Extra Work


Extra WorkIt had been a long basketball practice for Anna. She had worked hard all practice and her body was tired and she was glowing with sweat. She and a few other girls had stayed after for extra work, but had no returned to the locker room. A sweet and salty mix of feminine odor filled the humid air of the locker room. Most of the girls quickly changed and left the locker room, but Anna lingered. She sat at her locker ready to change, when Mandy, a slender girl with brown hair and an intrigueing smile came over to change down the row from Anna. There was something about her that Anna couldn't explain, something that pulled at her insides and made her warm. Anna would sometimes lose focus in practice because she was mesmerized by the way Mandy moved. Mandy had a fit body, legs sculpted and a fit stomach. Anna wanted that body for herself, but perhaps wanted that body on Mandy as well. Mandy removed her sweaty t-shirt and threw it on the ground. Standing there in her sports bra and shorts, Anna could feel her body begin to tingle. Mandy's soft curves entranced Anna, but she tried not to stare. Mandy turned her body away from Anna and bent over to pick a towel out of her bag. Watching Mandy's round ass taught against her shorts, Anna could feel her pussy begin to twinge with excitement and let out a short quick breath. Mandy seemed aware of Anna and quickly stood up holding her towel.

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   She rubbed her head, her neck, and moved the towel to wipe her glistening sports bra. Seeming to do more than just dry herself with rubbing Mandy quickly glanced at Anna and saw the intrigue in her eyes. Anna had removed her shirt, but had forgotten a towel. Mandy glanced at Anna and much to Anna surprise spoke, "Do you wanna use my towel?" Anna, amazed, couldn't get the words out, only nodded her head. Anna began to wipe her head and neck and caught Mandy's scent on the towel. As Anna finished, she went to hand Mandy her towel and noticed Mandy had removed her shorts as well. The girls almost never took off their shorts in the locker room, they simply walked out in their shorts. Mandy seemed to blush a tad and squeeked, "Sometimes I need to dry off more than just my upper body. " Mandy grabbed the towel and began to dry her pale, supple stomach and moved down wiping her apparently wet pussy. When she finished, Anna had gotten about all she could take, but to top it off, Mandy offered the towel back to Anna. Hannah took it, removed her shorts and did just as Mandy had, rubbing the towel against her soft pubic mound. Anna was wet not just from practice but from the way Mandy seemed to be teasing her. "You're a wet girl too I guess," Mandy giggled. "Turn around, I'll wipe your back" She offered. Anna quickly turned to oblige.

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   Mandy began to rub Anna's back with the towel, softly probing Hannah's back. Mandy's hands moved around to Anna's arms and around to her sides. Mandy probed the sides of Anna's ample bosom. just grazing the side of her small, round breasts. Mandy's hands prodded down Anna's sides till they reached her round, perfectly firm butt. Mandy's hand began to lose contact with the towel. She rubbed Anna's waiting cheeks until softly the towel hit the ground. Anna could feel Mandy's body begin to press against her back. The warmth of Mandy's body was apparent against Hannah's and soon she could feel the wetness of Mandy's pussy on her ass. Mandy's hands reached around Anna's body and began to play with Anna's breasts, making small circles around each, as if drawing in the sand. Anna's breathing began to increase rapidly and her heart began to pound. Anna reached her hand back and put in on the side of Mandy's face. Mandy began to put pressure and Hannah's right side, turning her so they faced each other. Anna looked into Mandy's deep beautiful eyes and looked down at her lips. She continued to pant as Mandy's rosey lips inticed her.

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   Anna leaned in and put her lips against Mandy's and pushed Mandy against the lockers, their wet bodys locking together. Mandy pushed her tongue into Anna's mouth and Anna massaged Mandy's tongue in return. Mandy gribbed Anna's ass while Anna rubbed Mandy's sweet, young breasts. Soon Anna could feel Mandy's hard nipples peak through her sports bra. Anna suddenly found herself being flung around by Mandy, and pressed against the lockers. Mandy was kissing Anna's neck. Her kisses sent chills down Hannah's spine, her body tingling with each flick of Mandy's tongue. Mandy was squeezing and kneading Anna's supple breasts. Mandy's mouth slowly made its way down to Anna's breasts. Mandy's mouth hovered over Anna's nipples and she kissed them gently. Hannah squeeled in pleasure as she never could have imagined something so amazing. Mandy worked Anna's nipples in her mouth through the now wet cotton of Anna's bra. Mandy removed her grip and began to simply breath over Anna's breast heightening Anna's sensation. Mandy ripped up Anna's sports bra and went to town on Anna's little tits, flicking her nipples back and forth. Anna helped by taking her bra all the way off and flinging it down the row.

