Driving While Naked



I guess everyone has their own way of escaping the rat race. I thought
that I would tell you how I'get away' from the hussle and bussle of the corporate
world. Ireally get a kick out of reading your magazine, the 'Letters' section is the
first page I turn to when I receive it in the mail. There are some very hot stories in
every issue, and I've even tried out some of the ideas. I especially enjoy the stories
about DWN, or Driving While Naked.
I was hooked on DWN years ago in another place and time, when I used to
go 'mud riding' with my brother and his girlfriend. At that time the weekend thing
was to get a dozen or so of the neighborhood off roaders together and ride in the
woods in 4x4's. There were often times when there would be more of us girls than
would be guy's. We would load up in back of those big trucks and play follow the
leader through the woods. So after a few trips home caked from head to toe with
mud, the girls decided one hot summer day to have the guys drive into a creek so we
could wash off the mud. So there we were, in the creek washing the trucks, and
washing ourselves, and one dare leads to another, it didn't take long before all of us
girls were running a nude car wash so to speak.

My brother was two years older than I was, but he didn't even try to stop
me from having so much fun. It was his girlfriend that started stripping first in the
creek. Some weekends my brother would have to work and could not made the ride,
so he would let me and his girlfriend take his truck mud riding. It was on the rides
when there would be a truck load of naked girls having a blast, that I fell in love with
DWN. A few years later, the family moved to another state, and I had a whole new
world to explore, naked.

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I have been driving naked ever since, though not only in the woods, but on
the pavement too. I own a Jeep Renagade, rag top, big mudder tires, roll bar, brush
guard, the works. I maintain my tan by riding through the back country in my
birthday suit, just snap the top loose and fold it down, and presto, rolling sun deck. A
lot of people ask me when they see my ride, "you drive that Jeep", or "is that yours",
because its much bigger than I am. I'm about 5'7", 125lbs. brunett, brown eyes, and
a nice medium dark tan covers every inch of my 36-26-36 frame, I keep all body hair
off, and I love the way the wind feels as it rushes across my
C-cup breasts, my nipples are at least a half inch long when I'm excited.

I work in an office that researches land surveys for the county, which in turn
colllects bids on development for a number of general contractors. So once or twice a
week, I drive out and write a report on land thats come up for bid, and how do I do
it?, naked of course. One weekend, I was to check out a large parcel of land, so I
called Brandy, the girlfriend that was, is now my sister in law, we get along great, and
are quite close, to see if she wanted to go along for the ride. She said that Brad my
brother was leaving that afternoon on a two day business trip, I was going over and
pick her up, go back to my place, and we would head out in the morning. Brandy and
I are a lot alike, we are about the same size, we are the same age, her hair is a little
darker than mine, and we wear the same size clothes, she also shaves her cunt too.

Brad was leaving as I pulled up, we said good bye and I went into the house
to see if Brandy was ready to go. She was just out of the shower and drying her hair
when I walked into the room, her being completly naked was no surprise, we have
saw one another naked a million times, she is a beauty, clothes or no clothes. I
asked her if she was ready, "Do I look ready", she said, while 'striking a pose', sure I
said, lets go, she looked at me with that smirk of hers and said "You don't think I
will?", I said I will if you will.

We looked at one another a couple of seconds, and at the same time we
both said 'crop top', that was something we hadn't done in a while, ride around town
in nothing but a 'crop top', with the top on the Jeep down and the doors removed.


We were off, its about 20 miles back to my place, I live on one side of town and Brad
and Brandy live on the other. The city isn't very large, maybe 12 red lights, there's
only one medium sized shopping mall and a few burger places. It was a Friday night,
the sun was down and the street lights were on, most people don't even know we are
there, Brandy said to stop at a drive through and buy a coke, that was her dare.

So I pulled up to the speaker and ordered two large cokes, now the Jeep
was higher off the ground than a standard truck, so who ever was at the window was
going to get a nice look at our naked asses, we were tingling with excitment. Up to
the window we went, it was perfect, a Woody Allen looking nerd walked up to the
window holding two large drinks and said "that will be a $1. 25", I said let me get my
change, so I slid my right leg up in the seat and stood on my knee with my ass to the
window as I reached over to the glove box for the money, I could feel the warm
summer air on my ass and my pussy lips parted from the position I was in. Brandy
reached through my legs and slid her finger down my butt hole and through the crack
of my cunt, and said to the guy "doesn't that look good"?Just as she said that we
heard the swoosh of the drinks as they crashed to the ground, I jumped back in my
seat and said 'never mind' as we drove off, laughing our ass off.

