Woman of my dreams


Last April I bought two tickets to the Metallica concert in Sacramento. It was on a Tuesday. It's a two hour drive from the town I live in,so I burned two vacation days for Tuesday and Wednesday. There was no way I was driving back that late and going to work the next day. I planned on taking a buddy of mine,but my wife said she wanted to go.

I asked her, "Are you sure? This is going to be hardcore. Not the 3 or 4 hits you hear on the radio. " She said she wanted to go. So we reserved a hotel room close to Arco Arena and thought nothing more about it. A week before the concert she says I'm right and she doesn't want to go. So now I'm scrambling to find someone to go with me. No one can get the time off on such short notice.

The Saturday before the concert,I went to get a haircut. My cousin cuts my hair. She's 25 years old,I'm 35,but our taste in music is similar. When I told her my situation,she said "Let me change some appointments around, and I'll go with you.

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  " Now let me tell you,my cousin is beautiful. I've had several sexual dreams about her. Sometimes I find myself thinking what it would be like to be with her.

When we get to the hotel to check in, the woman at the counter says, "Alright,room with one king size bed. " Oh shit I didn't even think about that. I asked, "Can we switch that to a room with two bed?" After she checked she said,"Sorry there are no other rooms available. We are booked solid because of the concert. " My cousin said "It's not a big deal. "

We went to the room and got ready to go out to dinner before the concert. Oh my God she looked hot. Tank top,jacket over that, with mini skirt, and knee high boots,all black. When we got to Chili's we had to wait about 20 min. for a table. While we were waiting,I noticed a lot of guys were checking her out. When I mentioned it,she said "Let's give them something to drool over.

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  " She wrapped her arms around me,so I put mine around her waist. It took all of my self control not to grab her ass. She ran her fingers through my hair,playing with it. Then gave me a couple of pecks on the cheek,and Whispered in my ear "do you think they're hard yet?" I was thinking "I don't know about them, but I know I'm getting there. "

We walked into Arco Arena,and there was hot pussy everywhere. But one of the hottest ones was standing right next to me. I could not stop thinking about her. The concert was great,and afterwards we headed back to the hotel. Christ I'm gonna have to be in the same bed with her. I was starting to get hard.

When we got to our room we had a few shots of tequila from the bottle we brought. Then she said, "I'm going to change for bed. " I said, "You go change in the bathroom,I'll change out here. " Normally I sleep in the nude, but obviously I couldn't here. I brought pajama pants and a t-shirt to sleep in.

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  While I was out of my clothes I was thinking about her being nude just on the other side of the door. My cock was now hard. I put it in my waistband, covered it up with my shirt, and sat down on the bed. I was hoping seeing her dressed down would help my situation.

Boy was I wrong. She walked out wearing a T-shirt and boxers. I swear she looked even hotter. She said "I want to thank you again for letting me go with you. " As she said this she reached out for a hug. I automatically stood up and hugged her. When I did my cock slipped down from my waistband and was pressing up against her.

She felt it and said, "what the hell?" and started pulling away from me. I held onto her and said "I want you. " She got this look of confusion in her eyes. Before she could react I gave her a full open mouth kiss on the lips.

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  She resisted at first,but after a few seconds she whispered "fuck it" and started kissing me back. We started pulling each others clothes off. In a few seconds we were totally nude.

I guess this would be a good time to describe what she looks like. She's 5'6" 110 lbs. Long toned legs with an ass made for a thong bikini. Her pussy was totally shaved except for a small landing strip. Flat stomach,narrow hips,and tits just big enough to be a handful each. Straight blonde hair to the middle of her back,big blue eyes,and a mouth that makes my cock throb every time I see it.

She put her hands on my chest and guided me to the chair telling me to sit down. She sat down on my lap,straddling me. Her body felt so good pressed against mine. We made out kissing and feeling each other out. Then she started kissing my neck,got off my lap and positioned herself between my legs. She continued kissing me on the neck,then my chest,my stomach,till she reached my crotch.

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She stroked my cock with one hand while fondling my balls with the other,licking my nuts,sucking one into her mouth then the other. Working her way up,she started licking the underside of my cock,up and down,going a little further each time,until she reached the head. After a couple of tongue swirls around the rim she started sucking my pole.

She worked her lips up and down my cock going about half way. After a couple of minutes I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. When I felt the surge within me,I grabbed her head and forced it down until her lips were on my pelvic bone. Then I blasted the biggest load of my life down her throat. I held her head down until she swallowed it all. When I let her up I thought she'd be pissed,but she acted like it was no problem.

She took me by the hands and helped me up. "Now it's my turn. " she said. She layed back on the bed,pulling me down on top of her. We spent a couple of minutes kissing,then I started my way down. I kissed her neck and her chest.

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  When I got to her tits I took my time. Grabbing one in each hand and gently squeezing them,I went back and forth,licking and sucking her nipples. I could tell she was getting turned on. I continued my way down,kissing almost every inch of her stomach.

When I got to her crotch it was already soaking wet. Flattening out my tongue,I licked the outside of her pussy clean. I made sure to get every drop,licking the crease between each thigh and her mound. Making my tongue pointed,I got between her outer and inner lips. Now it was time to make her mine. I put a finger slowly in her,going in and out while I licked and sucked her clit. Then went on for about five minutes. Pushing my finger in as far as I could I felt her cervix. She went wild,arching her back and grabbing my head. My face was totally wet. Making circles with my finger around her inner ring while nibbling her clit was more then she could take.

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  She came hard, pressing her legs together and almost smothering me.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean off my face. When I got back,she was under the covers. I climbed in and we started making out. She asked me, "are you ready yet?" I grabbed her hand and put it on my rock hard cock, Saying "what do you think?" She got on top and guided my cock to her hole. Slowly she eased down onto it. When she reached the bottom we just stayed like that,enjoying the feeling. I put my hands on her knees then worked my way up. I caressed her thighs,her hips and her waist. I cupped both breasts,moved up to the shoulders,down the arms and interlocked our fingers.

Slowly she raised up about an inch then back down. Each time she went further until she was long stroking me,still keeping the pace very slow. I looked in her eyes,and at that moment we both knew this was more then just sex. We were making love. After ten minutes I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

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  Judging by how wet my groin was from her juices,she was getting close too. I told her to turn around and get in the "reverse cowgirl" position.

She put me back inside her,still going slow. Damn! Her ass looked amazing going up and down with my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She started to get worked up and go faster. I grapped her hips telling her to slow down. Then I ran my finger down the crack of her ass. When it went over her asshole,she let out a soft moan. I lubed up my finger in her juices and gently shoved it in her ass. She started moaning louder. I worked my finger in and out trying to match her thrusts onto my cock. Reaching around with my other hand,I started fingering her clit. She quit moving and just sat down as far as she could on my cock. I felt her body start to shake and I knew she was about to cum. When she did her pussy muscles gripped my cock,making me shoot my load into her.

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"Holy shit" she said, "no one has ever made me cum like that. " I'm not sure,but as wet as my groin,belly, and legs were, I think she may have squirted.

After we had cleaned up we were laying there,her head on my chest. She looked at me,gave me a kiss and said "I love you. " I said "I love you,too". She drifted off to sleep. I layed there with all these thoughts in my head. Where we truly in love,and would it last? Would I leave my wife for her? How would our family react when they found out? What if she becomes pregnant?

Finally I fell asleep - holding the woman of my dreams. .

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