Amy and Joanne, Part One


Amy looked up with a quizzical look on her face and asked softly, "What, what have you done this time?" Amy had known Joanne for most of their eighteen and a half years and was used to her emotional out bursts, but this time her best friend seemed to be really stressed out! "Y-you promise not to laugh or tell anyone?" Joanne sniffled. "Sure, of course I do," Amy replied quickly. "I mean it, Ames," Joanne shot back, "I don’t want anyone to know!" "Know what?!?" Amy shot back in exasperation. After taking a deep breath Joanne turned to face her Amy and then without warning spread her legs and thrust out her pussy towards her stunned friend’s face! "See," Joanne wailed, "what am I gonna do?!?" Amy’s mouth sagged open as she gazed at the huge clit that forced its way through the forest of Joanne’s super hairy pussy! "Good grief," Amy intoned softly as her voice trailed off, "I-I’ve never seen anything like it…………. " "See what I mean?" Joanne asked. "And it’s still growing!"Amy stared for another long moment at the incredible organ, and after clearing her throat looked up at Joanne and asked, "But how, why?" Joanne plopped down on the bed next to her friend and explained, "You know when I joined the health club last summer and went hog wild working out and running?" "Yeah," Amy replied, "you wanted to get in shape for basketball. " "Well," Joanne continued, "I did a pretty stupid thing!" "What?" her friend asked nervously. "What did you do?" After rolling her eyes and shrugging Joanne replied, "Well, I took some steroids to improve my muscle mass!" "You what!?!" Amy asked in total shock. "You mean you injected yourself with drugs?!?" "Nooooooo," Joanne replied quickly, "I took some powder and mixed it with juice, it seemed safe enough!!!" "But one of the side effects was an enlarged clit?" Amy asked. "Yeah," Joanne replied sadly, "a super enlarged clit!"The two of them sat there more a moment without speaking until Amy whispered, C-can I see it again?" "I guess," Joanne replied, "I don’t see why not. " "Does your mom know?" Amy asked while Joanne stood up. "Are you nuts or something!!!" Joanne replied quickly. "If she ever found out that I’d taken drugs, I don’t even wanna think about it!!!" "I see what you mean," Amy replied while staring again at Joanne’s super engorged clit. "A-are you turned on, I mean, you know?" "Yeah, I know," Joanne replied tiredly, "and yes, all the time, I can’t even wear panties cuz they rub against it and give me orgasms all day. " "Y-you’re kidding," Amy replied as her own pussy drenched it self with cunt juice. "C-can I touch it, please?" she asked.

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   "Okay," Joanne answered, "but be gentle, it’s super sensitive!" After taking a deep breath to regain her composure Amy gingerly let her finger tip brush over the little glans. Almost immediately Joanne’s legs buckled slightly and a long low groan escaped her throat and she begged, "P-please, suck me!"Amy moaned softly to herself as she carefully pushed Joanne’s forest of dark brown pubic hair from around the erect organ. "It almost looks like a tiny cock," she said softly. "You can see the head and everything, it’s just incredible!!!" "Y-you’re telling me something I don’t already know?" Joanne replied through clenched, "now please, do me!" Over the years the two girls had felt each other up, but this was definitely a first for either of them! Amy sniffed in the aroma of Joanne’s super heated pussy, and after taking another deep breath leaned forward and sucked the little "pecker" into her warm mouth. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that’s good!" Joanne moaned while grabbing Amy by the back of the head to keep her firmly in place. "T-thatta girl, suck my huge fucking clit, make mama have a nice hard one!!!" So this is what a pussy tasted like," Amy said to herself while devouring her friend’s clit. Mmmmmmm, so nice and sweet, just like she had always imagined!" Realizing how late they were running, Amy shoved her tongue into over drive and scraped it roughly over her the super hard clit, inducing what was an incredibly stunning orgasm from Joanne’s over heated cunt!!!Joanne tumbled back onto the bed panting like a steam locomotive as her blood pressure began to return to normal. She looked thoughtfully at her friend and was about to say so when she realized Amy had shoved down her pink bikini panties and was furiously fingering her fat blonde haired pussy. "Jeeze Louise," Joanned moaned softly while watching her friend’s fingers disappear into hr beautiful triangle, "I-I’m gonna cun again!"Without even being aware of it she had begun to do her own pussy while staring at Amy’s super drenched cunt! The two seniors thrust their hips forward in a wanton display of teenage sexuality while brutal orgasms built up deep inside of them! Amy’s head rolled back and forth on her shoulders and she stammered, "I-I just love your clitty, j-just look what it did to my cunt!!!" Both girls were now long past the point of no return! Their fingers were literally flying over distended clits and burying themselves deep inside convulsing vaginas! It was Amy who first gasp, "I-I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumminggggggggg!" Joanne’s eyes rolled back into her head as her own climax sent her over the edge to her own earth shattering finale and the two of them shook out of control as their hot pussies took them for a fantastic ride!!!Amy finally looked over at her now satiated partner and said weakly, "You know were a half hour late, Sister Leah is gonna kill us!" "I know," Joanne replied with a smile, "but it was worth it, don’t you think?" Amy began pulling up her panties and replied with a wink, "Yeah, hon, I think!!!"THE END.

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