College roomates, Part II


    Later on in the night, I woke up to this strange noise. It wasn't coming from our room. I checked out over to Stephanie's bed, she wasn't there. Then, I saw the ajouning bathroom light on. I knew we shared a bathroom with two other girls next door. I opened the door, because the noises sounded as if someone was calling for help. I had no idea what fucking sick scene I was going to walk in on.
   Our neighbors were two freshmen female twins from the same town I grew up. Their names were Tracy and Kat. Nothing special to look at, except that they did have two; pussies, mouths, assholes, and two pair of tits guys. They did nothing for me and had nothing for me. However, as I walked into the bathroom there were all three of them. Lisa was just fucking tearing up Kat's asshole with that huge black cock. Kat's asshole was bleeding and Lisa was just fucking her harder and faster. Kat would be screaming if it where not for her sister gagging her with another strapon and fucking her mouth until she puked on the strapon. What made it it sick was the fact I was getting horny and found myself playing with my pussy.

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   The three of them knew I was there watching them and that I was masterbating.
   Each time Kat gagged on fake dick my heart jump from chest and my pussy oozed cum. This went on for an hour until Kat did something that turned me onto a woman like nothing else (it was also so sick and depressing). Kat started to piss all over Lisa and Lisa stuck her hand in it to take a drink. That made me even wetter and made ooze harder. Out of no where as Lisa was fucking Kat's asshole covered in blood. Kat began to take a shit while Lisa fucked her asshole. Moreover Tracy grabbed Kat's head and drove the fake cock down her throat and held there until she threw up. By now it was almost dawn and all three of them said we got class to go today. With that they cleaned each other up took showers together and went to class. I on the hand was sickened, in shock, turned on, and blown away.
   As the day of college cooled off I was strooling back to my dorm room. I had forgotten the events of this morning. I gave this guy a blow job inbetween classes. He had only flirted with mike for a moment and after class we were in the bathroom.


   His cock and cum were ok but it he had the stamina of a ox. Of course, I swallow because I had three other classes and I needed a dick for breakfast. It was a long walk back across campus to the dorm but it's great exercise for my legs and ass.
   When I got back to the dorm, I was tired and ready to relax. As I came in the door, their was Lisa on her laptop at her desk and naked. She was naked and fucking the chair. She had a suckion cup dildo attached to the seat. Let me tell you she was fucking it hard because her hair was soaked in sweat. "hello, Lisa",I said to her. "Hey Babe, do you wanna fuck this because my pussy is tired", she said. "No, I only fuck clean dildos or the real deals", I told Lisa. "Shits on you", she said. That was the end of our first Monday together. I told her I was tired and went to bed. I thought there in bed she finally stopped fucking that dildo that I could teach that slut a thing or two.

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   Later on that night I was woken up by Kat, Tracy, and Lisa. I was naked, tied down to the bed, and I ball/mouth restainst was in my mouth. Then, Lisa said, "from this point forward you're going to be another one of my fucking whores. Tonight, I will fuck you to make you mine and these two whores are yours just as they are mine", Lisa said. "Do you understand me BITCH!", she screamed in my ear. I nodded slightly but found out that was a wrong response. She leaped on top of me, poured hot wax on my nipples, bit hard on my clit, shoved a beer bottle end first in my pussy, and pulled it  out. "Girls untire her ankles and tie them to the front bed post", she instructed Kat and Tracy. As they did I did nothing to resist because I knew she would not fucking hurt me. However, I saw both Kat's & Tracy's pussies pouring with cum and they will be mine. Soon I saw this huge fucking fat fake dick attached to Lisa's strp-on. Soon I was in fear that she was going to fuck me wih that in my ass. Just then, I felt it slam hard into my pussy, it hurt so fucking hard I was crying in pain, my titties were boucing off my chin Lisa was fucking me so hard, and Kat was using a whip on Lisa's/my ass. However, I noticed something after ten or so minutes thepain was less and my pussy was pouring cum like volcano. Moreover, my muffled screams of pain turned into pleasure.

