Girl Scout Chronicles, Part Seven


Girl Scout Chronicles, Part Seven.
  I didn’t have time to dwell on what had happened this morning since we were all going to take a canoe trip down the slow moving river about two miles below camp. It eventually emptied into the lake, after winding around in many twists and turns, which created lots of sandy coves where we could stop to eat and fish.
  We herded our little groups aboard the big yellow bus and drove down the dirt road to the rental place. Sandy assigned each girl to a buddy for safety and then gave two sets each a canoe. Angie and I were assigned to one with the twins as our riders, which made me tremble as they stared at me while I pushed our boat off from shore.
   We floated in a group until some of the more rambunctious ones decided to race. Away they went in a flurry of splashing paddles as they giggled and threw enormous amounts of water on each other in the process of learning how to synchronize their strokes. Eventually they got the hang of it and smoothly outdistanced us by a quarter of a mile or so.
   Angie and I were alongside Sandy’s canoe as we threw baited lines in to try to catch some fish. The twins trolled their little hands in the smooth water making little ripples run by as we moved down the river. It was so peaceful and quiet that I was almost asleep when Angie shouted, “Look out!”
   The low hanging limb caught me on my shoulder and threw me into the river. I surfaced and looked around to see the canoe fast disappearing around the bend as I swam toward a little sandy beach. Angie yelled back that she would come get me when the float was over, and I waved to show I was okay as I stumbled out of the cool water onto shore.
   I was soaked from head to toe. I looked around and saw that I was all by myself, so I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my cutoffs down and off and laid them out on some branches to dry.

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   The hot sun on my bare skin felt wonderful and I stretched and ran my hands over my nipples and they jumped up on my swelling breasts, hard as rocks. As I fondled my body all over I looked around at my surroundings and saw a small trail leading back up into the thick undergrowth on the river bank.
   I could see footprints in the soft dust and they looked like a girl’s sandals, since they were too small to be a man’s. I decide to explore a little while I waited so I headed up the almost overgrown trail into the woods.
   I had only gone a short ways when I heard voices coming down the trail, so I ducked behind a big tree and peered out to see who was coming. If they saw me naked I would really be embarrassed. I trembled as I saw a young girl appear around the bend and then another followed right behind her. They were older than I was, about Sandy’s age, and I looked them over and panted when I saw how sexy they both looked.
   They wore tiny little string bikinis that barely covered their perky breasts and the bottoms were nothing more than thongs, leaving their firm buns open to my lusting gaze. They had beautiful golden skin and I couldn’t see any tan lines so I assumed they must use the beach often to skinny dip.
  I stepped out after they got around the bend and followed at a discreet distance as I listened to them talking and laughing. “Ohmigod!” I thought, “They’ll see my clothes hanging on that tree and know there is a naked girl somewhere close!” I started shaking, but was also getting really turned on knowing I was naked and couldn’t get to my clothes without walking out on the beach in front of them.
  I hid until I was getting sweaty and then decided that I was going out there, no matter what. I was too hot standing in the woods, and the sweat was rolling off my nipples and down the crack in my rear end. I took a deep breath and stepped out onto the sand as they whipped around to stare at my naked little body gleaming with sweat and my hair plastered to my face.

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   I grinned sheepishly as I headed over toward my clothes on the tree branch.
  One of them stepped in front of me and was raping me with her eyes as she licked her lips and ogled me up and down. The other one also came over and stared at my naked breasts and smooth little rear end, and she, too, was panting and licking her lips, with lust written all over her face. I started shaking really bad and could feel moisture seeping out of my hot little vagina and slowly dripping down my legs. I was so aroused by their gazes that I gasped and panted as I tried to speak.
   “H-h-h-hello. M-m-m-my name is J-J-J-Jan,” I stuttered, as I tried to cover myself in vain.
     “Well, well, well. ” the one in front said, “And aren’t you the cutest little thing! And that body is to die for, right, Kasey?” she chuckled, as she reached up and tweaked one of my nipples gently. Kasey moved behind me and reached down and grabbed a handful of my tight little buns and squeezed and kneaded the skin until I was gasping and jerking from her touch.
      “You got that right, Liz; she is really a sexpot for sure! And she hasn’t a stitch of clothes on, and her cunt is dripping so she must really be a hot little number besides. Are you turned on by us fondling you little one?” She panted, as she ran her fingernail up my crack and poked gently at my little puckered hole.
     I jerked when she did that, and then Kasey grabbed both of my nipples and tugged on them until I was ready to cum all over both of them. I just stood there with my head back and my eyes closed loving every touch and caress as they worked me over. I trembled as Kasey ran her fingers up and down my quivering stomach and slid one pink painted nail into the wet opening of my cunt.