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   Anna's body trembled and she began to bend her knees. She grabbed Mandy's hair and began to play with it as Mandy worked Anna's tits. Mandy looked up at Hannah and gave her a sassy look, her eyes saying "Just wait, I've got plenty more for you. " Mandy kissed down Anna's glistening stomach, her hands teasing and gently touching the sides of Anna's legs. Mandy, after what seemed an eternity to Anna, reached Anna's soft pubic area. Mandy looked up at Anna and bit her lower lip. Her hands worked up the inside of Anna's thighs and right up to the wet cotton of Anna's panties. Anna shuddered in pleasure and let out a moan. Mandy tickled Anna's pussy, never touching it with anything less than a glance. THe pressure in Anna's body was mounting and she was trembling and tingling all over. Mandy then moved her mouth down where her hands had been. Mandy's mouth engulfed Anna's pussy and worked her clit with her tongue. Dampening the outside of Anna's panties, Mandy flicked her tongue across Anna's pussy lips. Suddenly she stopped and stood up. "I think these need to come off don't you" she said with a sly grin.

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   Anna immediately grabbed her panties and flung them off. Mandy was ammused and softly giggled, "I meant these" as she removed her own sports bra. Her small tits hung on her body perfectly and they made Anna's pussy begin to flow further. Mandy started to remove her panties, but stopped.
    "I've got a better idea" she spoke quietly. She grabbed Anna's hand and put it on the elastic of her white cotton panties. Anna slowly moved Mandy's panties down her legs and as they moved down exposed Mandy's small mound of pubic hair. Mandy's pussy glistened in the locker room light, clearly she was turned on as well. "Do you wanna touch it" she asked. Anna, again unable to find the words, dropped to her knees and started to put her mouth to Mandy's pussy but Mandy stopped her. "Use your hands" she said. Anna reached out with her hands and touched the soft, wet lips of Mandy's anxious pussy. As soon as Anna's fingers reached the tip of Mandy's clit, Mandy let out a moan that sent Anna's pussy soaring. Anna began to rub Mandy's pussy while Mandy moaned "Rub my clit Anna" Anna stopped and Mandy looked down at her incredulously. Anna said quietly but firmly, "I wanna taste you.

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      " Mandy replied, "Only if I get to taste you at the same time. Lay down" Anna, not quite understanding what she had in mind. Anna laid on the locker room bench, her body still tingling. Mandy laid on top of Anna with her stomach touching Anna's but her head in Anna's crotch position her pussy directly in front of Anna's face. From there Anna got a perfect view of Mandy's pussy. Anna could smell Mandy's pungent pussy and the smell turned her on. Before Anna could do much, Mandy had her mouth on Anna's clit, working it in her mouth. Anna squirmed on the bench, but that didn't deter her from partaking in Mandy's awaiting pussy. She licked from the opening all the way up the top. She heard Mandy's muffled moan and that pushed her forward. She began kissing her pussy softly and lightly, Anna's lips taking on saliva and the sweet and salty liquid flowing from Mandy's pussy. Anna plunged her tongue into Mandy's pussy wriggling it inside Mandy sending her into a frenzy of moans. Anna, focusing on the sound of Mandy, hadn't realized how she was feeling. Her body was rising and falling with the movements of Mandy's mouth. Her body was baking, she was burning up and every part of her seemed to tingle.

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       She couldn't hear anymore. She could feel the pressure rising from her toes. She continued to prod Mandy's pussy and the two moved in unison. Suddenly Anna felt a wave of heat, tingling, and euphoria rush over her body. Her breathing became random and increased, her pulse racing. She raced her hips against Mandy's mouth and her pussy pulsated in orgasm. Just after Mandy's body seemed to undergo the same process. Mandy unhooked her leg from over Hannah's shoulder and stood up. She picked up her towel and said "Now I really need this" Mandy wiped her mouth, her body, and her wet pussy. She walked back over to her bag and got dressed. Hannah couldn't move, couldn't hear, couldn't see. She simply lay on the bench. Mandy began to walk out, her bag over her shoulder. She leaned over and kissed Anna softly on her lips and turned to walk out. She then leaned over and kissed Anna's still recovering pussy.

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       Anna jumped and Mandy just giggled. "Bye cutie" Mandy said and walked out the door. Anna, still daized, put on her clothes and went home, hoping to dream about what had happened and looked forward to forward practices where she would stay after for "extra work"

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