Back on the road out of town to my house, we were still laughing at that
poor fellow trying to explain the mess he had made in that window. Brandy said that
was the best dare yet, being naked in the woods is just a given, but in public, its an
absolute thrill. Getting closer to the house, now with our tops off too, there was a
very well lit intersection to go through and usually very busy on a Friday night. I
asked Brandy if she wanted to do the intersection, she said "total skin", it would be a
long shot not to have to stop, just thinking about it made my nipples stand at
attention. As we were waiting for the light to change, someone blew their horn and
whistled out the window, what a thrill, Brandy leaned over and wrapped her tongue
around my right nipple, I almost dumped the clutch, I believe my knees buckled.

The light changed and we were off, it was chaos, all you could hear was
horns blowing, cat calls from everywhere, people were flashing their lights at the
naked girls in the Jeep. It was only a couple of miles to my house at that point, so
Brandy went to the back of the Jeep to start snapping the top back in place, at the
first side road I pulled over and we finished buckling the top down. As we were
entering the complex where I live I asked Brandy if she had ever touched a womans
pussy before, she said "sure its no big deal, you'd be surprised what goes on the
dorms at uni, but not a stranger, Sherry, she said, don't we love one another?, I mean
we're not strangers", thats right I replied, but I guess I'm just curious, "it can be
wonderful" she said.

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I pulled up to the garage door and said you get the door, my remote is
dead, Brandy started to step out, "should I put on something?" she asked, nahh no
ones watching I giggled. She raised the door and turned on the lights and I pulled in,
I have to stop just inside the door so I can stand on the back bumper to reach the
door handle and pull it down, I think there is supposed to be a rope or something, but
its gone. Brandy in a loud voice, said "how do you close this damn door?", stand on
the bumper, I snapped back, she climbed up on the bumper and grabbed the handle,
"hold me up" she giggled, I reached between her legs and placed my hand over her
cunt, saying I got you as she pulled down the door enough to reach it from the floor.
She stepped down with one leg, leaving the other one up on the bumper, this opened
her butt cheeks and cunt lips very wide, so I slid my finger down her butt hole and up
through her pussy lips as she had done to me at the drive through. "Oohh, that will
be a $1. 25" she whispered as she dropped her other leg down. Here you go, I said,
and I leaned over and caressed her nipple with my tongue, "aahh, did that feel good
at the intersection?" she gasped. Absolutely, I replied.

After a good nights sleep, I ate breakfast and started loading the Jeep as
Brandy finished her toast. I always take a couple of cameras on my rides, because
you never know what you might see in the bushes. I was only wearing an old ex
boyfriends flannel shirt, and it wasn't buttoned up. The door from the kitchen opened
and Brandy walked into the garage in 'total skin', as she calls it. I caught myself
thinking how damn fine looking she was, when she walked up to me and opened the
shirt I was wearing, it's his loss Sherry, the shirt looks alot better on your fine ass
anyway, she pushed her tits to mine like she was going to give me a hug, and said
good morning as she kissed me on the lips. Good morning, what was that for, I
asked. "Nothing, theres no one else to kiss good morning, I used to kiss you all the
time, are you too old to be kissed now?", she asked.

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  Of course not I replied, you get
the rest of the stuff loaded and I'll check out the Jeep, "OK", she said.

I inspected the tires, checked the air pressure, and now under the hood
checking all the vital fluids, I was thinking about what she said. And I came to the
conclusion that she was right. Like I said, we've always been very close, and yes, she
has always kissed me on the lips, she would pat me on the butt, hell we used to give
one another pointers about shaving, and would show each other just how we did it.
I mean it was just girl stuff, but now, its not just girl stuff. Theres something different
now, maybe I'm just more aware, theres a spark to it now, the energy is stronger,
when she touches me now, its hot and passionate. The love between us, seems to
some what of an attraction, much more intimate and sexy.

