From the Seniors Home to A House


After my episode at the Senoir home I was sore for several weeks. I had places in my tits that needed to heal and I even had them bandaged. THe woman who now told me to call her Mistress and only Mistress, asked me how I was every time I worked. ONe evening she had someone tell me she needed me at her room. I was actually afraid and went in. Close the door Dear. " she told me. I did and went in. She told me, "Stand there and take off your blouse and bra Dear. " I did as she said and then she got up and came to look at the places that the knitting needles had gone into them.
She went back to her bed and told me, "Okay, get dressed and next Saturday evening be here at 5PM. I am going to visit a couple friends and you are coming with me Dear. There will be some cash in it for you too. " she said. I was not wet from her examine and said "Okay" and went to do my duties.
Finally, Saturday evening I was there at 4:45 and she was coming out on the arms of two very lovely senior women.

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   They were both in the late 60s I found later and very nice. I wore sexy panties, my black thong, and a cupless bra. They all looked at me and said, "Oh yes, she looks delicious, we will enjoy her. " and we got into a nice big sedan. I was in the back between my Mistress and another woman while the third drove. We pulled up to a nice house and got out and went inside. Mistress sat in a nice chair that laid back and the other two women went to another room and came out with a case of things, later I found they were toys and things to be used on me. I was the victim and they were going to dominate me.
THe women talked and then Mistress said, "Teresa, in my room it seemed that the more your tits were tormented you had orgasms, is that true?" "Yes Mistress, they make me cum when they are tortured. " "Ah good my Dear, then you are going to cum a lot. " THe women stood on each side of me and took off my clothes. Then they sat me in a chair and tied my hands to the sides and my legs apart. "Use the leather needles. " Mistress said.
The women both smiled and took curved needles out of the case and cleaned them.

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   One took my left tit and pinched the areola out so that she had a good clear place to go to. She told the other woman, "Hold it here so I can do this good. " and he other woman took my tit. The first put the huge needle at the edge of the dark areola and slowly pushed making a pain go thru my tit but it also sent a shock to my pussy and it began getting soaking wet. "Oh, oh god, oh yes. " I moaned. THe needle went into my breast and I screamed out loud. It went in slowly. As it went in I felt every inch pushing through my tit. "Oh damn, of yes, oh yes" I heard myself scream and my pussy convulsed and squirted all over the chair. "Keep going" the Mistress said and they did. It went deep into my tit then came back out on the other side of my areola. As it did a trickle of blood flowed as I maoned and felt my pussy convulsing. . .

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  Let her sit a moment. I sat there, my pussy in need of something and then the Mistress said, "No do the other and make it hurt, really hurt, see what she can stand. "
Now the woman took out another similar needle but it had a larger curve and it was not put at the areola but on the side of my tit about an inch past the edge of the areola. "Here Mistress?" the woman,said. "No, further. " It was placed another inch further up and the Mistress said, "Yes, right there and make sure she feels it. " It began to push and I moaned and felt the pressure. Then it went into the skin and my pussy convulsed and wet the chair again. "Push harder, make it go on in. " Mistress said. She did and I let out a scream, "Oh no, no please. " I begged. "Shut up little slut, it will go in and you will love it. Put the dildo in her cunt and make the pain and the pleasure all the same. " she said.

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   A huge dildo was in front of me on a fuck machine and it was slipped into me and turned on slow. "Oh , damn, oh yes. " I began saying. THen the needle went in further and I was screaming for both. Faster went the dildo and then the needle went half way into my tit. It stopped and just as I was cumming it went further and I screamed as my pussy sprayed all over. "I want you to increase the dildo speed and then push the needle through all the way hard and fast. " Mistress said. The wome did as they were told and I felt the needle rip through my tit and come out the other side as the machine was wildly fucking me. "Oh damn, of yes, fuck me harder. " I was screaming.
It was through and both my tits were impaled with needles and they had some blod dripping from them. I was left there for a long time and the pain began to throb in my tits. . .

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  . I felt them hurting and called out but no one answered me. . . I was to find out what was next. . . later. . .
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