First Time with some friends


It was time for a sleepover with some of my friends. It was around summer vacation and we were all pretty bored. Little did we know later that night it would be one of the best nights of our lives. One of us has already had sex with another girl before. Im about 5 6 with tan skin fairly big breats and a very cute ass.
It was about 8:00. My parents have gone out for the weekend and they said i could invite some friends over on saturday so i wouldnt be lonely. I decided to call up Alexa, Amanda, Chelsea, and Ali.
"Hey Alexa glad you could make it. "
"No problem i wouldnt miss this for the world" Alexa was about 5 4 with a nice full ass and smaller tits then me. She had shoulder length red hair.
"Amanda and Chelsea good to see ya. Alexa is already here. Shes in the living room. " Amanda was one year older then me and had the biggest tits i have ever seen. They must have been the size of my head.

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   Chelsea was like Alexa except slight bigger tits and brown hair.
"Sorry im late Vicky my mom had to go to the bank"
"Thats ok everyones already here. "
"Ok what do u girls wanna do now that everyone's here?" I asked.
" I know we can play a board game" Ali said/
"Naw" Chelsea said. " Those are for kids. "
Then Amanda Said "Howa bout spin the bottle?"
"Sure that sounds great. Ill go get a bottle. " i said.
When i returned i found that everyone has already moved into a circle. I was left sitting next to Amanda and Alexa which suited me just fine. I span the bottle first. As it slowly slowed down it pointed to Alexa. I turn to her and give her a short 3 second kiss. I start to feel a little tingle in my tits but i ignore them. Alexa span the bottle next and it landed on Chelsea.

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   I could tell they were both fine with kissing other girls because they did a 10 second frenchie. After many spins all the girls were getting hungry. So i decided on Pizza. After eating we decided to watch a movie. We put in some stupid movie that i cant even remeber now and settle down to watch. Halfway through though i remeber Amanda getting up and saying
"Who wants to have some real fun?"
Everyone raises their hands so i shut off the movie and follow the rest of the girls into the living room.
"The name of the game is dare. No truth only dare. Ill go first. I dare everyone including me to strip down. " At this everyone glances around to see if anyone else is doing it. Chelsea and Amanda had already removed their shirts and were in the process of removing their pants. Amanda had beautiful tits that were sensitive to everyone of her movements. Chelsea had the nicest nipples and a perfect shaped ass. Ali had regular sized tits but her ass was tight and small. 

   Plus she shaved her pussy. Alexas nipples were already hard. She trimmed her pussy hair and her ass was like a gods. I dont like to brag but i looked pretty hot. My tits were nice and full. Earlier that day i had shaved my pussy so that was perfect timing. My ass was in my opinion shaped like a heart. I looked down to my surprise i see my tits standing erect already. Alexas turn was next. "Vicky i dare you to play with Amandas tits for 2 whole minutes. "
I smile and crawl over. Amanda has already leaned back onto her Elbows and was waiting. I grab her beautiful orbs in each off my hands. Her mouth starts to form into an 0. I then bring down my mouth onto her right nipple and start sucking.

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   She lets a low moan. Then i take my mouth off and blow on her right nipple making it become even more erect. MY attention turned onto her left nipple and gave it the same attention. Before i knew it the 2 minutes were up. "Alright i dare Chelsea to fuck Alexa with this strap on until she cums. " i said.
" No way that things to big it will never fit into me" Alexa protested.
"Fine fuck me with that" Ali said. I couldnt believe my ears. Ali wanted to take this 10 inch monstrosity in her virgin pussy. Chelsea just smiled and crawled over to strap it on. Once she had it on Ali began to suck on it first to lube it up. Once it was wet with her Silvia. Chelsea began to slip it into Ali a few inches at a time. Once all 10 inches were in her Chelsea began to increase here speed.

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   Ali was just on the ground there the wind knocked out of her by the strap on. I started to finger my self because this was making me hell a horny. But before i could get my finger into my quivering hot pussy Alexa came over and said "Allow me"
I never thought it could be so good to have a girl licking my pussy but she knew were all the right spots were. Pretty soon i was moaning with pleasure and was about to cum all over Alexas pretty little face. While my climax was building i look over at Ali to just see her squirting her love juice all over Chelseas inner thigh. After that she kind of collapsed. I saw Amanda start to crawl over and lick Ali's juice off of Chelsea buts all i saw. A boneshaking orgasm raced through my body. I screamed out in pleasure. I must of cummed for 3 strait minutes. After a minutes breather i look at Alexa to see her face completely plastered by my cum.
"Wow did i really do all of that?"
She smiled her cute smile and said "Hell ya. That was awsome.
    "Ali came over and started to look all my cum of Alexa. After she had all of it in her mouth she had a very wet kiss with Alexa that must of lasted 2 minutes.

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       During which i could see my cum fall down onto Ali's tits. I bent down and licked all the extra. It tasted sweet like honey.
    Chelsea said "Alright i dare vicky to lick Amandas ass while taking this dildo in hers by Alexa. ""What i have to lick her ass? Thats disgusting. ""Dont worry its clean" AManda said.
    "Alright ill do it"I crawl over and start kissing Amandas pussy. I then work my way around her and up to her ass. I opened up her crack to see her little hole waiting for me. I slowly stick my tongue up her hole. It was all that bad. I could hear her moan audibly. I continue to do it untill i feel pressure on my ass. I whip my head around to see Alexa with that strap on. I completely forgot.

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       All i said was "Be gentle"I turned my attention back to Amanda. Then all of a sudden i feel all 10 inches up my ass. Then it was gone. Then it was up my ass again. ALexa said " Go back to licking AManda slut" I smile and do as i am told. Alexas thrusts quickly speed up untill im almost bleeding shes going so fast. I can feel her spanking my ass with vigor untill i came again. Soon after i started cumming Amanda started cumming.
    "Wow that was an intense orgasm" Amanda said.
    "Same here" was all i could say.
    " I dare Ali to get licked by Chelsea whos getting licked by Alexa whos getting fucked in the Ass by Amanda whos getting her tits sucked by me"Everyones starts to move into their positions. Ali lays down on her elbows with her legs spread as wide as possible. Chelsea lays down and starts to lick Ali. Alexa lays down on her stomach and starts to lick off Chelsea. Amanda goes on her knees and inserts the strap on into Alexas ass.

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       Alexa let out a low moan of pleasure with that. I Say down on Alexas back and start to play with Amandas tits. I was getting into it when i feel 3 fingers enter my very hot and wet pussy. It was Amanda fingering me.  I bite down on her nippeles to show that i notice. Everyone was getting pretty close to a Climax. Then one write after another everyone orgasms. Ali first then Chelsea then Alexas Then Amanda then last me. After everyone cumming for 4 strait minutes everyone crawls together and sleeps next to each other and falls asleep.
    By the time i wake up its 12:00 and everyones gone. There is a note though and it said:
    Thanks for the awsome night. Next time it will be at one of our houses. You have the nicest pussy and ass any of us has every seen.
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