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My boyfriend Mark is a goodlooking: a tall, raven-haired athlete with a huge cock. I don't know a single woman who hasn't commented on his charm. He also has a habit of checking out every woman who walks by. He's an incredible flirt. Not that I've ever had trouble getting attention myself. My hair is long, dark and silky, I have a natural tan and my eyes are deep brown. My breasts are round and firm, with nipples that men love to devour. I have an athletic body that I keep in great condition. My legs are shapely, my stomach a perfect washboard. I got pretty tired of his constant flirting. I became especially agitated one night when we were out at a bar. Mark spent the entire evening exchanging sexual innuendos with our busty, blonde waitress. At one point when the two of them were giggling, I quietly excused myself and went up to the bar. There were a number of men there but the only open seat was next to a long-legged woman whose nipples showed through a sheer, white top. She looked incredibly sexy. Just Mark's type, I thought .

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  As I sat down, she introduced herself as Sara. It turned out she had recently been divorced from a man who'd been cheating on her for years. Now she was single and wanted nothing to do with men for a long time. Moving toward me, she whispered that she planned to enjoy her own gender for a while. I'd never been attracted to women before, but I couldn't ignore the juices that had begun to flow from my pussy as Sara began slowly stroking my thigh. "So what about your love life?" she asked. "A beautiful woman like you surely can't be alone. ""My boyfriend's over there, chatting up that slut," I mumbled. "Interesting," she said. "Yeah, he's a huge flirt, but a faithful lover. I came over here to throw myself at some men. He's not the jealous type, though, so he probably wouldn't even notice," I laughed. "I know one way you could get his attention," Sara said slyly, slipping her hand beneath my G-string and inching towards my wetness. Feeling uninhibited after several glasses of wine, I smiled back and said, "I'm open to anything. " Without warning, Sara plunged two fingers into my dripping cunt then slowly pulled them out, only to dive back in again.

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   She did this for several minutes, while I moaned and begged her not to stop. When she finally withdrew, I could feel the come sliding all the way down my thighs. With a devilish grin, she held up the two glistening fingers and put them into her mouth, licking her lips to savour my taste. "Mmmm," she sighed. "Your'e delicious. "By then I was rubbing my thighs together, aching to be fucked again by her fingers. "It's your turn," she said. "let me see you finger that lovely pussy of yours. "I slid my right hand under my mini-skirt and plunged two fingers inside my slit, moaning with pleasure. "Faster," Sara said, grabbing my hand and pumping it in and out of my cunt. "Oh God," I pleaded, "you'll make me come if you keep doing that. " I climaxed quietly, leaving a small puddle on the stool. Sara leaned close and asked if I lived nearby. I nodded yes, then went to our table and told Mark I wasn't feeling well and was going home. He just waved me on, lost in his flirting.

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  Before we even got to the door, Sara kissed me, I shuddered as she reached up inside my skirt again, swirling a finger around my clit while her tongue snaked in and out of my mouth. "Lets go inside," I said. Once we got inside, we wasted no time getting our clothes off. Sara's breasts were large and firm. Hewr pussy hair, a small tuft of golden brown, was trimmed into a neat triangle. I was dying to suck and lick the luscious pink lips that peeked out below. "No," she said as I eyeballed her twat. "Tonight is your night. "She followed me into the bedroom and lay back on the bed, one long leg dangling over the edge. "Get on my face," she said, huskily flicking her tongue wildly in the air. I noticed for the first time just how long it was. I eagerly straddled her open mouth, my pussy quivering above her outstretched tongue.
    Sara grabbed my arse cheeks firmly, squeezing the flesh between her fingers. Arching her nech, she plunged her tongue deep into my sopping cunt, pushing it all the way inside me. My entire body was in spasms, and I was loving it.

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      I begged Sara to let me eat her, but she wouldn't. Instead she turned around so I was straddling her in the other direction, spreading my arse cheeks again with both hands, she began fucking my tight little arsehole with her expert tongue. She began by licking in circles around the rim, going faster and faster. I came almost immediately. I started to finger my clit until I finally lost all control. "Yes, yes, yes!" I screamed. I fell back on the bed exhausted, only to hear a loud gasp at the door. Opening my eyes, I saw Mark standing there. I thought for a second that he might be angry, until I saw the bulge in his pants. Sara looked at him and spoke up. "You've had your fun tonight. Now you can watch Bobbie have hers. "Mark stayed where he was, groaning as his cock got harder. I wondered how long it would be before he started jacking off. "I think you're ready for the grand finale," she said.

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       Kneeling over me, she took hold of my ankles and placed them on her shoulders, leaning forward so she could raise my arse off the bed. Her fingers still drenched with her own cream, she began to work my arsehole, moving one finger, then two, into that dirty hole. I climaxed widly, thrashing around on the bed, soaking the sheet. Sara smiled and tickled my clit with her fingers, making me shudder again with a series of min-orgasms. "Thank you," I told her. "You're simply amazing. ""Trust me," she said, "It was my pleasure. This is the type of attention a sexy woman like you deserves," she added, turning toward Mark. He still had his pants on but there was a huge wet spot on the crotch. It was cleaqr that he had come all over himself. I never saw Sara after that. In fact, I'm not sure where she lives, or if Sara is even her real name. One thing is for certain though - from that day on Mark has never ignored me again, and our sex life has been hotter than ever. . is the top online escort service in Belgium!

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