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I invite a couple of friends to sleep over at my house. It was my 18th birthday so I decided to make something different then the usual dinners and get out. We all agree that would be a girl’s night only. It wasn’t a big surprise for some of us, because we had already done something similar at others friend’s house. My old house was on sale, so I ask my parents if they could took me there, and lend me the house for the night. They agree and it was ok. I started the invited list. But I just wanted to be with close friends, so the list was short. We were friends from school and we all know each others very well. Some girls I invited couldn’t come, so we were 8 girls me included: Maryanne, Maggie, Ellen, Bianca, Eve, Patty and Anne. At 9pm Maryanne first arrived. “Hi Lisa, happy birthday!!” “Thanks Mary I’m glad you came, you can put your coat over there”Soon they all arrived, and we were warm and comfortable by the living room. We were chatting separately about the most variable things. But soon we start talking about school, and there we all had “a thing” to tell. We moved around, doing a circle for that everyone could hear and watch. Ellen was telling about what she had seen once.

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   One time on classroom she wasn’t preying attention, and started looking around. As for her surprise she noticed that Jennifer, our classmate, wasn’t wearing any panties. At first she couldn’t believe her eyes, but she kept staring as she found out, it was for real (a nice shaved pussy). Eve says:“Maybe she was too hot and she didn’t want to wet her panties” We all laugh. Patty said: “I’m shaved too!” We all became surprised. Then Eve said: “Me too” “Who else is?” – I asked smiling Maryanne reply “Well, I do shave myself down here too” Maryanne is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen on school. She’s a ‘lil tall, with a great blond hair, cute ass and a nice pair of tits. Anne hadn’t completed yet 18 years old: she said:“I’ve never shaved myself but I would like to try it some day, I heard that it looks real nice”. Eve said: “Maybe Patty could show us how it looks!” – smiling We all laugh yet looking forward at Patty answer. Surprising all of us, Patty said that agree on showing it, if Eve did it too. We know that Eve wasn’t shy at all, and capable of doing it do. But that challenge didn’t come true. Instead we all were laughing and funny around. “Well looks like we’re all here, so I assume we can give you your birthday present” – Bianca said looking at me. “Oh, I’m looking forward to see what you girls bring me” - I said.

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   Patty was holding the present, and gives it to me. As I open: “Oh thank you, a love it”. It was an orange shirt. I’ve tried it on top of the other shirt I was wearing and it suits me very well. Patty said – “We all agree to gave you a second present, a little funny thing, we hope you like it too” I open, and it was a book. A special one, “kamasutra”, with lots of sex positions, and inside was a yellow thong!! I laugh and they all did to. “Now, you have to try it, to look if it suits so well as the shirt” – Eve said laughing. I wear it on top of my jeans just for fun. But Eve said: “We have to try it for real” – with a big smile on her face. “Yeah, we want to see how it looks, it’s our present, come on, try it” – Maggie said. They all were with Maggie, so I agree. I went to the bathroom, and change. I left over my jeans, and come back to the living room on my new yellow thong. Well, I have a few, but the truth was that one suits me nicely. As I walk into the room, they all were smiling like approving it too.

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   I heard: “What a nice ass you have Lisa” – It was Maggie! I walk trough the circle like modelling. Eve grab my ass for seconds,“Uauu, Lisa, it makes your ass really well there”. You all know how Eve is, not shy at all, as I said before, so it was normal. But I, not letting her unpunished for that, replied: “Now it’s your turn. We all heard something about showing us something!!” – I said with a little evil laugh. The girls laugh too, and said: yeah, she’s right Eve. Eve would now have to do it. She starts unzipping her pants, and soon shows us a simple black thong she was wearing. It was exciting seeing her, as she pulled it down uncovering a sweet ass, exposing a totally shaved pussy. She shows it for seconds, and re-dressed. But while that few time, we all were admiring her pussy, it was notable we all were appreciating by our expressions. “I don’t want to be mean but I guess Patty was willing to do it too” – Bianca said. We laugh and soon heard Patty saying:”Yeah, well I guess it’s my turn, a promise is to be taken” Patty is a slim girl, with a long dark hair and beautifully brown eyes. Regular sized breast. Now with her nipples a bit harder then before, we all could see it below her top.