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   "Take out the mouth restrainst whores", Lisa said. With that I was moaning and wanting to scream out in pleasure. Lisa pulled out, "ok it's time to really fuck you and teach you that your mine" she said. They untied me and Lisa stood up against wall. "Show me that you can give me a blow job", Lisa instructed me to do. I got off the bed and the floor to my knees. I grabbed her cock that was covered with my cum and swallowed it to the balls. I started out to pull to lick her balls and penis tip. However, she said, "when I tell you to suck my balls I will until then fuck my cock with your mouth whore", she said. I'm cannot go from tip to base like a man fucks my pussy, however, hor her I'll try. I began slow and was working up the tempo, however, it wasn't to Lisa's liking. "You cannot do a BJ, you fucking bitch", Lisa said. She grabbed my head and without warning she started to fuck my mouth like she fucked my pussy, hard and fast. Not long after that I threw up. Lisa pulled out and gave me a breather, throat fucked me, I threw up, and we did this forever.

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   After what seemed like hours we went into bathroom.
   "I'm doing this because I love you, I look beyond & underneath the skin to see you, and I want us to be together forever. Kat/Tracy have themselves, we can have each other Babe, I love you, and this is how I express my love to you", Lisa said. As I stood over the sink washing my mouth out and regaing my composure. "OK, I'll buy your bull shit if you let me fuck you in the asshole so we can share this feeling of love of yours", I told Lisa. "If it means that much to you, then, my answer is yes whore", Lisa stared into my eyes while said it. "I'll tell them to clean up and let you rest so we can have our night together after classes tonight", Lisa said.
   After classes were over I went into town to sex shop. I asked this thirty something bitch a question. "I need a strap-on harness and the largest cock you got that will go on it". I told. "Well, lets try on some harnesses first", she said. "What kind of sex do you do? Dare I say, when your with your girl do you fuck her fast and hard or slow and easy", she asked? "I like to fuck so hard she cannot walk straight for a week", I this lady. "You need this harness then and how big of dick do you want, mam", she said? "The largest fucker you have in stock", I told her. "OK, I've got this new 22 in.

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   long and 2 1/2 in. diameter monster", she said. "I bye them both", I told her. All I could think about was tonight and how bad I wanted to fuck her her asshole with this monster.
    I will say this about how good she fucked me. Every time I got up, sat, walked, and/or took a piss my pussy felt like I just got fucked for the first time. Who needs a dick when my roomate can fuck me better and longer than a man can.
       Later on that night we met back at our dorm room. Lisa had on this fucking hot high heeled boots that rode right up her to ass. She had a latex  mistress costume suit on with; gloves, whip, chains, stra-on w/10 in vibrating black cock, hand cuffs, and tons of lube. "I think your the hottest mistress that any whore could ask for. I need to change and get ready for our night", I explained to Lisa. Moments later, I came out with super tight harness with 22 in. cock, dressed in white lace stockings, g-string, elbow length lace, lace bra that showed my silver dollar nipples, and a choke chain around my neck. .

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       When our eyes, my pussy was in so much pain from last night, however, I was  already wetter than last night.  
       "Tonight, I give you my heart, soul, and asshole for your pleasure. If you want to walk away from me, now is the time to speak my whore", Lisa said. "I want your heart, soul, and asshole, Mistress. I know tonight I get to control everything and I want to thank you Mistress Lisa. After tonight, I will be your one and whore that will be in your heart. I want you to know that your expression of love is conveyed to me in pure passion for me and us", I told her. "Thank you for understanding me, this is your night, and please FUCK WITH COCK OF YOURS OR i WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER WHORE!" Lisa screamed at me.
       As Lisa came at me I slapped across the face, threw her to the hard wood floors, her eyes were wide open as I stood over her stroking my cock. Lisa began to get up, I threw her against the bed, exposing her asshole, and I saw her drizzling with cum already. I reached between her legs to reach for clit. I grabbed five close line hangers, proceeded to violented stimulating her clits, and then pulled her clit out tight. I pinched eached close hanger open and then allowed each snap release on her clit. Lisa cried out with soft moans as each of the five hangers went on her clit. "Do you like that Mistress Lisa", I asked Lisa.

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       I just heard moans of pleasure. I squirted small amounts of lube on my fake cock. I used just enough to make it hurt less at the beginning. I shoved without care into asshole and as deep as I could on the first thrust. Lisa turned to say something, just then, I put the ball restainst into her mouth. I grabbed her hips and drove my hips as hard and fast as I could into asshole. Lisa just took it like a man and I fucked her for 45 minutes before I gave out. I looked down at her asshole and it was covered in shit and blood. I just fell to the floor from fatigue. What came next scared me.  

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