Dawn 7


I was in a date with Mai today. We were sitting on a bench in the park, eating together. I took a bite at my sandwich while she ate her ramen. We kept looking at our eyes with love, enjoying every moment. “I love you so much Mai” I told her. She smiled and answered “Me too!”. I wanted to have a date with her for a while now, and we finally had one. We kept eating our food until we were done, then we simply looked at the lake in front of us, holding hands. She rested her head on my shoulder as we both smiled.

I really was enjoying our day together… looking at the lake in front of the park. Ever since we became girlfriends… I have loved her more and more each day. I held her hand and she looked at me with her innocent face. I blushed and almost instinctively kissed her lips. We closed our eyes as the sweet kiss lasted for a while.

We stayed together for a while… hugging each other.

The next day we saw each other in school again.

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   Smiling to each other as we both entered the classroom. More classes and work we did there. Then after a while, the bell rang. “Finally!” I said. I exited the classroom with my girlfriend and headed down to lunch. I left her sitting on a bench while I went to get some food for us. “Stay right here, Mai!” I told her. I headed off and bough some breads and juice.

When I came back, I saw her staring at something. I walked up to her and looked to what she was staring at. It was a girl. A girl about Mai’s height which had light hair… an orange light hair. “She must be from the 3 – A class” I told Mai. “How do you know?” “I’m not assuring anything… but that room always has ‘different’ girls. ” “Different how?” she asked me again.

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   “They have that German girl, a bunch of blondes…” I told her. “Oh… I get it now” and she smiled.

We ate our lunches as we kept our eye on her. She seemed… special. For starters, her skin was light, but it had a certain ‘tan’ tone to it. But it looks quite natural. I think she was exposed to the sun often. Like I said before, she was about Mai’s height, maybe a centimeter or two smaller.

I think what stood out more from her… was her body. First of all there was her hair of course. A clear orange, that got along with her dark green eyes. Very dark. Her lips were common, but were pinkish. All of her skin was spotless… except for a little mole on her arm. At least that’s what it seemed from so far.

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   Her body itself… she was slightly chubby, but she was clearly fit. Her stomach for example looked quite strong.

Not only her stomach, also her arms and especially her legs. She was a bit chubby, but she was really fit. That was what surprised me the most. On a more sexual point… her butt was also quite big. Maybe not as big as Mara’s huge butt, but close… something like Sonia. Her breasts… they were also big, maybe around Mai’s size or a bit bigger. She really caught my attention too.

We finished eating and were still looking at her playing football… then the bell rang. We walked to our classroom, and could see she was heading to the room 3 – A. I was right. As we went into the class, Mai and I talked a bit about her. “She’s 14 then. A year younger than us.

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  ” I affirmed her. “She looked special” Mai told me. I giggled and looked at the clock. These were the last classes for the day.

After I walked Mai home that day, I decided to pay Rin a visit. I was going to ask her to lend me a movie. I walked towards her house, looking at the sky. I was happy… remembering my Mai. Before I knew it, I was looking at Rin’s house. I got close to it and knocked her door a few times. No one answered. Maybe Rin still hadn’t got home or went to someone else’s house? I tried opening the door… and it opened. It was strange, the door is always locked.

I thought I shouldn’t go in… it would be uneducated. But I thought it would be okay to take a quick look.

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   I felt a bit bad… but I still stepped in trying to make zero noise. I closed the door behind me silently. I checked around the living room a bit… It looked like the family was playing board games last night because there was one scattered around. But when I got closer to the living room, I heard a sound. It came from one of the rooms and it sounded like a wood being hit. I followed the sound.


I got closer to the room… it was the room of Rin’s brother: Eiburu. It started to sound… like moans? I opened very slightly, just enough to peek in. It was Eiburu and Mara. I gasped a bit. They were completely naked on top of the bed… Mara was on all fours, while Eiburu was kneeled behind her, fucking her pussy. Eiburu was holding her hips and all Mara was doing was just moaning.

Eiburu’s fit body was banging Mara’s hairy pussy. His semi-long, light brown hair was moving back and forward along with his body. It looked like they had started a while ago since the bed was already wet.

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   Mara then pressed her chest against the bed and lifted her ass up. That let Eiburu move his hands to Mara’s ass, squeezing it while he kept fucking her.

Mara was moaning really loud now, her pussy was clearly being fucked really deep. Eiburu then took his cock out and rubbed it against Mara’s clit, rubbing her ass with his hands. “Keep fucking my pussy!” Mara ordered. Eiburu smiled a bit and slammed his cock all the way into her again. This made Mara scream a loud yelp.

Mara too began to press her ass against her boyfriend. Slapping her big ass against Eiburu’s hips as he fucked her. Eiburu himself sped up more, hitting the deepest her could into her. He moved his hand down to her thighs so he could pull harder. He started to pant while Mara was still moaning loudly. “I’m coming…” Mara barely moaned out. “I’m about to come too!” is what Eiburu answered her.

