Boarding School - A sexual education.


I was 14 and my mother had found me having sex with boys and put me into a boarding school.
I was cut off from all my friends and I didn’t really like most of the girls that were there. We slept in dormitories and it was weird when we had to get dressed and shower as we all had to be in together and we all saw each other in the nude. It didn’t bother me as I had been nude a lot in front of boys when we had sex and stuff.
The fact some of the girls had reached puberty and other hadn’t made a lot of them extremely conscious of their pubic areas and tits. Some had hair – like me – others were getting it and some still had none. When I arrived I had already begun to shave mine and make it into a landing strip. I was soon told never to do that again and I had to let mine grow normally. Periods were a constant conversation subject. From what I could ascertain discretely I was the only one who had experienced sexual intercourse.
It seemed one of the teachers had been made aware of my previous experiences and I was under the constant eye of this one woman, she was making sure I didn’t rebel or get into mischief.
At night I often used to take my nightie off and masturbate. There were times I had to take myself to the toilets to relieve myself during the day as well as I was horny a lot.
A new girl arrived and was put in the bed next to me – she cried at night a lot because she was missing her family. I took pity on her.
After a couple of night of her whimpering into her pillow I told her to get into bed with me and I cuddled her.

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    She settled down really quickly then and after that she got into my bed for the next few nights. She always stayed for about an hour.   One night I was half asleep and when she got out she kissed my cheek before she left. I liked that.
The next night she got in with me I kissed her on the cheek too and she looked at me and smiled, but said nothing. Shortly after that she rolled toward me and she kissed me on the lips and we hugged and kissed for a while. It was the first time I had kissed another girl and it was nice. I was horny and I took my nightie off and she did the same – neither of us spoke but we got close to each other and the feeling of our naked bodies touching was wonderful. We kissed some more and I felt for her tiny nipples and played with them – she did the same to me. It was getting late and I had the feeling one or more of the other girls were aware we were in bed together so we just lay still and hugged each other. After I though everybody was asleep she went to get back into her own bed and we kissed on the lips and I deliberately touched her on the cunt. She let me feel her for a minute or two and didn’t pull away. I think I had found a new sex partner.
The next day we met in the playground and had a talk and we decided to be best friends – if we weren’t already. After lessons each day we would try and get to secluded places instead of playing games like the others did and kiss and feel each other up.

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   It was only a couple of days and we were fingering each other and we both worked each other up to orgasms. At night we would get into bed together and feel and touch each other as we kissed. A couple of the girls soon realised what we were doing and dobbed us in.
A day or so later were caught in bed together by one of the dormitory supervisors. We knew then we had been dobbed in. We were severely reprimanded and our sleeping arrangements were separated. I was put into another dorm and slept in the bed next to the dorm supervisor’s room.
This didn’t stop us getting together whenever we could and enjoying our sexual escapades We got a reputation as lesbians as many of the girls realised we had a different sort of friendship to the other girls. We never disguised the fact we would walk together and hold hands.
One night my new dorm supervisor Julie called me into her room. She has her own room at the end of the Dorm. My bed is right next to her door. She talked to me about my friendship with Sally. She was also in a baby doll nightie – I had never seen her in that before and when ever she was in the dorm she always wore a gown. I had this funny feeling she was testing me as she was being more than friendly and she frequently bent over and I could see right down her front.

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   She had lovely tits. I guessed she was in her mid 20’s.   After we had talked for a while she said its time for bed and she took me back to my bed – right outside her room and said any time I wanted to talk to her I could come into her room. Then she kissed me on the forehead and once more lent over me and virtually showed me her bare breasts for ages.
The following night I was lying in bed thinking of her and masturbating. I didn’t hear her come into the dorm as I was cumming from my fingering and biting my lip to stop me moaning with the pleasure of what I was doing to myself.
She had obviously seen me and as she went into her room motioned to me with her finger. As I sat up in bed she saw me put my nightie on again, but didn’t say anything.
I went to her room – she never put the light on so nobody would have seen me go in. She asked me if I enjoyed myself, you know, down there.
If the lights had been on she would have seen me go red all over.
I said sort of.
She said take you nightie off and get into my bed.
I stood there sort of gob smacked and she smiled and said go on we are going to have some fun together. Then I saw she had undressed and was naked and she looked beautiful in the faint moonlight shining in from outside.

