Co-worker’s Lesbian Humiliation


Lindsey was a bit of a worrier. She tried not to watch the news, as she knew that she would get obsessional about some new disease. Recently bird flu had been in the news. At work she instantly volunteered to go to a conference to find out about it. Since having a child and her long-term boyfriend leaving her, she had even more time to focus on health issues. Apart from washing her hands every hour and eating only natural food she had also given up all alcohol. In many ways she was 25 going on 60. She didn’t wear make-up and mainly wore sensible clothing with an occasional bright scarf and sometimes a ‘funny’ tshirt. Her mousy hair had been shoulder-length since her childhood but recently she had it cut in a bob. Somehow this accentuated her larger than average mouth and roundish face. Not that she was an unattractive young woman. She had a slim figure, a small but pert bottom and well rounded 36c breasts. They had shrunk a size giving birth but were still something that caught men’s eyes. Lindsay was in the market for a new man but it could be said she wasn’t marketing herself to her full potential. Whilst alone in the bath she often enjoyed touching herself. Occasionally she had brought herself to orgasm using her fingers but wishing that it was the real thing.

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   All these aspects together often made her a bit depressed and overwhelmed. At home in her flat she often found herself getting tearful. At work she often felt that her colleagues didn’t pull their weight and lacked commitment. She always sought other people’s opinions, took account of their feelings and was co-operative. It frustrated her that others didn’t always do the same for her.
Sarah was a much freer spirit. She had grown up quite a bit since having her child some two years previous. Whilst she did grow her own vegetables and avoided alcohol she did smoke about ten cigarettes a day. Sarah generally had a smile on her face and had a positive outlook on life. She didn’t watch the news and enjoyed listening to music. She lived with her child’s father who was fairly good boyfriend. She was aware of his failings, including his occasional flings with other women. He was often drunk and thus not always great lover. This made Sarah a bit sexually frustrated at times. So much so that she had sent off for a discrete vibrator, which she kept hidden in her underwear drawer.


   Whilst her boyfriend was out drinking with his mates she would retire early to bed with her special friend. She comforted herself with the thought that there were a lot of worse men out there, and in the main they were happy. Sarah stylish thin blonde hair touched her shoulders. She was about a size larger than Lindsey apart from her breasts which were only 34b. Her clothing was trendy and as sexy as it could be for a carer in an old people’s day centre.
In the main Sarah and Lindsay got on. They didn’t socialise but sometimes talked over lunch about their children’s development. Other than that they didn’t have much in common. Sara was a couple of years younger that Lindsay but saw her as someone much older. At home she would joke about her various obsessions. Lindsay had problems with Sarah. She felt that she was the worse employee. It was her that often failed to communicate correctly, or to simply tell her what was going on. It was one Wednesday morning when Lindsay had enough. Sarah had not tidied up after herself.

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   Lindsay mentioned it to her. Sarah took offence at the way in which Lindsay spoke. Soon they were both outside the fire exit taking it in turns to trade insults and complaints. A manager overheard the commotion and they were both ordered to get on with their work. In turn the manager got each one in the office and calmed them down. Then she got them in together, they all had a friendly chat, and finally they both apologised to each other.
Lindsay was happy with the outcome. She hated conflict and tried to avoid it. She felt that the air had been cleared and that the issues had been dealt with. Sarah on the other hand was very upset and livid. She felt she was back at school being told off by the head teacher, and it was all Lindsay’s fault. At the end of the meeting she put on a brave face, She then rushed down the corridor, tears in her eyes. Once outside she quickly found a quiet place and sat down through her tears rolled a cigarette. She then took quick puffs between her sobbing. After giving herself some ten minutes and another cigarette she was ready to return to work.

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   The rest of the day passed without incident but Sarah’s mind was in overdrive.
‘That bitch Lindsay will pay for this!’  Was a recurring thought pounding her brain. She had been made to look stupid and she hated that. It reminded her again of her worse school days. There were so many teachers pets like Lindsay. More articulate, more brainy, more goody-goody, more conventional and always believed. She hated them then and she hated Lindsay now. It was Sarah’s boyfriend who had his ear bent that night as Sarah ranted on for what seemed like hours, whilst angrily chain smoking her rollups. He knew not to try and reason with her and just made her the occasional cup of coffee.
The next workday Sarah found herself making the off negative comment about Lindsay’s work. Pointing out to her fellow workers odd things she hadn’t done. Those that noticed her comments put it down to her being a bit tired or the time of the month. As the days went by Sarah continued to try assassinating Lindsay’s character a little more. Spiteful comments about her dress sense and lifestyle and  negative words about her quality of work became almost an hourly occurrence. So much so that her colleagues had to pull her up on it.