Brandy was walking around the front of the Jeep as I closed the hood, she
patted me on the ass as she asked "are we ready to go, I can't wait till we are in the
bushes". I said, Yes dear, and I have our shorts and tops in the seats, Brandy had
one leg in her shorts as I walked by, I reached out and patted her fine little ass. I
backed out on the apron and we dropped the top down. We were off to the bushes
for another wild ride, the parcel was about 30 minutes from the complex. There was
only one road in and one road out, and that road has a locked gate on it to keep out
trespassers. Once inside the gate and it locked, we rode down the road until the gate
was out of site. As I locked the brakes, we screamed 'total skin', and stripped down
to our tennis shoes, we clipped our shorts and crop tops to the dash board and took
off. Here we were again, doing some classic D W N.

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  I reached over and popped the
buckles loose on the windshield and folded it down on the hood. Brandy stood up and
put her feet on the back of the seats and leaned back against the roll bar, that puts
you in a kinda of spread eagle position, her pretty pink pussy filled the rear view
mirror as she ran her fingers up and down its lips. I nearly ran off the road watching
the small lips of her cunt unfold and open up to expose her clit, she had a big clit that
stuck out between her fingers.

I slowed down to a crawl and shifted to first gear, I yelled out 'copy cat' and
stood up with my feet on the edges of the seat, Brandy sat down in the seat between
my legs and looked up and back at me, my cunt was actually touching her nose, she
pooched out her lips and I could not resist. I was going with it this time, I leaned
forward, Brandy pressed her lips against my pussy and tickled the crack with her
tongue, I almost melted and ran into the floor. She said "are you ready", I jumped
into position, now my cunt was in the mirror, and I rubbed it so my inner lips would
unfold and my clit get some air. Brandy started doing a cat call while pointing at the
mirror, we were having a blast.

Just up ahead were cross roads, I slid down off the roll bar and pulled the
map from the bag as Brandy stopped the Jeep. She asked where we were, and I
showed her our position on the map. I wanted pictures ofthe rock ridge and the lake
that drains into a waterfall. I said we go straight to see the ridge, she said "alright,
you drive", and she stood up in the seat with her feet on the edges and I sat down
between her legs this time, I looked up and back, with my nose touching her cunt I
said 'copy cat', smiling she said, "ooh yes" and leaned forward, I pressed my lips
against her pussy and slid my tongue into her slit and wiggled it back and forth. She
whimpered like a puppy, and threw her leg over me, hopping back to her seat and off
we were to the ridge.

The road wasn't as smooth as before, but I've drove a lot worse. Brandy
was standing up between the seats and I was watching her ass as she was trying to
dance to the radio and bouncing aound. As I said before, I was going with my urges,
so I reached over and run my finger down the crack of her ass.

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  She smiled back at
me and squatted down beside my seat, "isn't this a blast" she yelled out, I yelled back yes, then she pushed up my arm and I laid it across her back. She cupped my right breast in her hands, holding it as it bounced, she reached up and pulled the shifter down out of gear. We stopped and I pushed the parking brake down and she looked up at me and kissed my nipple and covered it with her mouth, it was hot and wet and she sucked on it while she twirled
her tongue around. I moaned oohh shit Brandy, I love my titties sucked, she said,
"uummhhuumm", and stretched out my nipple with her lips and then let pop back into
place. "I just couldn't resist watching your beautiful titties bounce and wanting to
taste them so bad", she said as she stood up, no problem, I loved it, I replied.

She winked at me and said, "lets get to the ridge so we can munch on some
lunch" and bounced into her seat, to the ridge I yelled, and took off. About fifty yards
farther down the road, we could see a clearing in the forest ahead. We were at the
ridge, it was a spectacular view of the valley below. We must have been a hundred
feet above the trees below us, the rock looked like granite as it followed the crest of
the foot hill.
I turned the Jeep around and parked in the road, you never know, in case it doesn't
start, I can let it roll and start it with the clutch. We opened the cooler and got out
the sandwiches and drinks. Brandy said "lets walk out on the rocks and eat", I said
OK and followed her across the road to where the rocks led out to the huge boulders.
I was watching the sweet way her ass moved as she walked and said out loud 'what a
sweet ass', Brandy stopped and said "why thank you dear", and kissed me on the

We had finished our lunch and were looking around when we saw the lake.
It did have what looked like a spillway, "do you see a waterfall, I don't", Brandy asked
as she opened the bag of bubble gum and handed me a piece.