After more thrusting, Mara’s moans got louder and I could notice how she pressed her hips back against Eiburu and reached her climax.

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   Eiburu pressed his’ against Mara’s ass and began to come too. Pressing hard against each other. I bit my lip and realized I could be seen anytime.   So I stood up fast and walked out of the house quietly, as fast as I could.


I thought to myself how hot they looked together as I walked to my house, a bit horny. I was blushing, walking fast to my house. I didn’t take a lot to arrive, still thinking about it… I opened the door and went inside, sitting on the sofa. I thought about things for a bit, but it didn’t take long for me to hear knocks on the door.

I got up and moved to open the door, wondering who it was. It was Tai, and I think he arrived in the best moment. I told him to come in and he walked inside. I walked him to my room after I told him I wanted something. Once we were in my room, he asked “What do you need?”. “You came in the best moment” I told him. He opened his eyes a bit and I said “Please fuck me.

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  ” He smiled, liking the idea. “Sure” he said.


He stepped in, taking my breasts in his hands, still inside my clothes. He began to rub them, moving his lips close to mine and kissing me. He kept kissing slowly and his hands moved below so he could begin to take my blouse off. He dropped it on the floor and his hands started to squeeze my breasts in my bra again. He knew I liked having my boobs touched so he always started off handling them.

Before I noticed, he was unclasping my bra and dropping it on the floor. He didn’t waste any time and began to pull my tits against his face and suck them hard. For a bit I thought having them this big could be good. He licked all my breasts before he focused on my nipples… sucking them the hardest he could.

    This instantly made me moan… and get really wet.

    I began to pull off my skirt and then my panties, so I could be completely naked. He decided to take his bottom clothes off, his pants and then his underwear too. This game me some to lie on the bed, on my back.

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       He climbed on top of me… sitting just above my stomach. He positioned his hard cock just between my tits and told me to squeeze them.

    I squeezed my boobs together, wrapping his cock completely. “Your tits are so good for this…” he said with a pleasured voice. I kept my boobs tightly wrapped around his cock while he began to thrust his hips slowly. “Mmm…” was all I heard him say. He kept thrusting his cock between my boobs and he suddenly started to pull my nipples.

    He pulled a bit hard as I squeezed; his thrusting getting faster and deeper. The tip of his cock was sticking out a bit each time he thrusts forward… so I stick my tongue out and lick the tip each time it gets near my mouth. He sped up more, each time his breathing becoming heavier. “Rie…” he told me… and I noticed he was coming. I opened my mouth as he kept thrusting… then suddenly he reached his orgasm. Various squirts of semen splashed between my breasts and in my mouth, slowing his thrusts down until he finished coming.

    He got off me and sat on the bed, resting. I swallowed what I had in my mouth and left my boobs covered in come, then I turned around and got on all fours, just like Mara.

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       I smiled back at him and he told me “Oh just like that baby…”. He kneeled behind me, rubbing his cock against my clit to get it hard again. “Bang me, Tai” I told him to make him smile.

    He moved his now-hard cock in front of my entrance and slowly pushed it in. I sighed and he began to move his hips back and forth. He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me each time he thrust in. Then I began to moan when his thrusts got faster and deeper, sliding in and out my pussy. He thrust harder and made me moan even louder.

    He thrust in really hard each time, making my hanging boobs swing. My ass was making a lot of sound while it slapped against his hips, making him sigh. I closed my eyes, feeling my arousal become even bigger. He moved his hands to my tits, pulling them back and making my back arch, pressing it against his chest. “I love your melons, Rie” he said, making me blush. I moved my hands up to grab a bit of his hair, feeling his hips hit against my ass and his hands squeezing on my boobs. He kept pressing me against his chest, squeezing and fucking me really good.



    I really couldn’t hold back any more… and felt myself getting hotter and hotter. His thrusts just get faster, hitting me really deep, squeezing my nipples between his fingers as he squeezed my whole tits. My moans turned into screams and I began to come, feeling my pussy clench hard. He kept thrusting a few times more, and then I heard a sigh from him and a hard thrust into me. I began to feel him come inside me. Feeling many hot squirts of his seed, filling me up slowly. He let me go and I rested on the bed, with him inside me until he emptied himself inside me. He rested beside me after that.


    The day later… we came back to school. Mai and me kept staying together, while the 3 – A girl kept catching our attention. She was really sporty, which probably explained his strong body. It was nice watching her play, as she did very well. Days kept passing, and we were on the last months of our year. Winter was coming soon too, but first we would have to face the dryness of the fall.

    Before all that, though… more things happened.

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       We got a chance to talk to that 3 – A girl and Eiburu began to get closer to some of us. Mara let him, just as he let her. Tai also got to know another of my friends and I myself got more time to spend with my girlfriend. Things were really becoming bigger.

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