Dianne Gets a Job


"Yes it is. It sounds like a job I would very much enjoy doing. " Dianne answered getting very excited. Jessica then arranged a time for an interview and gave the address. The interview was for tommorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock sharp. Jessica made sure to to let Dianne know that she did not like tardiness. Knowing that looks were important to this job, Dianne dressed in a very tight black mini skirt with a nice white blouse and black jacket to make herself look profesional. She put on her sexy black panties and matching bra to make herself feel sexy inside. She arrived at the small office building right on time. Entered the office and was greeted by a beautiful pettite Asian girl named Kim. Kim was 5' tall 100 pounds with nice b cup breasts. She had on a tight fitting red sleevless sweater and Dianne was sure she was wearing no bra. She also had on a white skirt. "You must be Dianne. I am Kim and this is Brandi. " Kim said pointing to a beautiful black lady coming towards them.

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   Brandi was taller than Dianne at 5'8" she had huge 40dd breasts that were barely contained in the blouse she wore with the plunging neck line, She wore a gold skirt that should her legs off nicely. Dianne shook both girls hands " Nice to meet you. " Before she let go of Brandi's hand the door at the far end of the room opened. Through the door walking towards them came a very tall red head. She was 6' tall 130 pounds. She was wearing a tight fitting red dress with gold sparkles in it. The dress brought out the red in her hair the green of her eyes. This woman demanded attention when she entered the room and got it. All three young ladies were watching her cross the room towards them. At 40 years old she looked like she was 20. Her sexy long legs showed nicely as the dress was short. Although the dress had a turtle neck collar you could still see her 34 c cup breasts through the tight fabric. "Hello Dianne. Thank you for being on time. My time is precious and I won't have it waisted.

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  " she said in that sexy voice that Dianne had remebered over the phone. "Please lets go into my office where we can talk and I can get to know you better. " She turned and headed back for the office with Dianne's eyes falling on the beautiful ass under the red dress. Dianne had never looked at a woman in the way she looked at Jessica. She could feel heat and dampness in her crotch. The entered the large office with the desk at the far end and a lounge area off to the the left side. The lounge area had two arm chairs and a couch as well as a bar in the corner. It had a big screen tv as well as a white board and screen for showing slides. Dianne looked in awe at the office and knew that Jessica's business was doing well. Jessica walked over and sat in one of the arm chairs in the lounge area. "Have a seat," Jessica said pointing to the other arm chair. " I have said before my time is important so I am going to tell you the part about this job that makes it unique as well as the salary you will start at working for me. The uniqueness of it forces me to pay rather handsomely. Your salary will be the same as Kim's and Brandi's. You will make $120,000 a year.

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   Dianne's mouth fell open. That was three times what she could make with her degree just starting out. "Ok,that sounds realy great and scary at the same time. I guess I should wait for the other shoe to fall huh?" "Your a very smart girl Dianne. The other part of it is that I will own you the 40 hours you are here. " she said getting very seruios. "I work very hard and spend alot of time here at the office. That leaves me no time for a social life. I am a woman and I have desires and pleasures that I need too. So I have the people that work for me also take care of those desires and I have my pleasure with them. If this is something that offends you in anyway get up now and leave my office. "Jessica said as she opened her legs to reveal to Dianne that she had no panties. Dianne sat there. She wanted the job more than Jessica could know. She wanted to please Jessica and give herself totaly to her.

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   She had never had any desire to touch another woman. Never kissed another woman with any kind of passion at all. All she wanted to do at that moment was stick her face under Jessica's beautiful red dress and taste the nectar between the lips of her most femine place. But all she could muster to say was "I have never been with a woman before. "Jessica laughed a sweet adorable laugh. " Come here Dianne. Stand in front of me. "Jessica stood as did Dianne. Jessica removed the jacket that Dianne had worn to look proffesional. Unbuttoned each button on Dianne's blouse. Reached around her to undo an remove the sexy black bra that she wore only to make herself feel sexy. Jessica then got down on her knees and reached up to pull the panties down that matched the bra. She ran her fingers across Diannes moistened pussy lips sending a shudder of excitment through her. Jessica grabbed a handful of the pubic hair that Dianne kept nicely trimmed and said "You will shave yourself bald for me. I don't like pubic hair in my mouth.

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  ""Ok Jessie," Dianne said. A mistake she would regret. Jessica stood up. Her eyes were stern. She slapped Dianne hard across the face. "You little bitch. How dare you get so informal with me. I am your boss. I own you. You will learn that disrespect will get you into nothing but trouble. " She then took both of Dianne's arm and through her on the couch. The went behind the bar abd pulled out a small box. Dianne layed over the arm of the couch with her bare ass in the air not daring to move. Jessiac pulled a paddle out of the box and showed it to Dianne. "You are learning early what happens to my girls when they make a mistake or displease me.

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   You will call me Miss Jessica. Is that clear. ""Yes Miss Jessica. " Dianne said scared and excited with the thought that she was about to be paddled. She was never spanked as a child and so this would be her first time. Jessica stood in front of Dianne and removed her dress. She was wearing nothing underneath. Her pussy had not a hint of hair to it and her breasts showed no singns of sagging. She then walked behind Dianne and whacked her hard on the ass with the paddle. Dianne let out a small cry as tears started to fall down her face. The second whack came then a third. By the fifth whack Dianne was all out balling her eyes out sobbing like a school girl. Laying there waiting for the sixth whack she felt fingers entering her cunt. It was such a contrast to what she just felt that she moaned with pleasure. The expert hands of Jessica worked her into a frenzy.

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   Dianne was lifting her hips and driving them back down to press against Jessica's fingers. Untll she finally screamed and came harder than she had ever come before. Harder than with any guy she had sex with. Harder than she had ever made herself come before by herself. Jessica removed her fingers and sat down back in the armed chair she sat in when they first entered the room. "Crawl to me and eat me, my sweet Dianne. "She said in a voice that was hot and breathy and stll very sexy. Dianne in almost a collapsed state from ther orgasm she just experinced, crawled off the couch and over to her misstress' open pussy. She stcuck her tongue in and licked up and down. She licked Miss Jessica's clit as moans drifted through the air. She felt the wettness of Miss Jessica's pussy growing. Then all of a sudden Dianne felt hands on the back of her head forcing her face into the pussy as a flood of juices flowed out and on to her toungue and all over her face. Dianne colasped onto the floor and Jessica just sat there for several minutes. Both trying to regain there composure. Jessica was the first to speak as she stood up.

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   "Dianne you have the job if you want it. I think you will be a nice addition to our team. You will report her at 8 o'clock tommorow morning. I expect you to always wear a skirt except during your period, and I expect you to have your pussy cleaned shaven. "Miss Jessica I accept this job and all its responsibilities. " she said laying on the ground looking up at the beautiful tall red head. Dianne got dressed, gave Jessica a passionate french kiss good bye and walked out the office door back into the lobby where Kim and Brandi were waiting. Jessica stood in the door way of her office still completly nude. "Girls, say 'Hi' to your new co-worker. "Kim walked up to Dianne and planted her lips on her. Stuck her toungue in her mouth giving her a passionate french kiss. Brandi did the same thing right after Kim was done. Brandi also pulled up her skirt and grabbed a handful of each of Dianne's butt cheeks. Dianne walked out the door turned and gave a wink to her two new co-workers and her naked boss. "I am going to enjoy working here.

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  " She smiled and headed for her car to drive home. A smile she thought would never leave her face. To be continued. . . . . . . . .
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