A Cold Winters Day


IThis is something that happened when I was 16, 3 weeks after I tortured Brett. I was still very much the same girl except for a recent growth spurt but me now being 5’5” but Brett still towered over me now standing 5”11 and that wasn’t the only thing that had grown.


It was just past 8:20am on a cold (or freezing would probably be a better description) Saturday Morning. There was a thick layer of frost on the windows and it was drizzling outside. Don’t ask me why I was up at this hour on a Saturday but I was. I normally slept naked after Kattie getting me hooked on it, but the past few days had been freezing cold. I managed to make my way out of my bed, across the floor littered with typical teenage girl stuff - hair spray, makeup, clothes and other stuff - freezing even with Bonds Hipsters and a sports-bra on a swell as central heating. I peered out my second story window and saw that my parents car had gone, confirming they had made their 8am flight to the Wine regions of South Australia.  

That left the house to me, but Kattie was coming over at 11 for the long weekend. Even though I was tired from a late night Skype chat with Brett, I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep, with last night still fresh in my mind and other places, so I decided to head for the shower, or should I say pleasure machine - it had 2 detachable shower heads that could be at separate heights. Countless times I had brought myself to an orgasm with them. As I made my way toward my on-suite bathroom I peeled off my hot pink bra to expose my tanned (love a pool in the backyard) b cup breasts with perky or should I say rock hard nipples. I leaned into the shower cubicle or more a room, and turned on the water. As I waited for the water to heat up, I lent over and slid my bright orange and blue hipsters down my long tanned legs, exposing my also rather tanned slit, shaved completely bald - same as Kattie and just the way I like it) and exposing my firm and tiny ass that conceals my tiny puckered ass hole.  

I move into the shower and make some adjustments to the temperature as I recall last nights ‘activities’ on Skype. Brett had typed me a story that made my brain almost begging for me to pleasure myself.

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My pussy began to stir as I continued to recall the night before. I had ended up sitting right were I currently am, in the base of the shower, my laptop to my left (the shower wasn’t on) typing with my right hand as my left hand probed at my naked pussy as I continued to read Brett’s little fantasy.  

I felt myself begin to become wet even though I was under a shower as I remembered Brett’s idea of us in a hot sexy 69 - which couldn’t properly work both ways as I couldn’t fit even half of his now 9” cock in my small mouth - while he would be licking and eating my slit as he used the vibrator on my very sensitive clit - even fabric sliding against my clit when is enough to get me excited.

I decided that I was now too horny to leave the shower unsatisfied, so I closed one shower-head off, increasing the pressure slightly in the other one I was unhooking. I stayed standing in the shower, as I  turned the head onto the powerful pulsating mode then brought it toward my breasts. I really loved the feeling of the powerful pulses of water particularly  against my sensitive nipples.  

After enjoying the erotic feeling of the water against my breasts, I moved the shower-head lower. It tickled as I moved it across my stomach and then to my pussy. I decided to sit down on the shower ledge/seat to get easier access to my pussy. I tried my best to concentrate the water just above my clit but it made matters worse as the water that spread outward from the shower-head landed on my clit and generated some very nice feelings. I moved the head lower and closer, concentrating its blasts on my clit as I began to probe my pussy with 2 fingers.

Soft moans slowly escaped between my slightly parted lips as I continued.

I could feel an orgasm approaching and hoped it would only be a small one. As my fingers continued their  work, I began to really feel the shower-heads work as anyone around would have heard my now quite audible moans of pleasure. I kept going as I began to cum feeling the waves of pleasure rush over me as I moaned Brett's name.

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   My fingers were pushed out of my contracting pussy, but I kept the shower-head right were it was. As the climax faded, I began to start again, but decided to go with 3 fingers instead while the head worked my clit. My mind wandered from the night before to other thoughts, some of which really began to turn me on. The memory of the fun at lunchtime 3 weeks prior rushed into my memory. I hadn’t really thought about Kattie in a sexual way since, but that changed as I slide another finger into my pussy as I dropped the shower-head and used my now free hand to really work my clit raw.

My mind was now racing with the memories of what Kattie and I got up to that lunchtime, the feelings of eating out a pussy and having mine eaten by another woman really turned me on as I felt another trickle of juices run over my fingers buried deep inside me. I managed to squeeze my thumb through my still very tight snatch entrance and into an even tighter hole, producing now very loud screams of pleasure. I began to fist myself at a fast pace, loving the feeling of my pussy stretching and contracting trying to accommodate my fist. My fist is the only fist I can fit, Brett’s hands are far too big. I began to tremble as my thoughts of Kattie began to get very very erotic - fisting, dildos and of course the eating each other out. With that final thought I began to scream - not Brett's name but Kattie’s.  

“aww fuck kattie, eat me out, fuck thats it…. yeah baby make me cum!” I screamed as I fell to the floor, landing on my side as I continued to fist myself ravenously.

“fuck babe, im gonna cum. .

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  . get your face in there” I scream as imagine myself shoving Kattie’s head deeper. “FUCK BABE! IM SQUIRTING!!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!!!! EAT ME AS I CUM, FUCK” I scream at the top of my lungs, not caring if anyone hears, as I  am lost in the amazing feeling while I squirt allover the shower wall, and of course the fist that is still buried in my pussy.  

