Girl Scout Camp Chronicles, Part Three


Girl Scout Camp Chronicles, Part Three.
The rest of the morning was spent with the usual crafts work and cleaning up the common area around the lodge. We showed the girls how to paint the rocks around the borders, and rake the gravel walkways, until the camp was looking perfect in every way.
After lunch we went in swimming again and Candy was all over me, trying to reach down the back of my bikini, or slide up under my top every chance she got. Luckily Nicky was there to help me defend myself, or I really think I might have been bodily raped right in front of the whole camp in the clear blue waters of the pool.
I have never had anyone lust after me so bad, and I was in a constant state of arousal the whole afternoon, wanting Candy to try harder to rip my suit off and finger me to a raging orgasm. But I probably would have been fired if she had succeeded, so it all worked out better in the end. Besides which, Sandy and Angie were constantly eyeing me to see if I would give in and let her have her way with me.
Finally I dragged my hot little body up the pool steps as I pushed Candy’s hand away from fondling my crack between my buns. Nicky shoved her under the water and she came up sputtering and glaring at my new found little lover.
In the evening we sang by the campfire and roasted hotdogs. My girls were worn out so I tucked them in, and then I went back out and flopped on the lounger and closed my eyes, as I came down from the wild day. God, I was soo horny from all the fondling that I could feel little quivers run up and down my cunt lips as I squeezed my legs together.
Angie came out and sat on the railing on her porch. She laughed when she saw me running one foot up and down over my other thigh, teasing myself with the my heel while I pushed my clit against the tight denim of my cutoffs which had worked up into my wet slit. I opened one eye, and stuck my tongue out at her, and she giggled.

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I got up and went over to my railing and then sat down with my legs on either side of the smooth worn wood of the top round log.
“Hey, Ang!” I whispered. “Wanna’ watch me fuck this railing?”
“God, Jan, I can’t take much more of your teasing. I’m a nervous wreck from watching you and Candy screw around in the pool all day, anyway. And now I’m supposed to sit here while you spray your sweet cum all over your railing and do nothing?”
“Well, you could play with yourself while I do, okay?” I panted softly, as I slid back and forth, rubbing my cunt lips, which were sticking out around my leg openings, over the now moist wood.
“Fuck, Jan! I’m coming over there right now!”
“You know that’s a ‘no no’, Angie. ” I panted, “You’ll get us both fired. ”
She grabbed her breasts and pulled on her long nipples through the camp blouse as I started humping my log faster and faster. Then she shoved her hand down the front of her shorts and began fingering her little cunt and moaning softly in her cute little voice that I love so much.
I was getting closer as I rubbed harder on the railing, and then I threw my head back and arched my back as the first orgasm shot up my cunt and contracted my tight little stomach muscles. I heard Angie gasp as she shuddered and shook on her own banister.
As we were jerking around someone came out of Angie’s tent and moved over by her side. I heard Angie gasp loudly as whoever it was reached up and grabbed her closest nipple and yanked it hard! I watched through my half open lust filled eyes as she turned Angie toward her and placed her lips over my little lover’s puffy mouth. Then Angie put her arms around the girl’s neck and kissed her back as she ground her wet mound inside her tight shorts into the stranger’s thigh, and then shuddered again.
As I gaped mesmerized by the erotic sight I felt a soft hand on my arm.

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   I turned to see Candy standing there with her mouth hanging open, and panting, as she watched Angie locked in a passionate embrace with the shadow girl.
We watched in awe as the phantom person slowly pushed Angie shorts down around her ankles, and then unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shaky shoulders, until she was standing there naked in the bright moonlight, once again humping the girl’s knee and moaning softly into her neck.
Then she turned Angie around so we could see her stiff long nipples and her cute little stomach and cum smeared puffy cunt lips clearly. We stared as two hands came up around her breasts and kneaded them and the fingers rolled her hard nubs around and pulled them out from her little chest.
Angie spread her legs and raised her arms up to place her hands behind the girl’s neck as the hands ran over her front and down to her dripping little cunt. Then I gasped when I saw the fingers go up into Angie’ pink  little vagina and heard her panting along with me, as she squirmed her hips and fucked the probing fingers faster and faster until she tensed, and bit her lower lip, and screamed as one hand flew up over her mouth to stifle the noise.
While Candy moaned along side me I put my arm over her shoulder and drew her close. Only then did I notice she was completely naked and was trembling with lust as she gazed across the space between our two tents at Angie’s twitching body.
She reached up and slid her hand under my blouse and closed her long fingers around my throbbing nipple. My body reacted and shivers ran up and down my spine as she continued to knead and pull until my breast was aching and my nipple was tender and pulsing from the shocks running through my sensitive nerve endings.
As Candy worked on me I had my hand down on her smooth mound clutching her little opening as I ran my finger up and down her slick outer cunt lips. We were jerking on each others hands as we watched Angie stiffen again and again as her multiple spasms ran over her sweaty little frame.
She continued to jerk as each orgasm wracked her beautiful body and I spurted my own juices all over the already soaked railing between my trembling thighs. Candy moaned in my ear and grabbed my arm hard as she bucked her hips against my hand and came all over my fingers.
 When I thought I couldn’t take anymore we heard Angie try to scream again as the hands grabbed her mound hard and yanked her swollen nipples over and over until I saw her eyes flutter closed and she sank to the floor of her porch unconscious. 

