A Chance Encounter Pt. 3


Part 3

This story continues on from where part 2 left off:

I managed to stuff our toys into a bag and put it under my bed, and as I did so Jenny opened the door to let our mum in. She walked over to me, hugged me tightly, and kissed me on the cheek. She did the same to Jenny, and then sat on the sofa.

Our parents had split up when I was 10, and we had not had any contact with our dad since then, so mum brought us up through our teenage years on her own. As a result, she knew we were both lesbian, and although I think at first she resented the fact that we may never marry a man, in a way I think she was happy because we would never go through the pain and hardship that she endured when she divorced our dad. Mum is 55, about our height, and has fairly small tits, which are surprisingly not saggy. She keeps fit, which is probably why she looks so much younger than she is.

We started talking about how we were getting on in life, and whether either of us had found jobs yet, which we haven’t. Eventually the conversation moved onto sex lives, as it inevitably does when we talk to mum, and she revealed that she was seeing a new man. At her age, we thought this was unlikely, but nevertheless believed her. It turns out her new man is only 40, and had fallen for her young looking body. Mum then asked us if either of us was in a stable relationship, and we looked at each other, smiled, and said that yes, we were. She asked us about our individual girls, and we loosely described each other, but she didn’t seem to realise we were each talking about each other.

She went off to the toilet, and we whispered to each other, wondering whether to tell her we truly loved each other as we knew we did.

However, our thoughts were changed, because when Mum came back she asked us if we had ever thought of each other as ‘sexy’, and whether we would ‘do things’ together, as she put it. I was unsure what to say, but Jenny had decided to tell Mum about our escapades, and went through the story of us, Katie, and the last two days.

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   Surprisingly, mum didn’t seem bothered that we had been fucking each other, and even said; “It was bound to happen one day, as long as you’re happy I’m happy. ”

We agreed, and were glad that she wasn’t mad at either of us. Knowing that mum was now comfortable with us, we sat close together and kissed, with mum watching us at all times. “That’s something I’ve never done,” she said, “Properly kissed another girl like that. ” We looked at her, trying to work out whether she wanted one of us to kiss her like we had done each other, and I decided she did, so moved over to her, and planted my lips over hers. We passionately kissed like I had never kissed before, but I soon pulled away, realising what I was doing.

I was comfortable kissing and fucking my sister, but my mum was a whole new level, which it seemed we were about to reach. I was right, as she then asked us to show her how we fucked each other and Katie. We both said no, but she eventually talked us into it, saying that we were all family, and as long as we never told anyone no-one would know it ever happened.

Having established that she was serious, we went through to Jenny’s bedroom, where we laid mum down on the bed, and started stripping for her.

Her hand instantly went for her pussy, but Jenny stopped it, saying to wait for us. Once we were both naked, we started stripping mum, kissing her and playing with her as we went. When she was down to her bra and panties I went to fetch all our toys, while Jenny started fingering herself while mum watched.

At first it felt a bit strange being naked and doing sexual acts around mum, but I soon got comfortable with it, and I knew Jenny was too. I removed mum’s bra, and set to work licking and sucking her breasts, while Jenny took off mum’s panties and started slowly licking her dripping wet cunt.

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   Mum said that she had waxed herself for her new ‘friend’ the night before, so her pussy was easily accessible to my sister’s wonderful mouth. It didn’t take long for Mum to cum, and as she did she let out a long moan, and said that was her best ever orgasm. Jenny then picked up a dildo, and started rubbing it around her pussy. Once it was lubricated enough, she slowly pushed it into her tight cunt, and moved mum’s hand to it. Mum got the idea, and started pushing the dildo in and out of her younger daughter. I got up and did the same, sitting on mum’s other side, and soon she was fucking us both hard with the dildos.

Once we had both cum we lay down on the bed next to mum, and asked her if she was happy now. She said that she was, and she would never ask us to fuck her again, unless we wanted too. I didn’t particularly, as it felt wrong with her, not like it does with Jenny, and I think they both agreed with me. This one time had been fun, and mum was happy, which pleased my sister and I, but we agreed that it was definitely a one off. Knowing that mum was comfortable with us being a couple, Jenny and I were happy also, so when she left we felt that somehow a weight had gone from our shoulders, and that we could truly be ourselves from now on.

Part 4 if wanted, please comment about how the story is going/how you would like it to go.