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   She starts pulling down her pants, showing us a sweet round ass. Wearing normal white panties, but yet very sexy. At first she pull them aside so we could see it shaved, but she soon realize by our faces, she must got it off. She pulled them down, and Eve said: “You didn’t want to pull them down, as I did, so as a punishment you have to put them on the table before wearing it again. ” – Bit evil laughing. Bianca grabbed Patty’s panties and didn’t give them again. We were laughing yet admiring that sweet body of Patty. Bianca run off the living room, and told us latter, she hided them. Patty was now naked down waist covering her pussy with her hand. I found myself excited; my nipples were hard too, as Patty’s were. I looked around, Maggie, Eve, Maryanne, Anne, Ellen; all in general were enjoying it just as much as I was. Some of us just smiling others a bit excited: her faces expressions couldn’t lie. Bianca, specifically, had her nipples very erect, I could notice. I assumed it was for hiding Patty’s panties. “Now you must find them” – Bianca said.

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   “We will help you” – I said, enjoying the challenge! Patty stands up and left living room, as we did it to. Few seconds later, Bianca was saying, cold, warm, hotter… Only she knows where she put them, we were just watching. As Patty walks, I couldn’t look elsewhere then her ass, perfect… I caught Eve and Maggie staring too, so I wasn’t alone wishing to touch her badly. I caught Ellen too, but she was staring at my ass, she did not forget my yellow thong. She found them under the bed. We went back to the living room as I said to her: “At least do not wear you pants, I don’t want to be alone in my new thong here” – I said hiding my wish to take them off and see Patty doing the same! Eve then replied: “Well it looks like we all could take a piece of clothes to make you more comfortable” – She said that trying to be funny but soon realized from others smiling, it could happen. So she first took their pants. Then Maggie took her shirt exposing a big sized bra. Ellen took her jeans, showing a black thong too. Anne option was jeans too, exposing sweet pink tight boxers. Maryanne decided to took off her top, showing her red bra. Bianca removed her top too yet exposing completely naked tits. They were so perfect rounded that it seemed bigger, letting me forgetting about the regular size. As she took them off we caught her moaning softly. She can’t imagine, she done it loudly enough to hear but she done it.

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   Eve ask her: “It seems you’re excited, hard nipples… humm, tell us everything. ” Not letting her answer Patty said: “And how nice they seem!” We all were admiring them. Anne came out with an idea: “I dare anyone to touch them!”. I was close to her, so I decided to go through. I grab each one with my hands. Humm what a felling. I couldn’t stop myself and within a second I was sucking them. She was moaning loudly and now on purpose for everyone to hear how good it was. Not letting me stop Anne said:“I Dare Ellen to touch Lisa’s ass”. Ellen was the person besides Bianca, nearest me. She was staring at by butt at the bedroom, and she wants it badly, as I can see in her eyes. I lean exposing my ass up, Ellen for my surprise pull down my thong, and start touching my ass. Humm I felt nice, I let escape a sweet moaning too. Eve take all her clothes off, and start touching herself. Patty done the same, and soon we all were completely naked.

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   The clothes were all over. Ellen start touching my pussy, rounding my clit. . humm it felt so nice! Maggie and Maryanne start pleasuring each other. Anne was near Ellen, and starts touching her ass, tits and her clit. In the same circle, in a short time, the room was full of moans and smelling pussy so badly. I start fingering Bianca, letting her more and more excited, in and out smoothly in that hairy pussy of hers. Bianca did it on Patty, feeling with her fingers that desirable shaved pussy. On a circle we all were fingering each others pussy. Moaning, letting fingers slipping on our wet pussys. I was the first to come. Humm I’ve come so badly. As Ellen were about to come Anne put her face between her legs, letting her tongue over is pussy. Hum, Ellen moan so loud. Patty and Eve moved into 69 position each one with the tongue right into other shaved pussy.

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   We all could hear them moaning. Behind me there were, Maggie and Maryanne, I could hear the slippery of their fingers in and out, and so wet they were. Bianca came on last, but she as delighted so much as we were. It was late and cold, but I’m sure we all could sleep warm that night. .
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