Girl Scout Chronicles. Part Six


 Girl Scout Chronicles, Part Six.
We could hear the “Row, row, row your boat” round echoing across the valley as the big yellow bus lumbered into camp, bringing a whirlwind of dust, and new shiny faces staring out the open windows, raring to go for the second four week session of the summer.
Angie and I watched as the new bunch jumped off the bottom step and milled around in mass confusion, trying to find their bags and other gear as the driver threw them out of the luggage compartment under the side of the bus.
Sandy blew her whistle and silence settled over the scene as all faces turned our way to see what was going to happen next. We called out their names from the rosters on our clipboards and they lined up as had the last group. Then we marched off to the tents to get everybody situated.
I wandered among my new little girls scoping out their delightful little faces and bodies for possible candidates to replace my last two lovers, Nicky and Candy. Nobody stood out or was interested in me in the least, and I was really disappointed.
“Guess this will be a boring four weeks. ” I muttered to myself under my breath, as I helped them unroll the mattresses that had been left from the last group on the metal spring frames. When they had their sleeping bags all set up we headed back to the lodge for orientation. On the way we were joined by Angie’s group and everybody was chattering like little magpies as we walked the trail.
Angie came alongside me and whispered,”Hey, Jan, look at the twins I have this time in my bunch. ”
I turned as I walked and looked back down the rows until I spotted two ‘look alikes’ holding hands and skipping along with the rest of the girls. They were soooo cute, with dimples and short blonde hair with tiny ringlets all over their heads. Freckles over little pug noses and bright blue eyes, combined with their obviously sprouting little breasts were all it took for the moisture to start forming on my cunt lips.

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I turned back to Ang and she was grinning at me knowingly as I panted softly.
“You want them, don’t you, you little horn dog?” She laughed, as she punched me in the ribs and ran her tongue over her lips like she was licking my slit.
“God, wouldn’t that be awesome to have two exactly alike to play with?” I panted, as we came out of the trees in front of the lodge.
“According to my sheet, they are identical twins, too, so you can’t tell one from the other no matter how much you try. ”
“That kind of twins think the same thoughts too, don’t they?” I asked, as we held the door for the girls to enter the hall.
“Yes, I think so, but so far I don’t see any signs that they are interested in anyone but themselves. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see hunh?” Angie replied, as we followed them in and then sat down in the last row to watch the proceedings.
I stared at the two girls as they sat side by side holding hands and looking at each other from time to time. Each time they did they would nod like something had passed between them in their minds. It was eerie! They were sitting in the next to the last row right in front of Angie and me. I saw one sneak a peek back at me for a split second, and the other nodded again as they both giggled.
I listened to the orientation speech and slowly my eyes closed and I dozed in the warm morning air, leaning my head on Angie’s soft little shoulder, I was soooo tired from our loving the night before………. .
After the meeting we went back out to show them around and the two came over to me and looked up at me from both sides. I felt a chill run up my spine as I felt, not heard, a voice in my head saying, “Hello, sweet little lady.

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   Would you like to play with us?” I stared at them in shock as they smiled, and then each one reached out to take my hands in their little palms.
Angie was watching, as always, and grinned when she saw me shudder and tremble as I held onto the small fingers. She could tell I was smitten from clear across the compound! Several of the other girls were also watching as the twins ran their hands up and down my wrists and lower arms.
Then I felt the same sensation as I heard the voice say, “Let’s go down the trail to the tent and play with each other, okay?” I shook with the feelings of pure lust that were emanating from the sweet little things holding my hands. I was so turned on that I immediately was soaking my cutoff shorts so a dark patch was forming on the front. They looked and nodded at each other again as they drew me away from the center of the camp and led me down the trail toward out tent.
Angie took over as I left so all the girls were talking to her and weren’t aware of what we were doing. As we walked along thoughts kept edging into my brain of eating these girls little cunts, over and over, and them pulling on my nipples and licking me all over with their little pink tongues. It was an awesome sensation and I was about to cum in my pants when they pulled me off the trail and into a thick stand of trees.
They backed me up against a pine and started running their hands up my legs and sticking little fingers under the edge of my leg openings until I was gasping and panting with desire. Then they simultaneously reached over and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down real slow so I was shaking all over wanting them to hurry and rape me right now!
I could hear them in my head discussing my cute little body and what all they were going to do to me and I started cumming on the spot. They both grabbed my shorts and yanked them down as my juices flooded over their small fingers. Then they reached up and took turns unbuttoning my camp blouse until I felt the cool air make my nipples start to swell. They tugged on the short sleeves and the top slid off my shoulders and fell to the pine needle covered ground beneath our feet. I kicked my shorts clear and then opened my shaking legs as the little fingers ran up and down, edging ever closer, but teasing me unmercifully, until I was shaking and shuddering and panting loudly for them to please finger my hot little cunt.