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  Well not from here I
don't, "smartass", she said as she took the bubble gum from my hand and peeled the
wrapper off of it. Well, do you I asked, "I guess not", she said while holding the gum
between the thumb and first finger in front of my mouth. I took her hand and slid the
gum and her fingers into my mouth, tickled her fingers with my tongue and sucked on
them. "Ooh shit that makes me cream", she whispered as she reached around me
with both arms and cupped my ass cheeks. I followed and reached around her and
had my hands full of her sweet ass cheeks. We were holding each other as close as
we could when our lips touched. Our tongues intwinded and I could feel her nipples
grow hard, I felt my nipples rub against hers as we swayed back and forth in the
warm breeze while sucking on each others tongues and lips. Brandy was so hot to
the touch, where she touched me, burned, our lips seperated, and we both inhaled
deeply to catch our breath. Looking into my eyes with our foreheads touching, Brandy
whispered, "Ohh Sherry, next time I'm not going to stop here", next time I'm not
going to let you I replied. It was the hottest kiss I've ever experienced.

We walked back and got into the Jeep, Brandy asked me how much dust
was in her hair. I told her that I had a bottle of shampoo in one of the napsacks, and
we could wash our hair at the lake. I fired up the Jeep and headed to the crossroads.
We were back to the turn off in no time, and on the road to the lake. I doubt twenty
minutes passed when we could see the dam of the lake.

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  As we got closer, the road
was washed out pretty bad from the run off of water. We reached the pond at the
base of the dam and stopped there. It was a large concrete wall with a spillway
about eight feet wide. The spillway was about twenty feet long from the top of the
dam, and did stop high enough to make a waterfall about ten or twelve feet from the
ground. The base was very thick at the bottom and looked like a long flight of stairs
as it narrowed at the top. Though it was no Hoover, there was a nice stream of water
falling to the ground, plenty to take a shower in.

Brandy got the bottle of shampoo out of the napsack and I grabbed the two
beach towels. We walked around the pond and made it to the edge of the dam. The
water was falling on a pad and then draining into the pond. It was the perfect
outdoor shower, the water was cool and felt great splashing against our skin. We wet
ourselves and Brandy pointed up at the top of the dam, "that looks like a deck up on
top, wanna go up and ckeck it out", sure I said, after we shower. She poured some
shampoo in my hand and I started lathering up my hair, I was rinsing when Brandy
said something about a bar of soap. I said use the shampoo and she pulled me back
out of the water. She squeezed some shampoo in her hands and started rubbing it on
my back. Reaching around me, she lathered up my breasts, then my stomach as she
rubbed her tits on my back.

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  She then dropped down on her knees and soaped up my
ass and the back of my legs, then turned me around and soaped the front of my legs.
She slid her hand between my legs, holding onto her shoulder I raised my left leg up
so she could lather up my pussy. I thought I was going to cum when she slid her
fingers back and forth across my cunt. Brandy new this of course, because she could
feel my leg twitch, "OK lets rinse" she said as she stood up.

I stepped in the stream of water, and she was pushing the soap ahead of
the water with her hands. She then sat down on the pad between my legs and pulled
me down into a semi squat above her face, "lets see if all the soap is off", she said as
she ran her fingers back and forth across my pussy and butt hole. I said your turn
Brandy, and took the bottle and squeezed the soap in little lines all over her body,
then rubbed it into a lather. She was as horny as I was, because when I started
stroking her pussy she gasped out loud. She stepped in the water to rinse as I rubbed
the soap off as she did me, I told her to get on all fours so I could make sure all the
soap was off. She raised her ass up high in the air and her pretty pussy opened up, I
slid my finger across her butt hole and down her cunt. "Is it all off", she asked, I think
so I said, and then I kissed her butt hole and stuck the tip of my tongue in it. She
squealed out "oohh my Sherry", then I stuck my tongue into her pussy and slid it up
and down her wide open crack. She screamed out "Oohh shit Sherry", and rolled over
on her back, I helped her to her feet and she cupped my face in her hands and
pressed her lips to mine and said "I want to eat you alive", out of the corner of her
mouth, I said 'well, eat me Brandy.