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   She kissed my panting mouth lightly as I moaned and threw my arms around her neck and tried to shove my hot little mound against hers. She slid another finger in and started finger fucking me in earnest as I bucked my hips back and forth on her hand.
     By now I was losing it big time, and was jerking and twisting my cute little butt on Liz’s fingers as Kasey shoved in and out and stuck her tongue deep into my gaping mouth. I opened as wide as I could and let her run in and out around my teeth as I panted into her sweet mouth between her soft puffy lips. God, she could kiss so fantastic! I almost came when she sucked on my tongue, but I held on just a second longer as I felt Liz’s fingers pressing against Kasey’s through the thin membrane in my hot little cunt wall.
     “Oh God!” I screamed, as the orgasm shook me,and I spurted all over Kasey’s hand. They kept fingering me furiously as they grinned at each other enjoying the royal fucking they were giving me. I felt so completely dominated by the two strong athletic looking girls that my orgasms took on more intense feelings as they rocked me over and over and I gave my body to them totally.
     Then Kasey threw me down on the hot sand and thrust her tongue up my cunt as Liz grabbed my head and sat over my open mouth and shoved her dripping cunt down on my parted lips. I licked and sucked as the next orgasm flew up my body and Kasey thrust her tongue way up into my cunt and sucked on my clit with her soft lips while fucking my leg, until I screeched and jerked around on the sand, delirious from the orgasms wracking my sweaty little body. Over, and over, the surges ran up and down my flexing tummy as I gasped for air and hung onto Liz’s firm rear end tight and sucked her cunt for all I was worth.
                 Then the light faded as my ravaged body shut down and I fainted away as I heard them gasp out their own climaxes and shudder over me.
                 When I came back into the world I looked around and they were gone. I was spread eagled on the warm sand and felt the breeze drying the moisture left between my legs and on my face from Liz’s juices which she had sprayed all over me when her orgasm hit. I staggered to the waters edge and cupped my hands and threw water on my face and body.

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   Then I waded out and submerged myself as I ran my hands all over my swollen breasts and cunt until I was clean again. The cold water left little goose bumps all over my body so I ran out of the stream and lay back down on the sand to warm up and bask in the suns hot rays.
                  I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Angie was shaking me and giggling as the twins stared at my naked body. I leaned up on my elbows and stared up at them confused for a minute until I realized where I was.
                  “How did you guys get here so fast?” I asked.
       “What do you mean, Jan, it’s been three hours since you fell out, and we just drove up to get you in Sandy’s truck when we docked at the end of the float” Angie laughed, as she looked at my startled face. The twins were nodding as I felt them run there eyes over my naked body lying in the sand in front of them. I could feel their panting and their lust filled minds as they ogled me, and they were talking to each other, and to me, telling me all the things they were going to do to me. I gasped, and moisture ran out of my cunt again, and my nipples swelled as Angie stared in disbelief at my shuddering body.
       “What’s happening to you, honey?” She asked, with concern all over her cute little face. “You look like you do when we are about to have an orgasm together. ”
       “It’s these twins, Angie, they are raping me again in their devious little minds, and I can feel it all as if they were sucking and fingering me right now!” I gasped, as I jerked and bucked my hips up off the sand as a big orgasm hit me. “Oh, God!” I screamed, as they kept raping me over and over with their minds. I hugged Angie down on top of me and kissed her frantically as the waves continued to surge through me. My legs were trembling and I kept spurting over and over as Angie sucked on my tongue and fucked her own little body up and down between my legs on my hot cunt lips.

