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I had to shake these fantasies out of my mind. I had to think of other guys. Even when I did try to think of other guys, my brother just kept creeping into my mind. Every saturday we would go over I would just keep thinking more deep thoughts about him. And Ashely wouldn't make it any better by saying all these sexual things about him. "I wonder how big his dick is!" She would ask exictedly. "Eww Ash don't say that! That's just gross!" I'd say lying. One Saturday afternoon before Ash and I were going to swim I was waiting for her in my brothers living room. I already had my swimsuit on and was waiting for Ash, since she was in the restroom putting hers on. I sat on the couch with a towel wrapped around my waist. My suit was a two piece. It was a dark blue with some white designs. I sat waiting for Ash. Todd was in his room and had the door cracked open. He seemed to be talking on the phone with his girlfriend at the time Angela. Angela and Todd had been together for about a year now but they'd constantly argue over petty things.

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   I could hear my brother arguing with her on the phone. I decided to go and make sure he was ok. I slowly opened his door and he'd just hung up the phone. He looked up at me in surprise. "Becky, hey I thought you were going swiming?""I was. . I am, But I'm just waiting for Ashley. " I couldn't help but look at his chest since his button up shirt was opened. He got up and cleared some of the stuff off his bed. "Here," he said patting the bed, "sit down. " I went over and sat by his side. He just smiled at me and playfully nudged my arm. I couldn't help but blush. "Todd are you ok? I heard you arguing with Angela. ""Yeah I'm ok.

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   Arguing with her is nothing new. ""Why do you stay with her?" I asked. "Cuz I'm an idiot you can say. I don't know I guess because I'm so used to her. ""YOu know you can get someone better. Someone who would treat you very good. " I said in a flirting tone. "Oh yeah? Like who?" He asked putting his hand lightly on my leg. My heart was now pounding. "Well uh. . uh. Ashley! Yes Ashely says your hot. "He just laughed. "Ashely? She's kinda young for me don't you think? I mean don't get me wrong she a beautiful girl but maybe a little too young?"I shrugged.

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   "Well I guess so. ""I didnt' mean to say imature though. I just ment young. You know like ur young but you act pretty mature for your age sis. " I just quietly stared at him. I wanted him so bad at that moment. I couldn't help but lean over and kiss him! It was just a small peck on the lips but it was so erotic. Todd, looking surprised just backed away a little. "I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry. " I said almost in tears as I was about to walk away. I felt Todd hold my hand down. He held me close to him. His arms were so strong and fierce holding me. "Becky I'm sorry.


   I didn't mean to make it seem like the kiss was bad. It really wasn't. In fact I think I liked it too much. " I looked up at him as his eyes danced looking at me. I began to run my fingers through his hair. He then began to kiss me more intimate. His tounge quickly entered my mouth. We softly kissed as his hands slid up and down my back. That moment was just amazing. I was starting to feel intense feelings between my legs. As we kissed we got lost in our own little world. "oh!" I then heard Ashley's voice as she caught me kissing my own brother. Todd and I quickly stood up. "u-uh Ash, u-uh. .

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  " I was so speechless. She just looked at us in in complete shock. She'd finally put on her usually swimsuit which was also a two piece but a lime green color with some white designs almost looking like mine. Todd just looked so calm and walked over to Ashley. "Look I'm sorry you saw that but I just got into it with Becky. I hope your not jealous. " He added playfully. To my surprise Ashley's face just lit up! Her smile was so big, I don't remember Ashley ever smiling that much! "No I'm not jealous silly. " she responded as Todd began to put his arm around her. I could see Ashley blush as my brother began to kiss her cheek softly. She just looked over at me not knowing what to do. I was begining to feel a bit jealous at that moment. It was so bizarre! I saw Todd begin to kiss Ashley just like he had with me. He held her tightly close to him and there they were making out in front of me. I just watched them kissing and I couldn't belive how much it was turning me on! Todd then walked over to me and kissed me softly on my lips.