The phantom figure waved to us, and then turned and disappeared onto Angie’s tent house as quiet once again descended over the peaceful valley at Camp River Glen.
I climbed off the wet banister and Candy and I dashed over to my lover’s side and held her until she whimpered and pulled us close. She slowly opened her eyes, and stared at first me, and then at naked little Candy, then a grin spread across her flushed face.
“Who was that masked man?” she giggled, as we all joined in, relieved to see my little lover had not been hurt. We helped her up and she turned to Candy and pulled her naked body against her and kissed her small mouth with her own puffy lips. The tall underage body trembled as Angie ran her hands around and grabbed the tight little rear end and slid her fingers over Candy’s little puckered anus.
I quickly stripped my sweat soaked clothes off and moved up behind Candy and reached around to the stiff little cones on her chest. I rolled the little nubs as I gently pulled until I heard Candy gasp as Angie forced her fingers up the young girl’s cunt. We pulled and tweaked until she was jerking around and panting and gasping,
“Oh, God, you guys! I’m gonna’ cum. Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohmigod, I’m cummiiiiing!
Candy shivered and shook as the waves ran up and down her little body and her juices ran down over Angie’s hand and down her legs to form a pool on the hard flooring of the tent porch. Relentlessly we kept pummeling her body until she had a series of little multiple orgasms jerking her around between us.
Finally she sank to the floor and we joined her, spread eagled, on the wood, panting and gasping for air. I raised up on my elbows and then turned to Angie and whispered,
“Do you think that was one of your girls who attacked you?”
“I don’t think so. She was too well built to be in their age group, and she also was too talented to be underage. ” She whispered back, grinning in the pale moonlight.

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“Guess we’ll never know, hunh?”
“Guess not, but I sure would like to have her fuck me again sometime. She was good!”
“Was she better than me, lover?”
“No way, sweetie, you are the best that ever lived and you know it, too, don’t you, my little horn dog!” she giggled, as she reached over and tugged on one of my nipples. I laughed and slapped her hand away as Candy sat up and blinked like she wasn’t sure where she was.
“Welcome back, little one. ” I whispered.
She nodded and rolled over on top of me and ran her soft lips over mine in one of the most seductive kisses I have ever felt. I slid my tongue between her teeth and she moaned as she wiggled her little cunt on my thigh. I pulled her hard against me as she humped me more and more until she let out a little gasp and her face turned red and she squeezed her eyes shut tight and shuddered as still another orgasm rocked her body!
I held on tight until the vibrations ceased, and she relaxed on my sweat soaked body with a little sigh, and then nuzzled my neck.
“Had enough, Candy?” I whispered in her ear.
“Oh yesss! I’m bushed. God, I love fucking you, Mother. ” She giggled softly, as I ran my hands up and down her smooth back and tight little buns.
“Come on, we better get out of here before Sandy makes her rounds, or you won’t have me for a mother any longer. ” I whispered urgently in her ear as we dashed back over to our porch. I slapped Candy’s little naked rear, and then I dove into my sleeping bag as she ducked through the canvas door.

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As I lay there I saw the beam from a flashlight pierce the soft night air and Sandy came down the trail checking to make sure all was quiet in the camp. I pretended to be asleep, as did Angie, I was sure, as the light played over my bag and my face. Then she moved on down the trail and I released my breath, that I had been holding, as I realized how close we had come to being discovered cavorting naked on Angie’s porch.
“Goodnight Jan!” I heard Angie whisper.
“Night, Ang!” I whispered back, and then snuggled deeper into my warm down filled sleeping bag and fell asleep.
Some crazy woodpecker was banging his beak on the metal covering above the lodge light when we marched down to breakfast the next morning. All my freshly scrubbed little girls were giggling and horsing around as we sat down to eat. The meal was about half done when I looked up to see a cute little freckle faced red head walk through the back door of the dining area.
She was wearing hiking boots and dressed in coveralls with a red bandana around her curly red hair. Angie looked over at me and I looked back as we checked out the sexy looking body evident even through all the loose clothing. She was a knockout! And combined with the green eyes and cute upturned nose she was a pixie if ever there was one.
I motioned Sandy over and asked her who the delectable girl in the overalls was.
“She is the off season caretaker’s daughter. They live over the next ridge in a small valley next to that stream that we forded when we came in the other day. Would you like to meet her? She’s a real sweetheart, and she and her dad keep an eye out for strangers when the camp is closed for the winter.

