Games We Play


Games We Play by Fyre
Part One
There was a line drawing of a dick in the encyclopedia. Shirley and I looked it up under "Anatomy" and it showed one hanging off a male’s body. There were pages of plastic layering the different systems down on the bones. Shirley was a grade ahead of me in school and my bestest, bestest friend. She had the most amazing ideas, and we always had plenty to do whenever she was around. Sometimes I felt like Shirley was so sophisticated, and I was just a dork.
Shirley started with the skeleton page, then set down the circulatory system, then the muscles, the nerves, and finally the skin. The penis lay there on the page, all lifeless and flat, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it was supposed to fill up with blood, expand till it was nice and firm, then go inside my cooter to make a baby.
At least that’s what Shirley told me was s’posed to happen. I laid back in the bed with Shirley. We made sure the doors were closed and my step-brother Manny was out of the house playing ball down the road. She pulled down her panties, and we both giggled. I looked at her bare cooter.
"I’m gonna touch it, okay?" I said.
She giggled. "Okay, I’m ready.

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"Where do you think the dick goes?" I asked her.
She spread her legs real wide. "Here," she said, and poked her finger inside the folds of skin.
"Where’s the pee come out? Around here, right" I poked my finger about where I thought her pee came out.
"No, here, I think. " Shirley redirected my finger.
"I wanna watch you pee. " I said.
"I don’t have to go right now. "
"Well, I do. " I jumped off the bed. "C’mon!"
She pulled her pants up and we went into the bathroom. "You can’t giggle too loud," I said, "or Mama’s gonna come in here to see what we’re up to. "
I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. Shirley crouched in front of me to watch.

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   I spread my legs wider, but I just sat there. I couldn’t pee with her right there watching.
"Hurry up!" she urged.
"I’m trying. "
I was trying, but what if I misshot and sprayed her right in the face? She was my best friend. What was she going to think if I peed on her?
I closed my eyes so I could concentrate, and I felt something brush across my skin. Down there. "Hey!" I yelled, bolting backwards and almost fell sideways into the hole in the toilet seat.
Shirley pulled her hand away.
"What’re you doing?"
"Just touching it. "
"I’m trying to pee, here!"
"I know. "
"Well, I don’t wanna pee on your hand. "
We heard footprints coming down the hall towards the bathroom.
"Shhhh!" I glared at Shirley.

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  " Mama said, "What are you doing?"
"Nothing, Mama. " I said sweetly. Shirley held her hand covering her mouth, but I could still hear her giggle.
I gave her a look.
In my nicest I’m-not-doing-anything-wrong voice, I said, "Mama, it’s too hot. . Is it okay if Shirley and I take a bath in cold water?"
Mama opened the door. She had that "what are you two up to" look on her face. Shirley stood up real fast. I squeezed my knees together and bent forward to get toilet paper. "Well, don’t make a mess. Keep all the water inside the tub. "
"Can we use bubbles?"
"That’s fine. " She closed the door. "And keep all of the water inside the tub.

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"We will," I assured her.
I looked at Shirley and hopped off the pot. "Okay, then. Let’s take a bath. Last one in is a rotten egg!"
I rushed to turn on the water. I wanted it cool, but not too cold. Shirley was peeling off her clothes and tossing them on the floor behind me. I had my pants halfway off, so I kicked off my flip-flops and dropped my pants on top of them. I pulled off my shirt.
We scrambled into the tub about the same time.
"Where’s the bubbles?"
I opened a bottle and poured a capful under the faucet. Mama said one capful was enough. I gave the bottle a little extra squirt for good measure. Then we got in the water and sat there naked, looking at each other, listening to the water run, waiting for the tub to fill. Shirley looked different than me naked.

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   Her titties were kind of pointed where mine were boring. Her pussy was fleshy, where mine was flat.
"It’s too cold," Shirley complained. "Let’s warm it up. "
"Okay, but not too hot. "
Shirley grabbed the shower head. We had one of those adjustable nozzles. "Have you ever used this to spray your cooter?" She asked me.
I shook my head. Frankly I’d never thought of such a thing.
She stood on tip-toe to take the shower head away from the wall. I didn’t even know it came off the wall!
"Don’t break anything. " I said.
"Don’t worry. I’ve done this before.

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"We better close the curtain. You heard what Mama said. "
I pulled the orange and white shower curtain closed.
Shirley flipped the lever on the faucet to make the water shoot out of the shower head. "Make the water a little bit warmer. "
I did. She tested it on her wrist. "Okay," she said, "open your legs. "
I held my legs open, but the water had filled up almost to my knees, so the water from the shower head just sprayed on my legs.
"Move up and sit with your back against the wall. On the edge of the tub. "
I got up and perched on the white porcelain.
"Spread your legs. "
I opened my legs and Shirley directed the spray of water right on my cooter. The water was slightly warm.