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   I knew Ashley was watching and just kept wondering what was she thinking. Was she thinking I was some weirdo for kissing my brother? Or that I was just kinky? I didn't dare see her reaction as Todd started to untie my top to my swimsuit. Todd quickly looked over to Ashley as she watched this public display. "I hope your not jealous that I'm kissing my sister?"Ashley just nodded, "N-n-no of course not. " Todd proceeded to finally take off my top exposing my small breasts. His eyes widened as he started to pinch my nipples. I gasped a little having my nipples touched by a guy for the first time. Todd started to sucked on my nipples. His tongue did swirls around them and he flicked it fast. I tossed my head back loving it all. He moved back up and kissed my neck. "Becky, I want you. I want you and your friend. " My mind was going wild. Ashley was now moving closer to Todd.

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   He put little petite arms around his waist from behind. Todd just turned around and began to make out with her once again. I could see he was now taking off her top. Finally, there we were both topless and hot for my brother. Todd's mouth moved down to kiss Ashley's breasts. He held his head there enjoying al his sweet kisses. Her nipple was now in his mouth as he started to gently bite it as she gasped as I had earlier. I knew the pleasure she was feeling because I also had felt it. As Todd kissed Ashley's breasts I started to take my bottom part ofmy swimsuit off. I knew the time was comming that Todd would want to have sex with me. Ashley looked over to me and saw me naked and for some reason it started to feel a bit competitive. She too began to remove her bottom. Todd stood in between us in awe looking at us, studying our young bodies. He looked back and fourth at each of us. "You two are so fuckin' sexy.

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  " Todd finally said. "Get on the bed doggystyle. " He ordered us. Ashley and I crawled on to the bed with our pussys in front of my brothers face. Ashely had more pubes than me which were a bit red like her hair and as for me, I hardly had any pubes to show. I felt Todd's hand grab my ass as he was doing to Ashley as well. He began to slide one finger in each of us. Ashley and I moaned as we were both virgins. It felt like a small sharp pain at first. Todd began to speed up the pace as his finger went in faster in and out of us. Ashely and I held on to the sheets as our pain was now developing into some pleasure. A few moments later I felt Todd insert yet another finger in my pussy and by the sound of Ashely's moan in her pussy too. Now the small sharp pain began again but soon dissolved as my juices began to drench Todd's fingers. I looked over at Ashley and I could see her face just showing all her lust and pleasure she was feeling. A third finger now in our pussies Todd was definetly getting us ready for his cock.

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   He kept finger fucking us so fast and so good. I started to get this really strong and rush of a feeling. I had no idea at the time but I was having my first orgasm on my brothers fingers! I felt my whole body shake as my pussy began to drip more juice. "OH yes Becky. That's it! Cum for me baby. " I heard Todd whisper. I finished my orgasm and I saw Ashely begin to have hers. I watched as my friends lip quivered and her whole body just tighened as she came. Todd kept his fingers inside us til we oozed all our juices out. "Ok you two on your back now. " Todd said as he began to take off his shirt. Ashely and I layed on our backs breathing hard and watching my brother begin to get naked. He slip off his shirt and then off came his shorts followed by his boxers. Finally my brother stood there naked with is big cock just waiting to fuck us. His cock was so long so thick and I was so ready for it.

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   I was expecting my brother to fuck us but instead he just go on his knees and started to kiss my thighs. I felt him slowly move to my pussy. His lips began to suck my clit gently. I let out a huge moan as I had never felt anything like this! I found myself touch my own breasts and playing with my nipples. Ashely rose up a bit to see what Todd was doing to me. I saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop as my brother was eating my pussy. He kept looking at him eat my pussy and I could see she couldn't wait til it was her turn. Todd's tongue was not dipping inside my tight opening. Then I felt him stop and move on to Ashley. He'd left me soaking wet! I saw how Ashley now was squirming around as my brother began to eat her out. He held her hips in place to keep her from getting out of control. Todd ate her pussy as I watched this time. I could hear his lips smack on her clit. Oh god how I wanted Todd to eat me again. A few minutes later, Todd then proceeded to get back to eating my pussy.


