Broken Strap


Stella stared through the front window of the "Lingerie Boutique", and was disheartened by what she saw, "Nothing for the full figured woman," she mumbled, "but I guess I better check it out just in case!!!" Once inside, her worst fears were realized, nowhere in sight could she spy even a hint that they had something to get her through the rest of the day!!! "May I help you," a voice behind her asked casually? "Uh, I hope so," Stella stammered, "but I'm afraid you don't have what I need!!!" "Well," the saleslady replied smoothly, "why don't you tell me what you need, and I'll tell you if we have it!!!" "Fair enough," Stella responded, while giving the once over to the lady helping her, "this is my problem, a broken bra strap," as she opened her coat and showed the lady her lopsided chest!!! "Oh, my," the saleslady exclaimed, "we really do have a problem don't we, come to the back of the store and let's see what we can do to help you!!!" Once at the rear of the store, Stella removed her coat, and said, "I'm a 42DD, what do you think!?!" "Let's step into the changing room and see what we have to work with," said the lady, "by the way, call me Paula!!!" As Paula pulled the drape closed behind them, Stella said, "I hope you can, help me, because I have to be in court this afternoon, and I'm Stella!!!" "Well, Stella,"Paula exclaimed, "let's get that blouse off and survey the damage!!!" Stell quickly undid her buttons and let the blouse slip from her shoulders. "My goodness, Stella, you have a very large chest," Paula espoused, "I'm not sure we have anything quite that large!!!" "Oh, I just knew it," Stella moaned, "now I'm in real trouble!!!" "Let's not get excited," Paula admonished her, "take off your bra and I'll compare it with some that we have in stock!!!" It was dead quiet in the changing room as Stella removed her bra, and Paula sucked in her breath a little as the huge mammaries fell from the giant cups!!!"Do you find that at the end of the day your breasts are just dying to relax a little," Paula asked?!? "Mmmmm, yes," Stella replied, "my breasts always feel like they're in prison until I can get my bra off!!!" What happen next stunned Stella so much that she just stood there like a statue!!! "I'm a 40DD, just about the same size as you," Paula replied, "and at the end of the day, when I take off my bra, all I want to do is massage them like this," and incredibly, Paula reached out, took Stella's breasts in her hands, and began massaging them slowly!!! "Doesn't that feel good," Paula whispered, while gently twisting Stella's quickly hardening nipples, "I just love to do my nipples at the end of the day, don't you?!?" Stella's head began to spin, as the twisting of her nipples sent an electric shock straight to her clit, and she stammered, "P-Paula, what are you doing!?!" A small smile spread across her face, and Paula replied softly, "Stella, your nipples are giving you away, you do love it don't you!?!" This time, Stella didn't replay, she just leaned against the wall of the dressing room and sighed a contented sigh, which was answer enough for Paula!!! While continuing to massage and rub Stella's breasts, Paula leaned closer and whispered into her ear, "Do you know what feels better than hands and fingers!?!" Stella, now breathing very shallowly, knew the answer, but gasped anyway, "What, what feels better than fingers and hands!?!" Paula looked Stella in the eye and said evenly, "Getting your nipples sucked, it's so much better getting your nipples sucked than just touched, don't you think," as her head dropped down, her mouth opened, and one of Stella's big nipples slipped between Paula's hot lips!!!]"Ohhhhhhhhhh, suck it harder," Stella moaned, "you do that so well, you're such a good tit sucker!!!" Paula chewed and licked the engorged nubs, switching back and forth from one to another, reveling in the fact that she was turning on this big titted bitch to the max by simply sucking on her tits!!! Lifting her eyes to Stella, Paula asked sweetly, "Would you like to see my breasts, dear, my nipples are already hard!?!" "Yes," Stella hissed through clenched teeth, "please, let me see them, please!!!" "Do you want to see them now," Paula teased?!? "You're a bitch," Stella panted, "let me see them now!!!" "Well, I guess so," Paula said slowly, "are you sure you want to see them, cuz if your not, I won't show them to you!!!" That did it, Stella grabbed Paula by the arm, dragged her to her feet, and began literally clawing at the front of Paula's blouse!!! "Take it easy," Paula chuckled, as she took over and removed her