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   She thought better of it. The problem was that the tirade of verbal hatred was a release valve for her. For some two weeks she just kept her thought to herself and her boyfriend. She tried to avoid Lindsay when she worked the same shift it was very difficult. Lindsay just carried on as though nothing had happened and that made Sarah all the more angry.
It was late on a Friday some three weeks after their row when things took an ugly turn. Lindsay and Sarah had both been working the late afternoon shift. Everyone else had gone home and the last clients had left the building. Sarah locked the main door as a minibus collected the last few. She then went to the loo, brushed her hair and applied some make-up, before returning to help Lindsay tidy up.   Lindsay made a comment about her being ages.
‘Actually I was only gone five minutes…. I am entitled to a toilet break. . ’ quipped Sarah sarcastically.

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The two young women soon started to trade accusations. Lindsay had to muster all her strength to keep calm and make her points. Sarah had no such worries about self-control. She was soon shouting and almost screaming with anger. Lindsay could see that there was little point in trying to reason with her. After about five minutes of rowing Lindsay just said,
‘OK. . OK lets just agree to differ…’
With that she turned away from Sarah and started walking towards the task she had left.
She had barely walked a couple of paces when she felt and hand grasp her shoulder. She was pulled back and Sarah was shouting in her face.
‘How fucking dare you walk away…. . you stuck- up cow!’
Lindsay didn’t have a chance to respond before Sarah had grabbed her hair and was pulling her around in small circles. With every yank of her hair came another insult or compliant. Lindsay tried to grasp Sarah’s hand with her own, but it was knocked away.

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‘Please stop…please stop…’ She begged.
Sarah was in mood for mercy. With no one else around to worry about she behaved like a woman possessed by a demon.
Lindsay made a quick move downward with her head and body. The surprise move made Sarah lose her grip. Lindsay made a run for the door. Sarah was by far the quicker mover despite her smoking. She managed to grab Lindsay by the back hem of her grey polo shirt and then span the young woman around. Her other hand then grabbed the back of the shirt between the shoulder blades. She found herself not only gripping the shirt but the bra strap of her victim. Holding firmly with both hands she continued to pull the young woman around. Lindsay tried to pulled away and back off. Sarah was not letting go. It was a good few years since she had fought with another girl. In fact the last time was at high school.

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   She found herself enjoying the adrenalin rush and the accompanying excitement.
Lindsay grabbed the front of her own shirt and bra to try and relieve the pressure of Sarah’s pulling. Thankfully her bra then came unfastened in the all the tugging and she no longer felt as though her chest was being crushed. She then felt herself falling away from Sarah’s vice like grip, as her shirt pulled up her back and along her outstretched arms. In seconds she was sprawled on the floor minus her top and bra. The victorious Sarah stood over her baring down garments in hand. Quickly Lindsay covered her bare breasts and cowered to the ground, her legs bent upward to hide her nudity.
Sarah saw that a nearby windows was open. She quickly run towards it and flung the top and bra out! Lindsay could only look on in amazement as her clothing disappeared out of the small window. Sarah now remembered the thrill of humiliating her enemies at school. It felt good to have that feeling back again. She looked down at the pathetic whimpering figure of Lindsay on the floor. She felt no pity.
Sarah launched herself forward and flung herself on top on Lindsay, knocking her on to her side. In seconds she had manoeuvred her onto her front.

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   Sarah straddled her face up her body. She took hold of her hair grabbing handfuls of it with both hands. Her fingernails caught her victim’s neck scratching her and drawing blood. She pulled her head back by the hair causing Lindsay to squeal. She then let go of her hair and twisted herself around. She now looked down on Lindsay’s rounded bottom. In a new surge of anger she placed her hands on both cheeks and then dug in her nails! Again Lindsay squealed. Sarah released her grip only to give her victim a little relief before attacking her delicate flesh again. Rage filled her. How she wanted to hurt her and humiliate her even further.
Sarah quickly stood up and Lindsay stayed where she was too scared to move. Sarah licked Lindsay’s legs open and stood between her ankles before crouching down. She teacher forward and then took a firm grip on the waistband of Lindsay’s blue jeans. In moments she was standing still holding onto Lindsay’s jeans. Like a ragdoll the young mum hung from her suspended waste.

