Break at the Beach


I had been working a lot of late and so asked my husband if he minded if I went to the beach for a weekend by myself. "No hun, enjoy. " he told me so the next morning, Friday, I pack a small bag and drove to Savannah. I found a nice hotel and relaxed some then had a few wine coolers. I had brought a couple skirts and some body suits that I wore as bathing suits. One was lace and one like a spandex outfit. Both were all but transparent. The skirts were wraps that were airy and the breeze kept them blowing open the way I liked them to.
I shopped some and enjoyed the looks of a few men and eneve some women. I have found that being buxom does attract both. I am bi as I have written before and 44EEE breasts with 5 inch across nipples that are dark and get hard as a rock if I get even a little arousd.
I shopped in one place that was bathing suits and beach things as well as a little erotic toy section in the side area. I was looking at a very small suit that had next to nothing for a top and a thong bottom that barely covered my pussy lips. I was holding them up and a nice female voice said in an accent, "That would be very nice on you. " I looked around and a beautiful Asian woman with what seemed to be a teen aged blonde girl, slim and very cute. The woman had long black hair and she looked about 18 or so.

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   THe other was younger I thought. At 40 I was flattered at her attention since she was obviously looking at me in a very sensual way. "Thanks" I said and then saw she wore a sheer blouse that her very dark nipples showed through. Her shorts were very tight and her dark legs beautiful.
"I would love to see you in it. " she said and I took it off the rack and headed to the dressing rooms. I took off my shirt and skirt and put it on, it tied behind my nexk and came down over my breasts and around to tie behind my back at the middle. IT was barely two stips of material that went over the nipples and in my case they barely covered them. The material was sheer and even though covered they showed through wonderfully. The thong bottom was next to nothing also and so I put it all on and stepped into the common area outside the dressing rooms. The Asian woman (Yi) and the girl stood there and walked to me, "Oh yes, it is perfect. " She turned to the girl and said, "Now this is the kind of woman that I have been telling you about. " she said to the girl. The girl stepped forward and looked at me hard, "She is very beautiful. " she said and then she touched my nipples softly.

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   I quivered and felt myself get wet. Janie (the girl) stood closer and she looked at Yi and then she stepped into a booth and undressed with the door open. Yi moved to my side and touched my back moving me into the booth and she stepped in also closing it and lovking it behind us. "Janie wants to learn more about maing love with another woman and I have been teaching her. " As she touched my back the little shread of material came loose and my nipples were exposed and were hard.
Janie stepped to me and Yi moved us together and we kissed, deep and softly. Her toungue told me she had already been kissing perhaps Yi but she knew how to tease and carress the lips of another woman. MY thong was off and Yi was kissing my bottom and carressing my shoulders and gentley around my body to my tits, massaging them and pulling my nipples. She sat me down on the changing bench and knelt Janie between my legs and told her to do as she had taught her. She began caressing and kissing my legs and worked her way up to my very wet pussy and found my swlooen clit then began pulling and twisting it, first soft then harder. Then her fingers slipped inside and then all four then her hand and then up to her wrist. She began really going all the way in and faster and faster until I convulsed and sprayed her arm with juices. Yi attacked Janies chest where I had sprayed her and began sucking her nipples and licking my juices from her. She stood up and told me, "Let's go to the room. " We dressed and walked the block to the room at their hotel and as soon as we went in we all stripped and I was on the bed on my back legs spread and these two beautiful all over my body.

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   Yi was over my face telling me to eat her which I wanted to do anyway and now Janie was eating my pussy as she fisted it again.
The changed places and now Janie sat over my face her young pussy jucie and red as I ate her and Yi fisting my pussy expertly. Again I had an orgasm and all of us were laying limp for a while. We laid there a while and then Yi got up and pulled a huge dldo from her bag, "Now watch me make her really hurt" she said and Janie sat on the edge of the bed as I watched the huge dildo spread my pussy lips and streach it out filling me. "Oh my god, yes, fuck it good. " I moaned and she began going faster and faster and finally was really ramming it hard in me. My hips kept moving with it and another orgasm sprayed all over the dildo and her hand and face that was licking at the same time. Yi looked at her and said, "Now you do it. " She got over and Janie took it and did as Yi did, slow at first and teasing then faster and deeper until it was ramming hard and fast into me. Another orgasm shook my body. The rest of the night Yi showed Janie everything she needed to know about seducing and making love to another woman. We fell asleep with one on each side me me, a mouth on each nipple.
Suddenly we woke to a rude male voice yelling, "What the fuck is going on here, my wife and daughter in bed with a woman.
    YOu bunch of lesbians. " Yi jumped up, "You marry a woman that you know is a prostitute and then bring her to the States and expect her to live right? Besides Janie wanted to know all about it too.

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      " Janie covered herself and Yi didn't. I sat on the bed between them and saw a nice cock in his pants getting harder even though he yelled at us. "Maybe I can take care of this. " I said and my hand reached out for his zipper and had his cock out fast. It was thick and long and Janie laughed that her father was hard and mad at the same time. I moved my tits and took it between them and my mouth licked the had. He moaned and sat on the bed. Yi pushed him back and undressed him and kissed him while I titty fucked and sucked him slowly, then he filled my mouth with his cum. Yi was kissing him and moved Janie over to us and she began massaging my pussy and soon I moved over his cock that was hard again and he filled me with his load again.
    Yi whispered in my ear and I smiled and she moved over his face and began riding his mouth. I had moved and now Janie moved over and sat over his cock. He could not see her and then I moved and spread her pussy lips apart and guided her pussy over his cock. I was kissing Janie and slowly she moved it in and out of her, obviously she was about to loose her virginity to her father. She could not get it past her chery and so I moved around and as she began going down I put my weight on her shoulders and her cherry gave way and she let out a squeal. "Oh yes Daddy, make me a woman.

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      " she squealed and he froze. We moved away to let him see his cock was fully sank into his daughter. "No, this can't happen. " he said. "It just did. " Yi said laughing "Daddy, I have wanted you to fuck me, please. " Janie moaned the hard cock still in her and she began moving. He let out a moan and began moving into her slowly. Yi and I began kissing them both all over. Janie began riding him faster and faster and soon he filled her with his cum and she had her first orgasm on a cock. Janie rolled off his cock and laid with her legs aprart on the bed, a red liquid coming from her pussy. "Eat her" Yi told me and I did, her pussy having a bloody taste but not too strong. Then Yi moved Janie to his half soft cock, "Give Daddy a good sucking Janie. " She did as she told her and soon he filled her mouth with his cum.
    Yi got up and we dressed and left her husband on the bed and Janie and Yi and I went out to shop and eat.

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       We had a wonderful day and when we sat to eat and men began watching us we would kiss each other and laugh. We went back to the room and Hank (Janie's Dad) sat there with lots of wine in the frig and smiled and said, "Well, you three are really over dressed. " We undressed eaach other and again made love, all night.

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