blouse, thrusting her chest out, her breasts spilling out over the top of her low cut bra, "do you like my bra, Stella, doesn't it make my breasts look pretty!?!" "My god, they're incredible," Stella babbled, "may I touch them," as she let her hand roam all over the lacy material!?! "Uh, Stella," Paula said softly, "you are touching them!!!" She chuckled a little, and responded quietly, "Yes, I guess I am!!!" "Would you do me a favor," Paula asked sweetly, "I need help with the hooks in back, do you think you could undo it for me," as she turned around coyly, and showing her back to Stella?!? With shaking hands, Stella fumbled with the four hooks that held the monster garment together, but finally, she succeeded, and Paula spun around, still holding the cups over her breasts while saying, "Do you want me to drop it!?!" Stella had by now taken her own breasts into her hands and was madly twisting her nipples while staring at Paula's chest. "Well," Paula asked again!?! "Oh, yes," Stella moaned, "do it now for me, show them to me now!!!" As if she were opening the crown jewels, Paula shrugged her shoulders slowly and let her bra slip off of her beautiful chest!!! "Oh god," Stella stammered, "they're incredible, let me suck them!!!" "Oh," Paula said lightly, "you want to suck on my little ole nipples?!?" "Little," Stella gasped, while twisting her own nipples wildly, "they're huge and you know it!!!" Looking down at her own breasts, Paula said softly, "Yes, I guess they are pretty large aren't they, and by the way, have you ever crushed your breasts together with another woman's and kissed her on the lips!?!""No," Stella gasped, "have you?!?" "Have I what," Paula asked sweetly?!? "Have you what," Stella fairly shrieked, "have you ever kissed a woman before and touched her breasts?!?" "Mmmm," Paula hummed, "I think so!!!" Stella was now frantic to have Paula's breasts, but much to her consternation, she was teasing her unmercifully!!! "P-p-please, Paula," she begged, "may I please have them now!?!" "Well, okay," Paula sighed, "I guess you've been a good girl, haven't you!?!" "Jesus, yes," Stella moaned, "I've been a very good girl, now please, give them to me!!!" Paula stretched her arms over her head, pushed out her chest, and then shoved her breasts against Stella's and pressed there mouths together in a long deep kiss, that caused both women to grind both there tits and their crotches together!!! The kiss lasted longer and longer, and both women were fast approaching sexual release as Paula pulled away and asked, "Are you wet, dear, because I'm simply dripping!!!" "Me too," Stella panted, "my pussy is on fire!!!" "I have a good idea," Paula opined, "I'll stick my hand into your panties, and you stick your hand into mine, and we'll keep rubbing our tits together and just see what happens!!!" "Okay," Stella moaned, "quick, let's get our hands inside, I'm so close!!!" Again, Paula couldn't help herself, she had to tease Stella a little and replied, "Close to what, dear!?!" "Sweet jesus, are you nuts," Stella babbled, "I'm ready to cum all over the dressing room!!!" "Oh," Paula answered calmly, "I just wanted to be sure!!!" Both women loosened their belts, and soon each woman had a finger right on the tip of each others clit!!! This time, even Paula was in no mood for jokes, and as they locked lips and squished boobs together, the index fingers of each woman flew over the others clit! The feelings coursing through both women were incredible, from their mouths to their breasts, all the way down to their pussies, the orgasms building in their crotches were unstoppable!!! When it hit, Stella leaned her head back and groaned, "I'm cumming so fucking hard, oh god, my tits and cunt feel so goooooood!!!" Paula thrust her cunt forward, which signaled to Stella to finger her new found friend harder, as she was in the midst of her own cum!!!Stella's legs which had been wobbly before, finally gave out, as she slipped down to the bench and collapsed in a heap, while Paula, holding her own breasts in a post orgasmic glow, leaned against the wall while savoring the moment!!! As Stella regained her senses, she remembered her afternoon court appearance and said seriously, "Fun time is over, honey, what are we going to do about my bra!?!" "Never was a problem, love," Paula replied, "here, take mine, I can get through the rest of the day without one!!!" "Are you sure," asked Stella seriously?!? Laughing softly Paula exclaimed, "Don't you remember what I said earlier, they always feel better out of my bra!!! THE END

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