East-West Relations


After spinning around quickly she said to her friend with a sigh, Oh, hi, Mindy, you’re not gonna believe it but they’ve lost my reservation!!! Really, Mindy asked, well, why not bunk down in my room, I’m sure the hotel won’t mind since they screwed up your reservation in the first place!!! The young man behind the counter, just happy that every thing was working out replied quickly, Of course you may stay in her room at no extra charge, do you want me to have a Redcap take care of your bags!?! Uh, no thanks, Mindy replied while pulling her bag behind her as she and Kimiko headed off to the elevator, we can manage just fine, thank you!!! While they rode up to the twenty third floor Kimiko commented, Thanks for coming to the rescue, hon, I don’t know what I’d have done without you!!! As the doors to the elevator slid silently open and the two young women made their way to room 2314, Mindy replied with a laugh, No problem, babe, I’m just glad to be of service, maybe next time it will be me who needs a favor!!!Once inside to the well appointed room, Kimiko flopped back down on the single queen size bed and said softly, God, am I beat, and my shoulders, oh man do they ever hurt!!! Here, Mindy offered, let’s get you out of those things and into the tub, what you need is a good soaking!!! You’re so right, Kimiko replied while slipping out of her blouse,that’s exactly what I need, a good long soaking in a tub full of hot water!!! She was just about to drop her skirt when Mindy gasped, My goodness, look at your shoulders, no wonder they’re sore, these straps are cutting into you like a sharp knife, here, let me help you get this contraption off of you!!! Kimiko just stood there quietly while Mindy undid her four bra catches, and after the last of them was lose, she gently shrugged her shoulders allowing the brutal garment to slip easily over her arms to the floor!!! Wow, Mindy whispered while massaging the deep indentations in Kimiko’s shoulders, you should do what I do and get a bra with super wide straps and padding!!!Come on, hon, Mindy said while leading Kimiko by the hand into the large bathroom, I always get a room with a hot tub so I can soak these tired muscles to sleep, let me run the water so you can start relaxing!!! Ten minutes later with the soothing jets of the whirlpool caressing her aching body, Kimiko lay back while Mindy gently massaged her shoulders and neck, and in her almost drug induced state, she didn’t even notice when the pretty dark haired flight attendant slipped over the edge and into the tub along side of her!!! Kimiko’s mind was floating off into space, when all of a sudden she felt the familiarsensation of having her large rubbery nipple being gently sucked by a very insistent mouth!!! W-what’s going on, she asked dreamily, I feel soooooooo tired!?! It’s just me, hon, Mindy replied softly, now you just lie back and let Mindy take care of your big fat nipples, okay!?! Mmmmmmmm, yes, Kimiko sighed while the water wafted all over her body, my nipples feel so nice, can you nibble a little bit harder!? While she was contentedly sucking away on Kimiko’s big nipples, Mindy couldn’t believe her good fortune!!! For the past year when ever she had see the cute little Asianshe had wondered just what it would be like to taste those magnificent mammaries, and now she was getting her chance and Kimiko was actually going along with it!!! For ten more minutes she sucked and nipped at the big titted little bitch’s nipples, and then as casually as she could she let her hand slide between the young woman’s firm thighs, and without so much as a word of warning, gently began fingering the aroused woman’s pussyuntil she had her on the brink of a stunning orgasm!!! You like that do you, Mindy whispered while driving her finger in and out of the neatly trimmed cunt, cuz you sure are wet!?! O-oh my, Kimiko groaned, what ever are you doing to me!!! I thought that that was fairly obvious, Mindy chuckled, but if you must know I’m fingering your little pussy to orgasm, how does that sound!?! G-good, the young woman gasped, I’m almost there, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, oh please, help me, get me off, suck my nipples and finger me!!!This must have been one of the times Kimiko was talking about when she was glad she had big tits, because the hot little cunt was on the verge of blowing a very hard cum right into Mindy’s insistent finger, but just at the last moment, when she was sure that she was going to go, Mindy slipped between Kimiko’s legs, and buried her face into the muffy of the startled young woman!!! Oh my fucking god, Kimiko moaned, t-there it is, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck is that good, I’m cumming all over your face, ohhhhhhh, I’ve never cum so hard in my entire life!!! Mindy couldn’t get enough of the hot little pussy, and in the next few minutes she ate the hot pussied little bitch to two more quaking orgasms that left the poor girl shaking and gasping for breath!!!Now my turn, Mindy said gently while guiding one of her giant nipples into the stunned little Asian’s mouth, Mindy needs some too, baby!!! They really looked like Mutt and Jeff, these two flight attendants, with Kimiko the tiny little Asian and Mindy the Amazon like American who must have weighed in at two hundred pounds!!! Kimiko’s whole body rested easily on Mindy’s big round tummy and nursed quietly at her incredibly large breast!!! Mmmmmm, that’s my good little girl, she sighed, you know just how to make mama feel like a pussy!!! For the next fifteen minutes the two women luxuriated in the gently bubbling waters of the hot tub, until Mindy, now in a state of near sexual delirium, hoisted her fat ass up onto the edge of the tub, and after pulling the cute little Asian up to her, kissed her deeply on the lips and then whispered, My clit is absolutely on fire, do you think that you can put it out!?! Kimiko gave Mindy’s nipple a little bite as she slid down between her legs, and after taking a deep breath full of her aromatic pussy, she pressed her mouth forward until it contacted her huge hairpie!!!G-good fucking god, Mindy shuddered as the insistent tongue slithered out and found her overly distended clitoris, y-you’re fucking amazing, oh yes, eat my pussy, ohhhhhh, do me, suck me off!!! Kimiko never in her life had eaten a pussy, and Mindy’s was about as big and fat as it could get and incredibly intoxicating!!! Mindy cupped her huge tits and pulled a big nipple to her mouth while sucking hungrily on the bright pink nub!!! Her big round belly shook like a bowl of Jell-o as an orgasm of epic proportions began quaking out of control in her big cunt while the hot mouthed Asian devoured her like a hot plate of sweet and sour pork!!! Oh my god, Mindy gasped as her climax ebbed gently from her body, you are a fucking wonder, talk about improved east-west relations, they oughta try this out between Washington and Tokyo, screw the diplomats, just let the women suck each other off!!Kimiko just giggled as she hopped out of the tub to dry off, and later, as they both slipped into bed, Kimiko lost herself once again in Mindy’s huge chest as they both slipped quietly off to sleep!!!THE END

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