured the temp inside the tent was around 35 degrees.

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   I was going to have to get in with them to allow my body heat to help warm them up. I got on the sat phone and asked what was happening. My sister said that no helicopters could come in because of the storm. I said we had enough rations for a week and that we were safe except the girls were still shivering. I asked Kassy and Karen how they were doing and if they were getting warm. Kassy said she was still freezing and Karen didn't say anything. I told them I was going to get in with them and that my body heat would help warm them up. I started getting un-dressed and noticed both their eyes on me. I don't know why but I started feeling my dick filling up with blood. I didn't want them to see me with an erection so I stripped to my boxers and climed in between both girls. I turned on my side and Kassy immediately pushed against me, spooning. Karen was almost trying to push away but it was so tight inside the sleeping bags that I felt her hard nipples against my back. I dropped my arm over Kassy and she took it and pulled it against her firm breasts. She pushed her ass against my hard cock and I could feel her butt cheeks seperate a little. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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   I woke up sometime in the early morning to find Karen's arm draped over me and her naked body pulled against me. My arm was still around Kassy's body and both girls seemed to be warm and asleep. I fell asleep again. I next woke up with a hand stroking my cock. It was already as hard as it could get. Kassy had pulled it out the fly in my boxers. Her other hand was moving down by her pussy. Her breathing was rapid and short. She wispered "Do you like that"? Well shit, what could I say. I grabbed her hand and told her to stop. But it was half hearted and she knew it. I started kissing the back of her neck while I let my hand stasrt caressing her tit. I pulled her nipple and she let out a moan. After a few minutes of that I slowly slid my hand down, making small circles around her stomach. Kassy let out a sigh and I felt her stomach tighten.

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   I moved my hand down to her wet pussy. I ran a finger down her slit and she arched her head back and squeezed my arm. I slid my finger into her honey pot and feeling the warmth and tightness. Pulling my finger out I found her love bud and made small circles over her engorged clit. I added more pressure and rubbed it faster. She pulled part of the blanket into her mouth to muffle her moaning. After 3 or 4 minutes she let go with a shuddering orgasm. All this time Karen is still asleep with her A cups on my back. I thought I could feel her nipples hard but wasn't cedrtain. Kassy started pumping my cock with with her hand and I didn't know how long I could last. She would stroke my cock then slide her hand down and squeeze my balls. It was amazing. Finally she pump on my swollen rod with abandon. I felt the tingling in my balls and my pre-cum was flying all over Kassy's hand and legs. FInally I couldn't hold it any longer and Drove my cock into Kassy's ass crack and released rope after rope of my pent up spunk.

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   I let out a final shudder and colapsed on my side. Kassy whispered "Thank you Uncle Kevin, that was great"! I told her she was welcome and as we both relaxed into the sleeping bag Karen raised her head and said "You know I'm telling mom". Part 2 comming soon. .
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