   This time there was no stopping me from cumming so hard! I felt myself drenching as Todd began to lick my clit fast! I moaned loudly as I came on my brothers tounge. I could hear him sucking up my juices savoring my taste. I layed there once again breathless as my body felt exhausted from the orgasm. Todd then proceeded to move back to Ashley to finish her. I saw her wrap her legs around his head holding him close to her pussy. I just layed there relaxed watching my friend enjoy herself. It only took a few mintues and there she was cumming on my brothers face. I held her hand as she came so hard! Her hand was making my hand shake from the impact of her climax. Slowly she let go of my hand letting me know she'd finish her orgasm. Now she was there just breathless. Todd then stood up in front of us. "Ok now, Becky I want you to suck my cock and Ashely you lick my balls. Then you two take turns again. " Ashley jumped at the idea of sucking my brother off. She'd always talk about how big his cock was and how she'd love to suck it.

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   Well not it was her chance. We both crawled to my brothers cock as it was throbbing and ready for us. I slid my mouth over my brothers cock first. His warm precum welcomed my taste buds. It was so salty, but it was so sexy to be able to taste my own brother.
    I started to wrap my lips around his cock tightly as he started to push my head back and fourth showing me the rhythm he wanted his cock sucked. "Mmm yes! Put a little more suction to it baby. " I heard Todd say as he moaned. Ashely began to touch his balls and slowly lick them and suck on them. Todd's moaning intensified immediatly. After a few mintues of sucking I felt him pull me back a bit. "Ok now Ashley you suck my cock and Becky you lick my balls. " Ashely and I switched jobs and I loved the ball sucking as well. Todds balls felt so swollen so full of cum. I kept smacking my lips of them, licking them and just tasting them.

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       I got to feel Todd's balls pulse hard in my mouth as I felt him begin to cum. He was cumming in my friends mouth! I sucked harder on his balls as he came, feeling his hot cum pulse as he came. "Yes! Swallow it you slut. " He told Ashley. Ashley swallowed every last drop. She kept Todds cock in her mouth and I heard her sucking out every last cum drop. Todd's cock still remained hard as a rock. He looked so ready to fuck. He suddenly pushed me back as I was now on my back again. "I'm going to fuck you now little sister. I want you to let big brother get you pregnant. In fact I want to get you and your friend pregnant. " Those words made my pussy ache harder for Todd's cock. I heard Ashley gasp at what Todd said. But she didn't leave.

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       She wanted it. Todd picked up my legs and put them over his shoulders. My small body was not going to take his cock. He got his cock and lightly tapped it on my pussy. He inserted the head first letting it stretch me open. I held on to his hands that rested on my thighs. Little by little he slipped in more and more of his long cock. I felt it so deep now in me. Todd went slowly started to pick up the speed. His cock was ramming in and out of my pussy so fast. I moaned louder now. Ashely just watched me friend lose my virginity to my own brother. Todd's balls were now slapping up against my pussy as he fucked me hard. All of a sudden he quickly slid his cock out of me. "Ashely.


       Get on your back now. I want a feel of your pussy too. " Ashely quickly rolled over to her back and spread her legs to let my brother fuck her. Todd wasn't as gentle with Ashely as he was with me. He just rammed his cock hard up Ashley's pussy. I heard her scream in pain but then she moaned pleasure right after that. I was so hot at that moment I started to finger fuck myself as I was waiting for Todd to come back to me. I couldn't wait for him to cum inside me. To release all his hot cum all in me. To get me pregnant. It was just so exciting, so hot! He fucked ashely for a few moments and went back to fucking me again. This time he let my legs just me loose up in the air as he was now over my whole body fucking me so good. "oh fuck Becky, your so tight! You feel so good baby. " I wanted him so bad. I didn't want him to stop fucking me.

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       It all felt so sensual. My nipples were now rising as his cock went deep in me. I saw Ashley just keep watching with excitment waiting for my brother to cum in me. Todd's eyes met mine at that moment and I just blurted out, "Todd I love you!"I just then felt his cock twitch and saw him tilt his head back as he shot his load of cum in me. "O-oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!" Todd moaned as he came all inside his little sister. Todd kept his cock in me making sure all is cum drops fell in me. Slowly his cock started to soften and he let his body fall on the bed between Ashely and me. We both began to kiss his neck and chest. He was incredible just like I'd fantasized. Ashley and I walked back home that day as if it had been just any normal day. We walked slowly since our pussies were so sore. We were silent almost all the way home and finally Ashley spoke. "Becky your brother is fuckin' hot!"I just simply responded "Your so fuckin right about that!"We just giggled and happily walked back home. Next Saturday would be another story. It would be Ashley's turn to get pregnant.

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