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I nodded, and Sandy waved her over.
“Lisa, I want to introduce you to one of my counselors, Jan” Sandy said, as the girl looked me up and down, and then smiled brightly, and winked at me. Then Angie stood up and came over, staring hard at Lisa. When Lisa turned to look at her, Angie stepped back in shock as she recognized the phantom from last night standing there in front of her, grinning widely.
“It’s you! You were in the camp last night, weren’t you?” Angie sputtered, as Lisa smiled down at her.
“I might have been, why?” she replied, with a mischievous look on her face.
Sandy piped in and said, “Yes, she was here last night helping me check the tents for any wild parties the little girls might try to throw after lights out. Did you see her somewhere, Angie?”
I shook my head slightly, and Angie said, “I guess I saw her around the lodge, earlier. ”
I let a sigh of relief escape my lips as Angie just stood there gawking at Lisa, and undressing her with her eyes. Lisa stared back and slowly licked her lips and trembled slightly under Angie’s intense gaze. Sandy looked like she knew something was amiss but couldn’t figure out what.
Finally, Angie turned and went back to her table, and I sat back down by Nicky and Candy again. Sandy left and the meal continued without any further interruption. When all the dishes were cleared we lined up our little kids and marched them out into the sunlight, where they were greeted by two nature teachers who would guide them on the days hike through the woods, identifying berries and trees, etc.
Sandy gave Angie and me the rest of the day off so we decided to go exploring.


   We pulled on cutoffs and tees, packed my climbing rope and two extra tee shirts and some sandwiches in our nap sacks, and headed up the hill to the ridge that ran along the north edge of the camp.
    Then we wound down into the stream bed and waded along, splashing each other and skipping flat rocks across the shimmering water. In a little while we came to a large pool surrounded by trees and soft green grass which was almost like a carpet, it was so smooth.
    We looked around and then Angie pulled her top off and shoved her shorts down, and then waded into the cool stream water. I followed, and we swam around and dove off the overhanging root systems until we were puffing from the exertion. We climbed out and lay down on the soft grass, and spread eagled our wet little naked bodies to soak up the warm sunshine and work on out tans.
    We dozed as the sun warmed our skin until I was startled by the loud snap of a dry twig close by in the underbrush. Angie heard it too, and we both got up to go investigate. We parted the ferns and searched around in the trees until we came upon a little boy crouching behind a log and shaking with fear. His blond hair hung down in his face and his lips trembled as he stared up at us wide eyed.
    I grabbed his arm and we marched him back to the clearing, and then I threw him down on the grass at our feet. He cowered there as Angie and I exchanged looks, and grinned at each other.
    “What were you doing, spying on us?” I asked.
    “Nu, nu, nuthin! I wasn’t spying, I was just lookin’ was all. ” He whimpered, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

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    “You little pervert, you were too spying!” Angie hissed, as she pulled his head back by his hair so he was looking up at her, quivering.
    “Do you like looking at naked girls?” I asked, as I pushed the golden curls out of his eyes. He looked at me, and then nodded, as he bit his lower lip.
    “Were you thinking you would like to fuck us as you watched?”
    Once again he gave a quick nod. I noticed the little bulge in his baggy shorts twitch as he wiggled and squirmed to try to hide it from our eyes.
    “I think it’s time somebody punished you so you won’t sneak around again!” I said, with my best mean face on, while I glanced sideways at Angie and saw her grinning at me.
    “What are you going to do to me?” he whined.
    “You’ll see!” I said, as I grabbed his wrists and yanked him up, and pulled his stumbling little body over to a big boulder by the rivers edge. Angie helped me tie his arms and legs with the climbing rope in my knapsack so he was spread eagled on the flat rock. He raised his head up to stare down his white little body as Angie opened her pocket knife and began to cut his shorts open down the sides. Then she pulled the fabric away and his little penis shot straight up in the air and waved back and forth as the blood pulsed through his little mushroom shaped head.
    He groaned with embarrassment, and his face turned beet red as we stared at his erection and panted loudly, with our mouths hanging part way open. Angie leaned down and placed her lips on his little mouth and slid her big tongue around over his teeth, then between his gasping lips and around inside, until he was panting and moving his little hips up and down, trying to fuck the warm air, while his penis swelled larger from the increased blood flow.
    I slowly worked my hands up the insides of his trembling legs until I ran my fingers over his little balls. He jerked, and then rolled back and forth as I slid my fingers on up the side of his jutting penis.