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     “My God, Jan!” She panted in my mouth, “I’ve never seen you this hot. What are they doing to you now?”
      I suddenly felt them leave me, and saw Angie’s eyes glaze over as she shuddered and twitched on me. Then she moaned as the twins evidently had turned to her to do the same thing that they had just done to me. She jumped up and frantically tore her clothes off and shoved her fingers up her cunt as they told her to do. She yanked on her swollen stiff nipples and fingered herself faster and faster as sweat poured off her trembling little body.
     They moved over and pulled Angie down on the soft sand and fell on her in a flurry of lips and fingers until Angie screamed with delight and shuddered from her intense orgasms. I watched in awe at the little girls devouring my lover, and I came again just looking at them. Then I felt the twins invade my subconscious again and felt moisture seeping out as they told me to suck on Angie while they fondled her. I rolled over on top of her and licked slowly up and down her wet cunt lips until I felt her big clit swell and poke into my mouth.
     I nibbled and sucked on it until Angie was fucking her hips hard against my face. She stuck her long big fat tongue up my cunt and sucked me furiously until we were both gasping and panting, while the girls were caressing every inch of our sweaty little bodies and kneading and pulling on our nipples.
     “Oh, God , Angie, suck me harder. ” I panted, as she ran her tongue in little circles in my slit. I pulled her clit up with my teeth and she groaned and jerked as her orgasm hit. She shuddered and twisted from side to side and sucked me so hard I thought my cunt would explode.

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   Then it did, and I shot cum all over my little lovers face and into her panting soft mouth, as I felt her warm juices flow over my own tongue, and I licked them up as fast as I could. She tastes soo sweet.
      I raised my head and looked at the two little girls beside us. They were now naked and kissing each other and finger fucking each of their tight little cunts and moaning constantly. I could feel them in my mind as they fucked faster and faster and then their orgasms hit Angie and me so hard that we both jerked in the air and screamed as they wracked our sweaty sand covered bodies.
      I turned around and stared into my lover’s eyes as she gasped and shuddered over and over under me. She hugged me tight as the twins came again and the electric shocks coursed up and down our straining bodies. It was the most thrilling feeling having their climaxes pounding our cunts and nipples. They continued to fuck as we panted and screamed with them, over and over, until we all collapsed in a heap on the hot sand.
      We finally staggered into the cold water and revived, as we played and splashed each other. Then we walked up on the little beach and retrieved out clothes and headed up the trail to the pickup. We climbed up into the cab with the twins between Angie and me, and she drove up the dusty road toward camp while we talked and laughed about the fun time on the sand.
      When we drove into the camp everybody was waiting out in front of the lodge. They all gathered around us chattering about the float, and asking if I was all right, and giggling, as we related the horsing around in the water. Naturally we left out the juicy parts, but I saw several of the girls looking at each other and giggling with knowing looks on their faces.

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      We all went into the lodge for dinner. The twins kept looking over at me and then at Angie and nodding to each other as they talked about us in their minds. After dinner we all gathered around the big bonfire to sing and do skits, and give out the awards for the best fish caught, and the fastest canoe team. Sandy was sitting up on the back row of the four inch risers that surrounded the back side of the fireplace. We had all changed into our dress up clothes for the ceremony and all the little girls were really cute in their little dresses. Angie and I and Sandy were also dolled up in our short summer outfits and more than one girl scoped out my little butt  as we walked around the circle of logs, that the scouts were sitting on, to present the awards.
      Angie giggled when she saw me flush at the obvious attention.
      “Getting a little wet there, horn dog?” She whispered, as she ran her hand up the back of my very short little dress and grabbed my wet cunt lips. I gasped and slapped her hand away as Sandy stared at us. We climbed up the tiers and sat down in front of her and she pulled me back between her legs so my arms were resting on her smooth thighs and my back was against her mound. She held me tight as the girls did their acts on the little stage on the other side of the fire pit, and I shivered when I felt her hands pressing into the sides of my breasts through the thin material of my little sundress.
      As the fire slowly died she pulled a blanket out from under her and spread it out over my shivering body. It felt really cozy under there with her holding me back so my head rested between her firm large breasts. I wiggled back even closer as she slowly slid her hands around to my breasts and tugged lightly on my hard little nipples. Angie looked at me and grinned as she, too, pulled the blanket over her and snuggled in close for warmth.

