Boarding School taught me more than one and one making two.


I had an affair with another girl when I was in boarding school, and we both had lesbian sex together. The both of us would do oral sex on each other and finger each other often a few times a week – it would depend when we could get away and not be noticed.

One night we were doing it in bed after lights out and we got caught by the dorm mistress.

We were taken to her room and made stand in front of her naked. It was most embarrassing and she made us tell her why we were doing what we were and how often had we done it together and had we done it with any other girl.

We both assured he we had only done it together and knew of no girls who would do that with us. She asked how many masturbate and we said we knew a few did it. Then she wanted to know if we had masturbated with anybody other than ourselves. We hadn’t – although I was involved with an older girl the year before and she had left as it was her final year.
Then she noticed I had reduced my hair a little bit and I had removed it from the lips of my vagina. Dianna the other girl had not and she was natural.

She came to me and made me expose myself so she could see what I had done. To my absolute amazement she touched me there and as she did I went weak at the knees and her finger went a little way into me and I moaned with the sensation I felt. My clit had been excited by Dianna’s tongue already and I had not been far off cumming so her finger re-ignited my passionate desire to be touched there.

She looked up at me and I detected a smile. Like that do you she said.

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I said I do but I shouldn’t – I can enjoy it with Dianna but you are so much older and a teacher.

She said I can teach you more than you know and if I were to make what you two were doing earlier public – like let the principal know – you would both be expelled tomorrow.

I said oh shit don’t do that please I will do anything – please don’t do that. Dianna started to cry.

She said well I will have to consider it – for now I will forget it but if I see you two together like that again – you are out.

We went back to our beds – we shared a room and as we got into our own beds the teacher stood there and said I have a good mind to break you two up. The two of you sharing is not a good idea. I will think about it tomorrow and I will discuss it with you tomorrow night.

The next day we were scared shitless, Dianna and I could not concentrate on schoolwork and whenever we saw the teacher we started to shake with fear.

I had the teacher for my last period and she told me to wait back – she wanted to talk to me.
After everybody had left she closed the door and locked it. Then she came to me and told me to undress. I was shocked and after she told me a couple of times I did.

Then she told me to masturbate.

As I did she came over to me and then she began to use her finger in me and she smiled and said – this is a surprise isn’t it.


   You didn’t think this would happen did you.

I said no – but what is happening.

She said you two are going to be my little secret and the three of us are going to enjoy being women together. Don’t say a word to Dianna about this – I want her to settle down a little before I start on her she is a little bit immature at the moment, but if you two get together – as I know you will – you must never tell her about you and I until I am ready. She also turns 16 in a week or so and then it will be legal to engage in our little games, particularly with me.

I lay back as she fingered me and talked to me as she rubbed her finger into me and massaged my clit and after a few minutes I said I am going to cum. She then worked on me a little faster and with her other hand she pulled her blouse down and exposed one of her breasts and said suck it.

I had hardly touched her tit with my mouth and I began to cum and began to wriggle my ass as my orgasm took control of me and she plunged her hand into me as far as she could andworked hard on me and came with a tremendous amount of exertion. I was really enjoying her doing what she was doing and it was a new sensation having her handle my cunt like she was doing, it really brought me off in a very exciting way. I could not enjoy the pleasure of my orgasm and suck her tit at the same time.

After my orgasm had subsided and she had slowed down working her hand on my cunt – my breathing started to settle down and then she kissed me. It was the first time I had been kissed like that by an adult. Open mouthed and her tongue exploring my mouth – I had done a bit of French kissing with Dianna but she was nothing like Jan the teacher. Jan continued to feel my cunt as we kissed and I held her tit that was now poking right out of her bra.

It was one of the most amazing sensations I had ever had – being felt up after being masturbated by an older woman.

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   She would be around 26 or 28 and the more I saw of her the more I liked her.

After a while she said that’s enough for now – lets not rush things and I have gone a little bit too far with you already. I hope you enjoyed it.

I said I had and I said what will happen to us now and what do I do with Dianna.

She said keep doing what you do with Dianna, you wont be disturbed by me any more unless I want to see you. I want Dianna to settle down a bit and gradually I will tell you what I want Dianna to know – from you - and then she might be able to handle what I have planned for the three of us. With her we have to take things slowly she is not as aggressive as you are. My guess is you seduced her and not the other way around.

