Anna- Part 1


"I have been waiting for this since grade 7" I said as I put my hand behind her head and bought her towards me to meet my lips. She bought her arms around my body and made me sit on her lap as she sucked on my bottom lip before moving her tongue with mine. She slid her hand up the back of my shirt and undid my bra without missing a beat with kissing me. Her hands moved round to my front and under my bra which was loosely hanging on me I flinched her hands were cold but I was enjoying it she tweaked my nipples and I moaned in pleasure as I broke our kiss removed my top and bra and dragged her to the bedroom. She smiled cheekily as she slipped her shirt and pants off, exposing her in a chic pink bra and tight long. I dimmed the lights in the bedroom as she ran around me and layed spread eagle on the bed waiting for me to come to her. I undid my pants reveling my black see through thong so you could just see my pale hairless skin. I placed one leg on either side of her running my hands from her hips to her breasts massaging them slowly. I started to grind myself against her I undid and removed her bra then let my fingers worked her nipples she arched her back and moaned as I worked. She stretched up and began to suck on my nipple nibbling softly at first then harder I pushed her head against my breast so there was more in her mouth. I pushed her back down and slid off her thong revealing her glistening pussy, I ran my tongue from in between her breasts down past her belly button over her cleanly shaved pussy and onto her clit. She squirmed beneath me waiting for me to really begin, I made my tongue stiff and flicked it over her clit moving harder and faster. I stopped briefly to moisten my fingers before I slipped one in and wriggled it around. She put her hand behind my head and pushed me back down to lick her clit. I nibbled on it lightly and slipped another finger into her tight wet pussy. Her breathing became heavier as I fucked her softly with my fingers, I moved out of her and onto her clit then slipped my tongue inside her, tasting her.

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   I moved my tongue fiercely around inside her before removing my tongue and replacing it with my fingers, I moved them faster while playing with her clit with my thumb I gazed at her, her eyes were closed and her hands were on her breasts playing with her nipples. I moved my head back down to keep licking her clit she moaned "faster" at me and I immediately obeyed slamming her with my fingers and nibbling her clit. She screamed in pleasure and almost moved away from me as I felt her clench around my fingers then the juices started flowing, she was bucking so much I had to hold her still with my other hand. When she stopped moving I removed my fingers and moved back up and kissed her softly, she smiled she was still in that state of ecstasy. I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I returned she had fallen asleep. I was a bit disappointed but still extremely turned on by her naked body. I sat on the couch across from the bed moistened my fingers and placed them on my clit finding out how moist I was I slipped my finger inside of me and then moving back up to my clit. I moved my fingers roughly over my clit faster and harder I couldn't stop myself from moaning. I slipped my fingers inside myself and moved them around until I came, waking Anna up momentarily, she glared at me and said I should've woken her up so she could've helped. Personally I didn't mind my dreams had finally became true. Stay tuned for part 2.

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