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       I felt Angie’s fingers searching up my leg to find my quivering cunt lips, and she slid them into my wet cunt as I gasped and moaned softly. Sandy slid her hands back up and released the tie at the back of my dress and the material loosened and then slid down off my breasts and my nipples swelled as she once again began playing with them.
      Angie tugged as I raised my hips and slid my dress completely off, so I was now naked under the blanket in front of twenty little girls who had no idea what we were doing. They sang as I bit my lip to keep from gasping really loudly, and I groaned through my clenched teeth from the delightful feelings coursing through my hot little cunt. I grabbed Sandy’s legs below her knees and shuddered as an orgasm ran up my body.
      She ran her hands up and down over my sweaty little tummy as Angie finger fucked me, faster and faster, until I was thrashing around under the blanket, and gasping and panting, louder, and louder, despite the close little girls. I just couldn’t restrain my emotions as the orgasms kept surging up my cunt and nipples making them swell bigger and bigger until I thought they would burst, they ached so badly!
     Sandy leaned forward and sucked on my ear as I gasped over and over,” Unh, unh, unh, unh! Oh God, you’re making me cum so many times! Oh God, here it comes again!” I groaned, as I jerked up off the bench and grabbed Sandy’s legs driving my nails into her soft skin.
     Angie fingered me harder and harder as I closed my eyes and turned to suck on Sandy’s fingers which she was running in and out of my panting mouth. Then it got to be too much and I tried to scream as Sandy held my mouth tight so I wouldn’t scare the little girls singing around the fire, who were so involved with harmonizing that they hadn’t a clue that I was being mauled under the big soft blanket.
      I jerked over and over from the contractions running up and down my tummy and I sucked and bit Sandy’s fingers as I shuddered and trembled between her hot thighs clamped tightly around my upper body. I slid back and forth on the now wet seat as Angie fingered me constantly through more climaxes until I gasped and passed out from the pure pleasure.
     I guess they had dressed me, because when I came to I was sitting all prim and proper under the blanket with my little sundress back on.
      Sandy kissed my hair and Angie laughed as I looked from one to the other with a huge grin on my face. I whispered thanks to both of them and then got up and went over to the counselor’s tent to clean my swollen cunt lips off and throw some water on my face. I came back out and sat back down by my little lover and she put her arm around me and held me as she stared into my eyes with those hauntingly beautiful eyes of hers, until I was so overcome with love that I began to cry softly.

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   She kissed me as the little girls looked at us in alarm.
    I quickly sat back up and wiped my eyes and told them all I was alright, just crying for happy, and they all giggled and grinned at me. We joined in the goodnight segment and then we walked our groups down the dark trail to our tents. Angie went in as I escorted my girls into the big tent house and bedded them down in their soft flannel night gowns, and then I kissed each one on the head and said goodnight. They were out as soon as their little heads hit the pillows, so I went out front and sat down to listen again to the night sounds, and relax after the hectic night at the bonfire.
       I closed my eyes and heard a group of bats swish by as they darted around looking for bugs and flying prey. Then the dove cooed and I slowly fell asleep in the lounger with my sleeping bag over me for warmth.
       “Oh Jan. Oh, Jan. Where are you Jan?” I heard in my mind as through a dream. Then I saw the twins in their beds grinning at me and making sucking sounds with their soft little lips. I felt my tongue wetting my soft little girl lips and my hands were fingering my little underage naked smooth cunt.
       Then I felt a finger in my own cunt and snapped my eyes open to see Lisa bending over me with a grin on her face. I gasped and tried to sit up but she pushed me down and sat on my thighs and kissed me while she tugged on my swelling cold nipples now exposed to the mountain night air.
      “Where did my dress go?” I asked, puzzled by my nakedness.


