I was at home alone after school with my friend Becky.   We were just chilling and hanging out in my basement listening to music n doing our homework.   We started chatting and got onto the subject of boyfriends and rumors.   Some girl in our school supposedly had sex with this older guy her brother knew.
So we got talking about sex and wondering how it felt and why in general people wanted to do it.   We discussed that we both shaved our vaginas because we both thought body hair was pretty nasty.   I admited to one time having rubbed my pussy but not getting much out of it.
Then we started making up stories bout how the girl in our school had sex with her brothers friend.   I started to get a little excited while we were talking about it but i wouldnt admit it or say anything about it to her.
I told her i needed to go to the bathroom, but while i was in there i tried touching myself again and found it to feel better this time.   I didnt do it for long cause i had to get back down stairs.
We ended up going back to our homework, but on a short break got back to talking about sex, cause teenagers are always interested in it.   We then started talking about lesbians and wondered how they liked being with someone that had the same body parts as them.
We started to eye each other and i soon found out she was getting excited too because i saw her put her hand on her crotch on the outside of her pants.   I made a joke about it but feeling guilty admited i did something like that in the bathroom.
I remember leaning in to kiss her, tho i dont really remember why.

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   She never pulled back and we sat there making out for about 10 minutes.   She made the next move and moved her hand from my back to my left boob.   on the outside of my clothes she started to rub it and my tit became hard. I decided to do the same thing to her and soon we were lying on the ground with our shirts off and rubbing and sucking each others tits.

Hope you guys liked it, and ill keep posting more!

But a couple weeks later i found out they weren't, they came home, heard us and then went to our neighbors till they figured we were done because they didnt wanna have to walk in and stop us.

Becky could tell i wanted some of that so she pulled it out, pushed me down and not even teasing my clit, just pushed it in.   I felt it rip me open and i was screaming and Becky was watching; smiling, and laughing.   She fucked the cuc into me for nearly 15 minutes.   After that both of us were exhausted.   It had gotten late and my parents would've been home by then and i was lucky they were late.

I dont think ill ever forget how loud Becky screamed and once she got over the shock of it she moaned so loud with pleasure and made we pull it out and do it again.   so i did and i would push it in, then pull it out just a little and then slam it back in.   I saw her cum bout 3 times with the cuc in her beautiful wet pussy, i was cumming just from watching her, but i was so anxious for the cuc to be in me.

After about 10 minutes of that we sat up spread our legs got close together and started grinding our pussies together.   We went wild and was doing that for 20 minutes.

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    I remembered hearing about people using like cucumbers and bananas to masturbate with them selves so i told Becky to stay there and upstairs i found the biggest/thickest cucumber i could.   Back downstairs i told Becky i had a surprise for her and i wanted her to lay down, close her eyes, and spread her legs.   Once she did i put the tip of the cuc on the outside of her pussy, by the look on her face she was confused, so all at once i just shoved the cuc in as far as it would go.  

After that we were both completely naked and she started rubbing my clit and finger fucking me like i had done to her.   we were both moaning and soaking wet.   I remember i started to cum just as she was about to put her head in my pussy.   it was all over the place and Becky's first instinct was to like it up, and she did.   Then she put her face in my pussy and started licking and i remember her tongues darting all over and even going in my pussy.   it felt so good i couldnt control myself and i cummed again.   I told Becky i wanted a turn at her and so she laid down and spread her legs wide so i could get far it.   Once i started she began pushing my head into her so i would get closer and deeper, and then she cummed, all over my face and like her licked up as much as i could.

Both of us had the confidence and the legs to wear mini skirts and so it turned out we both had easy access to each others pussies.   I went up her skirt, pulled down her underwear and started rubbing her. neither of us had that much experience but i quickly learned what made her feel good.   i started rubbing her clit, slowly at first but then i started doing it faster and faster.

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    i felt her getting warm and wet, she was starting to arch her back and that was when i put a finger in her.   I would take it out a little and then shove it back in, then 2 fingers, then 3.   she was tight and it was hard to get my fingers in there but i didnt want to stop and neither did she.
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