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       I ran one fingernail around under his mushroom gland and he gasped and bucked up off the rock. I wrapped my hand around his little shaft and slowly began to move it up and down as he fucked back into my fist.
    Angie raked her nails over his stiff nipples, and he threw his head back and forth while crying out, “Please stop! I promise I won’t do it anymore! Oh God, you’re gonna’ make me shoot stuff out! Oh please, no!” He shouted as he stiffened, and his little penis twitched violently, and then spurted cum up in the air and all over my jerking hand.
    I smeared the white fluid all over his sweaty little body and then lowered my head and slid my puffy lips around his slowly deflating little cock. He moaned as I sucked gently, and swirled my tongue around, and around, until I felt it start to swell again. Angie leaned down and began to suck on one of his nipples as she pushed her fingers in and out of his mouth.
    I slid my hand up under his little buns and pushed my cum drenched finger into his tight little anus, causing him to scream and jerk up trying to avoid my invading fingertip. Slowly I worked it in further and further until I felt him relax a little and give himself over to the new and exciting feelings surging through his nerve endings. I kept sucking and shoving until he was writhing all over the rock, yanking on the ropes and groaning and gasping, while sucking on Angie’s fingers for all he was worth.
    Then he screamed and jerked really hard as ripples ran up and down his flat little tummy. We kept biting, and sucking, and pushing, until he finally collapsed in a heaving panting mass on the now sweat drenched flat rock. Angie went over to the pool and dipped her cupped hands in and then spread the cool water all over his hot skin. I wiped his shaking body with our tee shirts and we kissed him as he slowly opened his eyes and stared at our sweaty naked little bodies shining in the bright sunlight.
    “Okay, young man, now you are going to get the fucking of your virgin little life!” I said, as I climbed up on the rock and straddled his little penis, and slowly inserted it into my sopping wet vagina. Angie did the same to his head and sat on his mouth as he threw his head back and forth trying to avoid the pink little cunt lips descending on his face.

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    “Lick me, you little pervert! “ Angie ordered, as she shoved her parted lips harder against his trembling mouth. Gradually he got the idea and began to lick and suck in earnest as I humped up and down on his now erect little penis. I watched the sweat pouring off Angie’s back and down into her crack as mine fell off the ends of my swollen nipples and formed a puddle in the cute little belly button below me.
    We pounded the little boy’s body unmercifully, until he was rolling around under us and screaming, over and over, as the contractions ran up and down his sweaty stomach, and cum flew up out of his little penis deep into my hot little cunt. At the same time Angie climaxed and gushed all over the little boys face and hair. When he finally passed out from the strenuous fucking we had administered to him we climbed off, and then untied him.
    We carried him to the edge of the little lake and eased his sweaty body down into the cool water until he revived. He looked up at us and smiled dreamily, still in a daze. We washed his body off and then put one of our spare tee shirts over his head and draped it down over his white little buns like a dress. He then stood up and hugged us both as we kissed him softly and told him how much we had enjoyed fucking the daylights out of him. He nodded and grinned.
    “I had a good time, too! I’ve never been with a girl before. I didn’t know how much I’ve been missing!” he giggled.
    “Where do you live?” I asked.
    “I live over there by the river with my sister and Dad,” he said as he pointed upstream.


       We looked where he was pointing and could just make out a small cabin hidden in the pines by a rock strewn beach.
    “Your sister wouldn’t be named Lisa, would she?” Angie asked.
    “Yeah, do you guys know her?” he asked with raised eyebrows.
    “We’ve met” I giggled, as Angie tried in vain to keep from laughing out loud.
    “What’s so funny?” he asked, as he stared at Angie’s blushing face.
    “Oh it’s nothing. ” I replied. “It’s just a private joke between us girls. ”
    He said, “Oh. ” as we kissed him goodbye, and then we headed back to camp.
    “I’d sure like to be there when he walks in wearing your tee shirt, Jan!” Angie laughed.
    “I’m sure we’ll hear about it, eventually!” I giggled back, as we held hands and skipped along the trail, totally oblivious to the red bandana covered head peeking from behind one of the tall pines along the edge of the path.
    Part Four?  deedeeo18@hotmail. com.

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