Pointing up to the ledge she said "lets check out the deck", lets go I
answered. We hung our towels around our necks and started climbing up the 'stairs'.

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We reached the top in a few minutes and was on the platform. What a great view
from here, I can't even hear the water splashing in the pond, I commented, "the hell
with the view, come here", Brandy said. I turned around and she took my towel and
spread it out on the deck, then took hers and did the same. She took off her shoes
and stepped into the center of the towels and held out her hands. I removed my
shoes also and walked over to her and stood face to face with her, and she put her
hands around my waist as she kissed me. I reached around her and slid my hands
down her back to her ass and started squeezing her ass cheeks. We were sucking
and biting on one anothers tongues, our nipples were rock hard and pressed together.
I was so hot, I could feel the juice ooz from my pussy as Brandy stretched my butt
cheeks open. She slid her tongue down my neck to my nipple and licked all the way
across to the other one. She reached between my legs and started massaging my
pussy with her hand from my clit to my butt hole, then pushed her fingers into my
dripping pussy. I gasped a deep breath, Brandy pulled her fingers from my cunt, her
entire hand was soaked with my juices, she smeared the juice over my nipples and
licked them clean.

Brandy then dropped to her knees, pulling me down with her, she laid back,
pulling me forward over her on my hands and knees, I kissed, licked, and sucked on
her nipple. She slid herself down and I raised up on my knees, reaching through my
legs with her arms she nudged me forward holding my ass with her hands. I stopped
when her head was between my legs, she pulled down on my ass, I spread my legs so
my pussy was wide open and right in her face, she kissed and licked me two or three
times and said, "your pussy is so hot and wet". I lowered myself even more, pinning
her head down on the floor with my pussy, she just groaned as I felt her tongue push
deep inside me, I was in orbit.


   She started shaking her head from side and I was
about to explode, I fell forward on my hands and raised up off her face, I rolled over
on my back to catch my breath. I was panting as I said, 'damn Brandy, I can hardly
hold it.

She rolled over and up on all fours over me, with that beautiful smile she
said, "you are delicious Sherry", then lowered herself down on top of me with my leg
between hers. We started to slowly hump against each others leg and giving deep
kisses to one another, I tasted my pussy on her lips, and licked my juice off of her
chin. I was holding her ass cheeks in my hands and spreading it wide as we were
grinding our cunts on each others legs. Brandys' pussy was so hot on my leg, I
pushed my finger into her ass hole and she gasped and moaned, "aah thats good in
my ass", I felt her juice running down my leg. I was red hot again, my clit was
throbing, I said, 'I want to taste you Brandy', she smiled and said "please do".
Pushing with her hands she slid down, holding her pussy against my leg, when her
pussy was on my foot she stopped to tongue and suck my clit. I wiggled my toes into
her crack and felt her juices run between my toes, she raised up on her knees. She
lifted my foot to her mouth and started licking her cunt juice off of my toes, she
pushed her tongue between each toe and sucked them one by one. My nipples were
so hard they were burning, when she took my little toe into her hot wet mouth I just
squealed out and pulled my foot down.

Brandy laid down on her back and pulled her legs up to her tits, she slid her
finger down her cunt and plunged two fingers in it as far as they would go. I rolled
over to her, lying on my stomach, her pussy was in my face and I kissed her hand as
she was grinding it into her hot hole. Shepulled her fingers from her cunt and I took
them in my mouth to suck the juices off, it was delicious, hot, sweet, and thick like
honey. Brandy then put her elbows behind her knees and pulled her legs back and
down to her sides.

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  This opened her pussy so wide the sun could shine into it. I
wasted no time, I slid my tongue up and down her sweet gash, pushing the skin back
around her clit made it stand straight up like a little dick.