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“You don’t need to tell us, we already are reading your mind. ” I felt one say in my head, as I envisioned my cunt lips swelling and opening up so my hard clit would be exposed to their light touches.
I closed my eyes and saw them staring at my cunt and nipples and licking their little puffy lips in anticipation. Then I felt one soft mouth close over one of my stiff nipples and when the puckered skin rubbed over the little tongue I felt it on my own! What a turn on this was! It was as if I was making love to myself through them and I was totally absorbed in their thoughts as they sucked and nibbled and ran fingers in and out of my steaming hot little vagina.
My own fingertips felt wet and I could feel the tiny ridges of my inner cunt lips as if my hands were shoved up my wet slit instead of theirs. I held onto their little shoulders as they fingered me, and sucked on my aching breasts, until I screamed and bucked my hips against their fingers in a quaking orgasm.
As I sagged against the rough bark of the tree trunk they both placed their other hands over my sweating rear end and ran fingers up and down my crack while they relentlessly fucked me with their other hands. Then they clamped me in a vice like grip and shoved fingers up my anus so I felt their fingers meeting through the thin membrane of my cunt walls.
 I was going wild as they picked up their pace in unison until I was jerking and gasping over and over as my mouth hung open and saliva poured down my chin. I kept my eyes closed tight as I watched them in my mind staring at my writhing little body hungrily, and smiling at each other with lust as they worked me into a twitching heaving frenzy.
“We are fucking you, Jan, while we chew on your sweet nipples and caress your tight little rear and insides with our fingers. ” I felt them say, as I jerked once more and screamed again as my juices shot out and covered the little probing hands. My tongue tasted my own cum as one knelt and licked my cunt feverishly, sucking and drawing my clit away with her teeth while she drank my spurting moisture and swallowed all of it.
The other was yanking on my sore breasts and nipples and twisting her finger in my rear until I had yet another shock wave run up my body. This went on for what seemed forever as I came and came and came, screaming out each contraction and holding the blonde head tight against my mound, as she licked furiously and fucked me with her tongue.

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I slowly sank down to the base of the tree as the twins looked down with grins on their faces and holding each others hands. I heard that now familiar voice saying, “Isn’t she sexy sitting there with her shiny little cunt oozing cum onto the pine needles?” I stared into their eyes and sent back my own message thanking them profusely for the pleasure they had just given me. They smiled and reached down to help me up.
Then they slowly dressed me as I shivered from the electricity shooting through my nerve endings every time I felt the little fingernails graze my skin. I can’t remember a time when I was so turned on from being dressed by someone! It was awesome and I was getting wet all over again.
They rubbed my nipples as they pulled the blouse closed and I trembled as my breasts swelled and ached. I could smell their sweet breath as they panted softly with glazed looks in their eyes as they buttoned each button and squeezed and tugged on my nipples as they smoothed the material over my chest. Then they had me step into my cutoffs and slowly pulled them up over my thighs and up to my waist. One continued to fondle my breasts while the other ran her hand all over my quaking tummy and down over my swollen cunt lips, which were still open to the air in the gap where my zipper was still unfastened.
“Oh God!” I panted, as I squirmed back and forth against the tree trunk.
“I’m gonna’ cum again! You’re driving me crazy with lust, you know that don’t you? Oh, shit! I’m cumming! Ohmigod, your little hands feel so good stroking my cunt and nipples. Oh God, Oh God, Oh, God! I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiing!!” I screamed, as I bucked my hips out against the tiny hands and jerked as the contractions ran up and down my stomach!
I gushed on my shorts as the little fingers flew in and out of my hot little cunt. The pain from the tugging on my nipples only drove me wilder, and I couldn’t breathe as I gasped and moaned as the orgasms kept coming over and over again. Then they started taking my clothes off again and pulled me down on the earth and fell on top of me smothering my sweaty body with their sweet little kisses all over. I felt the soft tongue slide up and down my wet cunt lips and I almost passed out from the extreme surge of pleasure running up my body.

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I hugged them to me and pushed the little face deeper between my thighs as I sucked on the little pink tongue playing around in my gasping mouth. They were all over me and I was delirious with the orgasms racing through me! Over and over they rose and fell in ever increasing intensity as I rolled and jerked beneath the cute little girls.
One had a little summer dress on that buttoned up the front and I feverishly tugged until the front fell open to reveal a pair of little rosebud tipped breasts that took what was left of my breath away. Her smooth little slit felt like velvet as I slid my fingers over it. She moaned lightly as I inserted one finger into her opening and pushed gently on her little nub of a clit.
The other twin had a lip lock on my own cunt and was sucking me so hard I thought my clit would stick out a mile after she let up. It felt sooo good that I arched up toward her puffy little mouth and gasped as the little tip of her tongue slid in and out of my inner lips. When I erupted in her face I could feel the moisture on my own eyelids and screamed out another multiple orgasm as a result.
Finally they sat back up and looked at each other and smiled as they nodded. Then they once again helped me up and dressed me, only this time there was no delay since we could hear the other Scouts coming down the trail.
As we walked out of the grove of pines Angie looked me up and down and broke out in a giggling fit. She knew I had been fucked over by the twins by my red cheeks and my heaving chest. The rest of the group stared at me, too, and I covered my wet shorts with my hands as best I could as I dashed for the tent to change.
When I came back out all dressed in my fresh little sundress, the girls all ogled me openly. Guess they weren’t expecting to have such a sexy little mother for their four week stay.