       “I took it off while you were thrashing around in your sleep. ” She giggled, as she ran her fingernails over my stiff nipples and then down over my quivering stomach. I gasped and moaned at her touch. My body responded, as usual, and I was beginning to seep moisture again from my hot little cunt. I reached up and gripped the top of the lounger while she ran her hands on down to my mound and then over my swollen cunt lips.
      “Oh God, Lisa! Please fuck meee!” I moaned, as I pushed my hips up against her hands.
      She grinned and sucked on my tongue, and then licked my throat and sucked on my neck as she panted and humped my thighs through her overalls. I jerked up as she sank her fingers up into my wet cunt and began to finger fuck me, while pushing on my clit with her thumb.
     She got up and yanked her coveralls off and then threw herself on me in a furious attack, squeezing my breasts hard and fucking her fingers up me in hard rapid strokes! I jerked and shuddered as orgasms raced through me, and she pummeled me mercilessly until I was jerking all over the chaise under her. I gasped over and over from the pain mixed with the pleasure. It felt awesome being totally under her control and having her dominate me. I surrendered to her every whim as she bit and sucked and licked and fingered me until I was shivering and trembling and gasping for air,
      “Oh God, Lisa! Fuck meee!” I pleaded, as I jerked continually up off the lounger. “Give it to me! Harder! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Hurt me! Fuck me! Suck me! Oh God, I’m cummiiiing!” I whimpered, as the orgasms ripped through my quivering body, and I tasted blood from biting my lip to keep from screaming. My body tensed and relaxed and tensed and relaxed as if it had a mind of its own and I was entirely out of control. Then I snapped up and strained as I felt like my insides were exploding, and I gushed and gushed all over Lisa’s fingers and hand and the chaise webbing! I couldn’t breathe and suddenly I saw stars and rockets go off, literally, as I blacked out arched in the air under Lisa.


        “Jan. Jan. JAN!” I heard from the twins in my head. “What happened to you? We thought you were about to die and go to heaven you felt soo wonderfully satisfied and happy. Did someone just fuck you or what?”
         I giggled as I opened my eyes and stared up into the green eyes looking down at me. Lisa looked at me questioningly as I laughed out loud.
        “What’s so funny?” She asked.
         “Oh, it’s nothing, I just am so happy from you making love to me that I can’t help myself. ” I giggled again. She hugged me and kissed me tenderly as I held on tight, not wanting the feeling to ever go away. I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her naked sweaty body down harder against me as I sucked on her tongue and panted into her open mouth. She moaned and began to hump my mound, sliding up and down on my slippery skin lubricated by her own juices.
          Then she stiffened and let out a little cry as her own orgasm shook her body from head to toe. I ran my tongue over her swollen little lips and she purred like a cat as she caressed me all over and slid up and down on me. Another shock wave ran through her and she gasped and gritted her teeth to stop the scream welling up inside her hot little body.

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   Then she collapsed on me and I rubbed her sweaty back and kissed her eyes as she smiled, and nuzzled my ear, and tried to catch her breath.
      “How do you like them apples?” I laughed in my mind at the twins. “We loved every second of it!” They giggled back, and then said, “Goodnight, mother. ” in unison, and then I felt them leave again as my mind cleared.
       Lisa got up and pulled her overalls on and stole away into the night like a shadow. I flopped back on the lounger and rubbed my sore nipples and grinned to myself as I fell sound asleep.
Next time camp ends, and Jan and Angie say goodbye and leave for the Northwest and the new school year.        deedeeo18@hotmail. com  

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