I gobbled it up, holding it with my lips and whipping the hell out of it with my tongue.
Brandy was gasping and squealing while sucking on her fingers, I was running my
tongue from her clit down to her asshole. I plunged my tongue into her pussy as far
as I could push it in her. I felt her hot juice ooz up on my cheeks as I sucked up
mouthfuls of honey, swallowing every drop. "aahaahshit" Brandy screamed out, she
reached down and pulled back on her clit, I could see the little bead of cum leaking
from her lovely cunt hole, as I stuck my tongue in it. She was panting and saying "I'm
gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum", I said, let it go, cum baby,I stuck my thumb in her
pussy and my finger all the way in her asshole. She lifted her ass up with her
trembling legs and squealed out as she let it go, a stream of cum squirted out of her
pussy and hit me in the lips. She let out another squeal and another stream of cum
squirted out and into my mouth, my gosh it was hot as coffee, she grabbed my hand
and pulled me up on top of her. We kissed each other with her cum dripping off of my
chin, and sliding down running down her cheeks. I kissed and sucked her titties while
she cooled down.

Brandy rolled over, pushing me over on my back, she started rubbing my
cunt and said "oohooweeshit, that was wonderful, thats the hardest I've ever cum". I
told her how hot and sweet her pussy was as the cum squirted out on my face. "Lets
taste cum", she said as she sucked my nipples and slid her fingers into my cunt.


rolled me over onto my stomach and lay down between my legs, kissing my butt
cheeks. She spread my cheeks open and slid her tongue down my ass crack making
me gasp as her hot tongue raked across the hole. She was tickling my asshole with
her finger, then licking it hard with her tongue, I could feel the juice drip off my cunt
when she slid her fingers into in my ass. "What a sweet little butthole, I want to taste
the inside of it", she said, Yes I said, taste it, please. She pressed her lips against my
tight asshole, I felt her hot saliva and tongue pushing into it and wiggling around, I
squealed out as she pushed her tongue deeper and deeper while rotating her head

I had to roll over to keep from cumming, I put my elbows behind my knees
as Brandy had done and put my hands under my head to hold it up so I could watch
Brandy eat my pussy. "Ooh, what a buffet", she said as she kissed my clit and down
to my asshole. "Whatcha sweet little pussy want?", she asked as she slid a finger into
my butthole and started wiggling it deep in my ass. It wants you to eat it, I gasped,
"uumhuum", she replied as she buried her face in my cunt. Brandy was really rocking
my world, looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes while she was slurping up
my cunt juice. Curling her tongue around my swollen and burning clit, then sucking it
into her mouth. Brandy had a big tongue, she could almost choke you to death
shoving it down your throat, but it was wonderful to have it shoved deep in my pussy.
I was at the edge, I couldn't stand much more, I'm going to cum, I squealed, Brandy
said, "you gotta squirt me",Yes, Yes, make me squirt, I screamed. She placed her
thunbs on each side of my clit, pinched my cunt lips with her fingers and stretched it
back, making my cum hole stand out. I was shaking all over and huffing like a steam
engine when she pushed her tongue down under my clit.

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  I screamed yes, yes, she
pulled her head back just as the cum squirted in her mouth. The cum was so hot it
burned, she slid her fingers down my steaming gash and I felt my hot cum run down
and over my asshole. I've never been so wet, I let my legs fall to the pad, I was still
cumming. I pulled Brandy up on top of me and wrapped my legs around her ass,
grinding my pussy against hers and licking my cum off her chin.

Brandy started humping and grinding her pussy against mine, our clits were
rock hard as they raked over each other. Our pussy juices were blending and I was
soaked from my waist to my knees. With my legs draped over her back, she had hers
pulled up next to my sides. Brandy bit down on my shoulder and squealed in my ear,
we both gasped for air as we cummed together, I felt the flood of slick hot cum
washing over my pussy, gyrating her ass from side to side and across my trembling
cunt made our bodies quake with spasms like after shocks from a major earthquake,
it was bone jarring orgasms. Brandy rolled over beside me, "Hot Damn", she said in a
faint voice, Ooh yea, I answered, I was exhausted, our bodies were covered with cum
and still having little quivers in our leg muscles. It was absolute ecstasy.

We lay there a few moments and Brandy said she was starving, I was
hungry to, a good workout builds an appetite. We made our way to the bottom of the
dam and washed ourselves off. Munching down on more sandwiches, we fired up and
headed back to the highway. The afternoon sun felt great on my skin. We were back
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