I continue to scream in pleasure at my biggest solo orgasm, but eventually the climax wears down. I slowly slide my fist out of my pussy, bringing with it a river of sweet nectar. I open my mouth wide, slide my fist in, and begin to suck it dry. I love my flavour as my free hand fondles my breasts…

After awhile I stand back up, somewhat un-willingly, and replace the shower-head and turn it back on. I grab a bottle of liquid soap from the rack and squirt the cold fluid into the palm of my hand. I begin to rub my breasts, spreading the soap over them. I fill my palm again and continue to spread the soap across my body. The soap is cold but it helps to cool down my steaming body. I move my hand between my legs and begin to rub soap above my clit, slowly I move down toward my clit and then to my still very tender outer lips. I part my lips and slip a soaped up finger into my slit. I make sure there is plenty of soap in my slit to clean it by inserting the cap of the bottle and filling my pussy full of the creamy white fluid. I remove the bottle from my tight slit, bringing some of the soap back out, then continue on the rest of my body.

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   Once I’m soaped up enough, I detach the shower-head and begin washing the soap off. I started again with my breasts, gently massaging them as the soap washed away. I moved down my body, down my stomach, skipping my pelvic area and going to my legs. Eventually the only soap that remains is that which Is still in my slit. I move the shower-head to my tight opening then slowly spread my lips. Shooting a load of water that mixes with the soap. The water again makes me horny, blasting against my lips and clit but I subdue my feelings and continue cleaning. The mixture begins to leak out, resembling the images that Brett and my juices often make as they leak out of me.

I finish up in the shower, and start to blow dry my hair. Since Kattie is coming over but where not leaving the house, I decide on a pair of trackies and my favourite hoodie/top as I finish with my hair. I turn on my music and go back into my bathroom and straighten my hair and put some makeup on. Finally feeling completely dressed and sexually satisfied I go downstairs to find something to eat.  

I’m just finishing eating breakfast when the doorbell rings and I jump up, tripping over my trackies legs, and run to the door opening it and pulling Kattie into a tight hug, as I peck her on the cheek. I’m loving the feeling of her breasts against mine but that feeling quickly disappears as we break apart. I turn the TV off and we head upstairs to my room.

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   I let Kattie go first, watching her firm ass move in front of my face. She is wearing black leggings, and a figure hugging top with a big furry jumper over the top. She either has a really skimpy gstring on or more likely isn’t wearing any panties at all because her tights are wrapped perfectly like a second skin around her perfectly tiny small ass cheeks. I tell her to continue to my room as I went back downstairs to get something to eat and drink. Yes, today I didn’t give a dam about my weight. Hot Chocolate and cookies will be perfect. I return to my room five minutes later to the sound of Good Charlotte’s Good Morning Revival album and the sight of Kattie lying on her back on my bed, in just her tights and very figure hugging top. Her b cups resting on her chest, half wrapped in cotton, the other half spilling out toward her neck. The sight restarts my fire and my mind begins to travel back to my thoughts in the shower.  

Over the next few hours we do the typical things that us teenage girls do, bitch about other girls, talk about hot guys on TV and the latest bands we love. We both complain that its getting too hot inside so I turn off the heating but that does very little immediately so we just strip off our tops and pants. Leaving me lying there in my Bonds hipsters and bra and Kattie in just a bra. She notices me looking at her bald pussy and says that I should not only sleep naked, but not wear any panties at all and do what she does when no ones home - live naked. She eventually gets her way and I say that I’ll try it while my parents are away. So In a very seductive way I remove my bra, exposing rock hard nipples to Kattie's curious eyes.

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   She’s seen me naked before but not since the video we made for Brett. I hope she doesn’t notice how her thoughts have effected my pussy, But she does. “ha-ha, you know I can see right? I’m not that stupid, wana see mine?” She asks with a kinky smile She lies back down and spreads her legs. I hesitate for a moment, then lean in towards her pussy and take sight. Her slit is also slightly moist, making me wetter.  

“go for it babe, I know you want to”She purrs

I slide my tongue between her lips, producing a small moan from her delicate lips. I lick again, producing another moan. I start licking her slit with a medium paced rhythm. I lick from the base of her pelvis all the way up to just above her clit then back down again. Each time generating moans from her. I notice her hands begin to caress her beautiful breasts. I can feel myself getting very wet, so with my spare hand I slide it between my wet legs and begin to grind my knuckles against my pussy. She suddenly tells me politely to stop as I begin to really get into her and get some serious moans from her. She grabs my hands and legs and manoeuvres me into a 69 with her. I slowly lower my wet cunt down onto her waiting tongue then lean forward to find her love button and tight slit. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   We begin again as I feel her tongue make my pussy tingle. I begin to lick as I compare my thoughts of us before when I was in the shower to now. All it does is make me more excited and rewards Kattie with some loud moans. We continue in what is now a very tight and close together 69, our bare breasts squished together, our liquids slowly seeping between our hot bodies.  

Kattie is too lost in pleasure land to notice what I am hearing - Keys in the door downstairs, someone walking through the hallway, the floorboards creaking underfoot. I try to quieten Kattie but my tongue has already done the damage. Kattie’s head go’s back as she starts to scream and squirt allover me but I panic as I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I begin to think about what is going to happen when whoever it is round the top of the stairs as Kattie keeps moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Even though she is in the land of happiness, Kattie’s fingers keep going with their work bringing me to the beginning of the end. My body starts to shake as I scream in pleasure and begin to squirt. I feel Kattie’s mouth return and cup my pussy as I continue on my wave.  

I crane my head and see Brett standing at the top of the stairs behind me, cock in hand; “fuck girls…. that’s so hot!” I hear him groan before his cock erupts, spurting thick white ropes of cum over the 2 dripping wet, sweaty teenage girls entangled in their first proper lesbian 69 that lay before him.



Written By Sophie