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   She twisted the dial on the shower head a little bit and the water pulsed against my pussy. Suddenly, it felt like my pussy was the most important thing on my body. It felt nasty. I covered myself with my hand, blocking the spray. "God, Shirley. Where’d you learn that?"
"I watched my sister in the shower one time. She didn’t know I was watching. She held the spray there, and kinda closed her eyes. I didn’t know if she was washing herself or what. "
Shirley’s sister, Wendy, babysat sometimes. I tried to imagine her naked, holding this up to her cooter in the shower.
"Do it again. " I told Shirley, moving my hand.
We took turns, sitting next to each other, the shower curtain closed, spraying each other’s bare pussies.
The tub started to overflow with water, so we had to stop that game.

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   We turned the water off. There weren’t too many bubbles.
I wanted to see Shirley’s cooter up close. It was a little puffy. More puffy and pinker than mine. Suddenly I felt all dirty and wicked.
"Can I touch you there?" I whispered.
"Go ahead. "
I put my hand on the bald pussy and rubbed, not daring to venture inside the crack. Her pussy was so smooth and covered with fine blonde hairs.
"Where’d you say the dick goes?"
She stood up and leaned forward. She peered down past her belly button. "It goes right here. " She inserted her forefinger inside where one of the folds opened up. There was an opening there, but it didn’t look like much.

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   I didn’t remember feeling anything like that down there before. But then I didn’t do much but wipe it off after peeing. I’d never really thought about it. I opened my legs. I poked my finger down where she was poking hers. Oh, it felt good!
"Wow!" I murmured.
"Definitely. "
Shirley sat down with her knees flat on the bottom of the tub and her knees wide and kept rubbing herself. "I like it right here," she said, rubbing a tiny button that was right out front. I watched her open her legs wider and flick her finger across the fold that was there.
I rubbed my own button. It felt like there were sparklers going off inside.
"I think I’m gonna pee. " I said, after a minute.
"Go ahead.


I stood up to go sit on the toilet.
"No, silly, just pee right here," she said, "I wanna watch. "
"That’s sick!"
But Shirley held my legs and leaned in to look at my cooter. I felt her breath.
I felt so wicked. I wanted to do it. . . but. . . I couldn’t just stand there and piss on my friend.
Could I?
"Do you really want me to do it right here?"
She put her finger inside of my crack and started rubbing that bump.
"I’m gonna pee. " I whispered.


   "I’m really gonna. "
She kept rubbing, watching my face.
Where did she come up with this stuff?
I felt the little slip of pee start to come out and once it started, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I watched the yellow stream come out and start to squirt everywhere. All over her hand, all down my thighs, into the bathwater.
Some of the bubbles sizzled and disappeared.
I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. Just to stand up and pee like a boy, to not care where the pee went, to just let it spray down, all over the tub. Even to just pee on her hand. God.
"Rub me some more. " I told her. I didn’t need to pee anymore, but I kinda felt like I did. I felt like I wanted to pee some more. Rub me some more.

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Shirley rubbed my cooter for a minute, then she stood in the tub and whispered in my ear. "Jennie, I wanna tell you something. "
"You can’t tell anyone, ‘kay?"
"I won’t. "
"You promise?" She had a solemn look on her face.
"I promise. "
"I mean it. You can’t tell anyone. No matter what. "
"I promise, Shirley. Cross my heart and hope to die. "
She swallowed. What she wanted to tell me must be pretty important.
"What is it?" I urged. "It can’t be that big a deal. "
"One time a boy wanted to lick me there.

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Omigod. I couldn’t believe it. "Lick you? How? Whaddya mean?"
"He wanted to put his mouth on me and lick my cooter. Can you believe it?"
She had a dark, serious look on her face. I knew she was telling the truth.
"Did he do it?"
"Omigod, no. Of course not. " She giggled, and put her hand down to cover herself. "But I think I would let you. Do you wanna try?"
"I don’t know. "
I suddenly felt very embarrassed and started to sink all the way underneath the water. Then I remembered I just peed there.
I got out of the tub and pulled the plug. There was a gurgle as the water started to spin down the drain.
"We better go.

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I grabbed a towel and started to dry off. I made sure to cover my cooter. Suddenly I didn’t want her looking at me there anymore.
"Hey, you’re not mad are you?" she said.
"No. "
"Well, why aren’t you talking?"
"Do you wanna go jump rope?" I asked her. Last time she was here, I almost skipped doubles. I thought maybe we could try that again. Or play Trouble. We both liked board games. "We could go play Trouble. "
"Okay. " She said, pulling her clothes on.
Truth is, I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have a clue of what I was supposed to say.

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   Shirley thought about letting me lick her down there.
Later that night, after Mama sent me to bed, I laid with my hand against that button she showed me, and I rubbed it a little, but not enough to feel too good, and I thought about what she’d said. To tell the truth, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. Some boy wanted to put his mouth down there? Whatever for?

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