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   Her pubic patch was very short and just a small patch above her slit.   I stood and stared at her – she looked beautiful – she saw me looking and said do you like what you are seeing.
I just nodded.
She said I like what I can see too, we will make a nice couple.
I thought shit she is propositioning me.
She took my hand and led me to her bed and she kissed me – I returned her kisses as I had done with Sally and she soon realised it was not the first time I had kissed another girl as my hands went straight to her breasts and nipples and I played with her as we kissed.   She returned my touch and rubbed my nipples too. Then she said did you enjoy your orgasm earlier, I watched you for a while and it looked like you did. I said yes – I was thinking of you and Sally.
She said have you done much with Sally.
I said pretty much – we make love whenever we can.
Julie said how far do you go .
I said pretty much all the way .
Oral - she said.

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Good then we can get started straight away – I wont have to break you in will I.
Just to prove I am serious I will do it to you and then there will be no problems about you knowing that I am serious about having you as a lover. I believe you have had sex with boys before you came here.
I said and with an “uncle” who was my mothers boyfriend. That’s why I am in here.
You must tell me about it some time. Now how about Sally – what will happen between you two now, seeing you and I are going to be lovers.
I said well I cant be in two places at once and you and I cant be seen together, so Sally and I can be day time friends and you and I can be bed time friends. Is that ok.
She said then I have to share you.
I said sort of unless you want Sally to be in I as well, she is pretty good.
By now I was in her bed and she had my legs open and was about to perform oral sex on me.
Her tongue went between my lips and straight to my clit and I lifted my bum to meet her tongue thrusts and moaned with the delight of her performing on me with her mouth. it was wonderful. My clit was still a bit sensitive from me earlier orgasm and she worked on me and I didn’t last more than about 3 or 4 minutes and I came.

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    It was a first class orgasm and I showed her how good it was by bucking and weaving my hips as her mouth covered and drank my juices as I came.
She got off me and said that was fast.
I said I was still a bit sensitive on the clit from masturbating and what you did brought me right on and I couldn’t last any longer – normally am good for 10 or 15minutes even with somebody who knows how to do it. I said give me a few minutes to recover and I can show you how good I am.
She said oh Jan you are something else – I have been waiting for a girl like you for ages. I normally have an older girl.
She left last year and I havnt found anybody to replace her until I found you.
Julie was touching her pussy and I looked at her and said is it getting itchy?
She laughed and said it cant wait to see just how good you are – you are extremely confident.
I said If I cant get you to cum in 10 minutes your get two for the price of one.
Julie said to me -  Jan I cant believe somebody as young as you can be so confident and experienced.
I said it comes from a lot of experience – I learned a lot from older boys and some of the older girls like the young girls for sex. I got passed around a bit but I enjoyed the variety. Some of the older guys, men really, liked doing it to me being so much younger. I learned pretty soon I could make some big money for acting more like a child.
Now lets get down to business and I got between her legs and used my tongue as I had been used to and then slipped a couple of fingers into her as well.

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   She moaned and squirmed about as I pleasured the internal parts of her vagina. I soon recognised that she was really enjoying me suck on her and massage her clit with my tongue and finger. Then I added my special treat and slipped a finger into her bum. She said nothing but rolled half over and took something out of her bedside drawer. It was KY lube and she gave it to me and said do you know how to use this. I said yes - and then spread it around her ass hole while I fingered her. I wasn’t the first one to play this game with her evidently. She said you are amazing.
After this I spent many many nights in her bed and we became lovers in every way. She allowed me to use her room for masturbating and use her toys to masturbate with. One weekend she took me away to the countryside and the two of us had a weekend of naked sex in the woods together. We were naked outdoors for hours and had sex so many different ways and times it was truly amazing. I believed I could have been in love with her we were so compatible and enjoyed every aspect of sex that we could achieve together. Girls my age were just novices and she was so experienced and had no inhibitions about sharing her body with me in every way and in return provided me with the most amazing sexual experiences I could have ever imagined. Ours was a true lesbian experience.

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   I didnt go with Sally much after that - I had a mature and loving sex partner that fulfilled my every desire.
For me school was more than a learning experience it was a full blown sexual adventure as well. I would never have believed I would have actually enjoyed a boarding school ever. Julie helped me in many ways and coached me in some of my weaker subjects so I could improve my academic ability to the level of my sexual ability with her.
We had a couple of near misses and went close to being exposed a few times but managed to survive for 3 years. A couple of the girls I was friendly with realised there was something about me that was different but they never learned of my love for and shared sexual experiences with Julie, my teacher in more ways than academically.