I said I knew she was masturbating one night and I uncovered myself and did the same. She was a bit shocked both at me doing it, and me finding her doing it, and after that we talked a bit and did it together a few more times before I suggested we could do it together and after that I managed to go down on hr and not long after that she went down on me. She enjoys it now but was terrified of you when you caught us.

She laughed and said that will all be a bad memory in a few weeks time we will be the very best of friends by then.

Tonight I want you to come to my room alone, there is something I have to sort out with you. Don’t tell Dianna.

That night I went as instructed and when I got there and knocked at the door she asked who was it and I replied it was me.

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She opened the door and she was completely naked and pulled me into the room and between the two of us stripped me naked and within about 30 seconds she and I were very actively engaged in kissing and feeling each other all over then she but me on the edge of her bed and opened my legs and gave me one of the most amazing oral experiences I had ever had.

After I had cum twice, after a short break between them, she said now you know what a woman can do for another woman – now I want you to show me how much you have learned and she stood me up – kissed me and I tasted myself from her mouth. I had sucked my fingers when I masturbated before and knew what I tasted like but this was different and I enjoyed it. Then she lay down and said go to it.

I hadn’t noticed until then she had removed far more hair than I had and she had this thin strip of hair just above her slit and she was hairless all around her cunt.

I hesitated for a moment, recognised the musky smell from her – which was not as strong as Dianna sometimes and then put my mouth over her cunt and sucked and licked and slipped my finger into her like she had done to me. It was heavenly and she taste great, she had a lot more juice than Dianna ever had and I loved drinking it. Then she told me to use a hand on her nipple as I sucked her cunt.

She lasted about 15 minutes and gave me directions on how to do it better than I was doing it and I was finding out just how wonderful it can be to have your cunt sucked and do it to another girl. Dianna was going to be surprised at the difference in the way I had done it before and how I was learning so much from Jan.

When she came she had a wonderful orgasm and it made me proud to know that I could do it to her and she enjoyed it so much.
Then the two of lay together on her bed and kissed as I fondled her tits and she stroked mine – which are only just beginning to blossom, up till now they have been filling out but have just began to stick out really nicely, particularly when my nipples are hard and sticking out right at the tip of them. She sucked on them too and before I had to get dressed and leave her we both tried 69ing where the two of us sucked each others cunts at the same time. It was great but we both agreed it was better when one was doing it to the other on their own but 69 wasn’t bad.

Jan and I became real lovers and she introduced me to a life of wonderful sex with another woman.

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   She had a machine which nearly killed me the first few times – it was a machine with a mans cock and it vibrated and made you cum and your orgasms were so strong I nearly passed out. It was called a Sybian.

Before I could use it however she had to break my hymen – I lost my virginity to another woman with a strapped on cock. It was not only very painful but also so very, very wonderful. I will never forget that day we did it. I cried and she licked the tears from my face. I also bled when she penetrated me. Before she made me cum she went down on me with my virgin blood seeping from my cunt. There wasn’t much but she licked as much as she could out of me. I could not believe it when she asked me and I let her.

Some months later I had a similar experience – I was engaged in oral sex on her and her period began in the middle of it and I tasted blood from her in the same way. We laughed and had so much fun that day because of it. I could not believe I drank blood from her cunt but I did – not much but enough to know what it tasted like. We never did it again even though we both had our periods at different times but they never started in the middle of oral sex again.

Dianna was seduced by her after she turned 16.

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   I was there when it happened but she never used the strap on cock on her. The three of us often had sex together and Dianna never rode the Sybian – Jan was worried that if she had taken Dianna’s virginity as she had shared mine Dianna may have regretted it later, which may or may not have become a problem. Dianna never got as involved with Jan as I did but she enjoyed the sex we did with her. Dianna and I often shared the pleasure of each other bodies but the sex I had with Jan was always amazing and she and I became lovers in a serious way. Apart from Dianna I never had a desire to go with another woman other than Jan.

My affair with Jan lasted three years – Dianna and I both left school after two years and we never saw or heard from her again. I continued my affair with Jan for another year before I met a man and I began sleeping with him. Jan understood and I think she may have had another girl at school in training. Lucky her.