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   Sarah was much stronger than she had imagined. Lindsay felt the buttoned fly undoing and she was flung around. Soon the jeans were sliding over her bottom, revealing her white and pink panties. Sarah kept her grip on the jeans as the slid down Lindsay’s legs. Soon she was able to pull them plus her trainers from her body. Lindsay lay face down trembling, wearing only her tiny panties and her ankle socks.
No sooner then Sarah had thrown the jeans aside she was attacking Lindsay again. She gave her bum and hard smack and then grabbed the waistband of her panties. Lindsay tried to hold on to them. Sarah responded with a few well-aimed punches to Lindsay’s arms and she gave in. The garment was then ripped from her body. Her rounded bottom was exposed. Sarah looked down on her work and was pleased.
Just what made her roll over the frighten young woman and then bit her nipples so hard, she did not know. She had never done that before, but it did feel good.


   She sat across her tummy gently flicking her victim’s tits and nipples whilst insulting her. She then turned around and grabbed a handful of her very bushy and unkempt natural pubes. Lindsay screamed for mercy and she viscously tugged at her hairy pussy. Sarah brushed the tufts of plucked curly pubes from her hands. Then without mercy jammed two fingers into Lindsay’s slit. She tried to close her legs and prevent the assault. Sarah was too strong and the fingers viscously entered her dry opening. Evilly she thrust her fingers deep inside her tight virgina. Lindsay yelped and begged her to stop. She ignored her feeble pleas and continued her assault, ramming her fingers all the more harder with every cry.
As her fingers continued to rape Lindsay’s now raw virgina, Sarah pondered what final humiliation could she inflict upon Lindsay? Various things entered her mind. She even pondered with the idea of gagging and binding her and taking her to a well known dogging site. She would let any passer-by use her! Finally she hit upon something that would give her a very rare pleasure whilst defiling Lindsay.   The one think Sarah loved was to be licked. Having her nipples and tits licked was good but having oral action on her pussy was the best.

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   Unfortunately her current boyfriend only got horny enough to do that at Christmas and other rare occasions. But when he did tease her pussy lips with his tongue and teeth she was soon in heaven. Finally he would find her clit and take it gently between his teeth and tug it, before liking it with the tip of his tongue.
It had been a good nine months or so since he had done that service for her. In fact he had been a rather poor performer in the sex department for many months. Sarah withdrew her now wet fingers from Lindsay’s gapping pussy and stood up. Hurriedly she pulled down her jeans and black thong to her ankles. She then knelt down beside Lindsay’s head.
‘Come here you bitch…I have something for you…’ She announced as she grabbed her hair.
Lindsay found herself being dragged by the hair towards Sarah’s open crutch. Sarah legs were bent upward and her legs were open, her ankles were pinned together by her jeans. Lindsay could see her neatly trimmed blonde pussy. A tiny strip of light-coloured public hair just covered her opening. With her free hand Sarah divided her own labia, exposing her pinkness. She then ordered Lindsay to start gently biting and kissing her pussy lips.


   Sarah yanked Lindsay by the hair until her face was pushed against her exposed slit. After a few more threats, insults and a couple of fierce slaps Lindsay complied wit her demands.
Lindsay had never tasted anything like it before as her tongue began licking her work-mate. As Sarah became more exited and wet the taste changed. Sarah lay back still holding onto a handful of Lindsay’s hair. She used her grip to guide Lindsay to every sensitive area. She let out various groans of pleasure as each lick stimulated her. Finally she guided Lindsay to her now engorged clit. Lindsay followed her instructions to the letter. She licked and nibbled her clit until Sarah exploded with lust and orgasmed. Lindsay’s face was already wet from all their collective bodily fluids. Sarah’s fierce orgasm further added to them. Her virgina squired forth a good deal of juice which seemed to fill Lindsay’s open mouth. Sarah released her grip and lay back gasping for breath. Lindsay sat up her mouth dripping from her own saliva and Sarah’s juices.

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Soon Sarah had recovered. She allowed Lindsay to recover her clothing. She particularly enjoyed watching her go outside via the fire exit to retrieve her top and bra. Fortunately for Lindsay no one was about. As Sarah pulled her own clothing back into place she warned Lindsay not to cross her again. Once dressed both young women completed their tasks and then went home. The next day at work Sarah found herself checking the work schedules, seeing when she would be working late with Lindsay again and began planning her next.

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