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I am not willing to mention my sister(cousin)(My father’s brother
daughter) name….
For Narrating it iam taking name of my sister name as shruti…Except
names that is mentioned
wrong rest all is correct… I am Basiclly from
married sister is about 35….
My sister husband is working
as a software engineer in bengaluru…. . I had finished my
B. tech and is still making job
trails…The incidence happened
at my sister house…. . she is
staying in bangaluru along
with his husband…. One fine day my parents advised me to
go sister’s house to make job
trails in bengaluru… Initially i
didnt have any clues about
incest stories……. Though we
have at our sisters home the facility of browsing
internet .

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  . i keep on move to
cybercafes as i always think
that my sister husband can
find the webs that i though.
Oneday i read a story in this website…and from that day
onwards i am verymuch
fascinated to my sister…. you
know i did masturbute
thinking my sister in
nude…. . My sister had two sons…one is aged about 8years
and other 5 One fine day after reading alot
of stories in netcafe . . i went to
home…that time its about
11:00 clock in the
morning…. . No one at home
except me and my sister…. . My sister husband is off to office
and childrens are to schools…
My sister is moving to
bathroom…having known this
i went near to bathroom door
and serched for a hole…. i didnt find any holesto watch inside
bathroom…. . Next day with
the help of screwdriver i put a
hole at the very right side of
door…I made in such a way
that it is not visible to all until and unless if you observe it
throughly… Next dat at 11:00
clock my sister went inside
the bathroom….

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  . i slowly
moved to bathroom door…
Truly saying my heart was beating ting at higher speed
that is a maximum of 130-132
speed. My sister removing her
nighty…… She and she wore a bra and
woww. . awesome…. normally
she is colour of white…. I saw
the Boobs…. . wow. . those are
of big size…. and i found her nipples in Red colour…Most of
the websites which i had
seen i found indian women
having black nipples. . But it
was thick red nipples and that
of erected nipple…I became mad by looking at that…and
next she removed her
underwear…It was not clearly
visible as she doent shaved it
…. it was covered by huge
amount of hair.

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  . and the next part which i liked is her
thighs…. wow. . what big those
are………i become mad looking
at my sister particularly when
she is rubbing the soap on her
private part. I came my room and masturbated…. . From that
day i keep on watching of her
bathing whenever i get
chance…but onething i came
to know that …my Sister is
not having sex regularly…. . because generally
comes home late. . that is
around 11:30 and after having
a dinner he goes to bed…He is
aged about 40 years…One day
i am watching TV in hall room. . My sister asked her
husband to come early as she
wanted to go for shopping…. .

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For which he said sorry…as he
has a work at office and
advised to take me as her company…. That day …. i along with two
sons my sister started to
shopping…. . after having
shopped we went to a
childrens fungame zone
where there are lot of people…We were standing on
a bigline . . My sister standing in
first(she holds her
youngerson) and then ravi
(her elderson)then me……. .
That day she was wearing a saree…. Because the crowds are
heavy…slowly i put my hands
to her Back. She didnt respond
it for as she was thinking that
it was ravi…her elderson…as
he is in middle…. I took that advantage…. . I slowly moved my hand
to her center spot from
back…. my dick has raised to 8
inches……i enjoyed rubbing
her back for 10 minutes.

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  . after
that she took ravi to her frontside…. I dont know…as
to whether she is noticed me
or not……Now in the lane iam
back of her…. slowly i rubbed
with my cock …. . Some how i
manged it well as there are many Crowds…Now my
erected cock is at exjactly at
her back holepoint…. I with
the help of Crowd moving
front and Back… And the
ultimate thing is happend on the next sunday…. . That day
My sister husband went to His
native place for seeking his
land…. . Now at home me my
sister and her 2 sons….
I was watching TV and my sister playing games with her
younger son. I involved in that game…. It
was throwing a ball at
I was playing with her son…
her younger son thrown ball
to my face and immediately ran to her mother…I by kidding
to beat him i closed to her…His
youger son is trying to
escape…and my sister saying
dont beat(laughingly) .

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  . Finally
i caught that boy and beating …. he is trying to quit…. when i
was having a fun movements
i ws touching her boobs and
with my fingers,,,as she holds
her son…. Knowing this she still holds
her son…and i keep on
touching her boobs. The fight
came to end…. suddenly i put
my whole hand on her
left side boob and pressed it hardly. . she suddenly dropped
her son from her . . and then
we were playing…. Again
after a moment i am finding a
chance for pressing once
again…. This time again my sister younger son thrown ball
at me…immediately my sister
told her son to run to
her…. Again i went to her to
beat him…. This time without
waiting a single moment i hold her left boob storngly…
and pressing again and

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  she intentionely
holding her son …after a
moment i hold rightside boob
and pressing harldy. . she is slowly closing her eyes…. and
enjoying my Press….
Slowly i moved down my
hand her centralpart…she said
No…and moved up…. The next monday…. it was
about 10:30 in the morning
and No one is at home except
me and my siter…As there is a
festival near that day…my
sister cleaning all house holds…. She called me for
getting TV to move other side…We
both holds Tv and Moving to
other side…. we both slowly
kept that at upside . . and i
touched her hoob and pressed harldy…. . she didnt say
anything…. And then i took
right boob and foundled
hardly…. .

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  immediately i hugged
her and kept my two hand to
her buttocks. . (Backs)… Strongly i rubbed her
buttocks…. And then i moved
my hand to her central
part…. . at first she said no no
no no…and the same time she
is hugging me…and then i took my hand to center
part. . and i pushed my finger
inside…. she is
moaning……. . Ahahhhh…
Now we both were standing
…slowly i removed her nighty and Bra…. It was a bige size
boobs…I started sucking …
and i removed her
underwear…i licked her part
……. . I opened my Zip and she
immediately took my penis to her lower part…. and pushed it

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  Now i am moving front and
back…. . she is moaning
we enjoyed like this many
times…. . But today i got a job… and iam staying with my
friends…. . My sister calls me to
home…whenever her husbend
leaves out stations…………

Hello readers i would like to get comments to my mail ram4you9876@yahoo. in. Unsatisfied aunties,girls,widows,moms,teens can mail me for hot chat. .

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