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   The spaghetti straps just held the loose top on the tips of my nipples and the sun shining through the thin worn dress left little to their imagination, I suspected, since I was hearing little panting noises coming from several of the Scouts as they stared in awe at my firm little body.
Angie came over and put her arm over my shoulder and hugged me as she whispered in my ear, “Got a little, did you? You should see your face, it’s beet red, Jan. Boy, what did they do to you in the trees?”
“Angie, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. It was really strange, they can read my mind or something, and I could feel and see everything they were doing even with my eyes closed!” I panted, as she licked my ear lobe.
“Wow! I’m going to have to try them on for size myself now, I’m getting hotter than all get out hearing about it. ” She replied.
We helped the girls clean up the tent areas and then went back up to the lodge for a snack. Then we all entered the pool area to get ready for the swim lessons to start. The Scouts had already changed before we left their tents so Angie and I stripped down in the counselors’ tent again. As I pulled my dress over my head Angie ran her hands over my breasts and down into my still wet cunt.

    I jerked and gasped at her fondling, and she grinned at me and fingered me, faster and faster, until I was so wet her fingers were making slurping sounds as they flew in and out.
    “Angie! Quit honey, or I’m gonna’ cum!” I panted, as I squirmed out of her grip.
    ‘That was my plan, horn dog. ” She giggled, as I slid my bikini bottoms up and tied the side ties. She helped me tie the tiny patches that formed the top and then I helped her into her little outfit.

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    “God, Angie, you are getting so dark from being out in the sun. You look like a south sea islander with that tan. ” I laughed, as she pirouetted in front of me. I grabbed her tight little buns and squeezed as she yelped, and then she spun out of my hands and ran for the tent flap.
    Sandy ogled me as always, and I could see she wanted to eat me as she walked with us to the pool side. We sat down and called the girls over for instructions. The twins stood right in front of me and gazed into my eyes as innocent as the day they were born. “Yeah, Right!” I thought, “You can fool all the rest but I know better. ”
    Then I heard the voice say, “Jan, we can see the outline of your cunt lips through the thin material of your bikini, and we want to lick you right here in front of everybody!”
    I shuddered, and Angie looked at me with one eyebrow raised. I looked back at her pleadingly as I leaned over and whispered, “They’re doing it again, Ang, I can feel the raw lust in their bodies, it’s driving me wild sitting here as they are raping me with their eyes!”
    “Lean back on your elbows, Jan, it will make your mound stick up more and they will love it!” she whispered back. I looked over at Sandy and she was watching the twins as one edged in between my legs and laid her forearms on my thighs and stared up into my eyes. I couldn’t resist sliding forward until I felt her little hard nipples pushing against my thighs and her chin resting on top of her hands to hide the fact that she was pushing on my clit through the fabric.  
    I pretended that I was teaching her to kick as she moved her little legs up and down in the water and held her body up by resting on my thighs. Angie reached over and pulled my legs open a little more so the girl could slide her little fingers under the small patch of cloth covering my slit. As she continued to stare into my eyes her little fingers slid up and down on my cunt lips until I was panting and trembling trying to disguise that I was about to cum in front of the whole group.

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    “You want to cum, you want to cum. . . ” she imaged in my mind, as I gasped loudly, and Sandy opened her parted lips more as she panted along with me. “You want me to pull your bikini off so you are naked, and everyone will see your pink puffy little cunt dripping on the deck. . . ” She made me see in my head.
    “Oh God,” I whispered, as I threw my head back and arched my hips up off the concrete. The twin smiled up at me as she pulled my suit down baring my cunt under her. She shoved her little fingers further up me, and pulled my outer lips wide, and then grabbed my swollen clit between her thumb and finger, and twirled, and tugged on it, until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I clinched my thighs tight around her head and stiffened as the orgasm shot through my trembling body, and images flashed trough my brain of my tongue shoved far up my vagina and my juices running out the sides of my open mouth.
    I lay there flat on my back gasping for air as Angie leaned over and kissed me, and ran her big fat tongue deep into my throat. I sucked on it greedily as the little girl between my legs sucked on me and probed my cunt with her tiny fingers.
    The Scouts in the pool swam over to watch as Sandy sat down next to me and ran her hand down my thigh.

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       The twin raised her wet mouth to smile at me and I looked back at her as visions of my naked body spread eagled on the deck while all the little scouts raped me repeatedly flashed across my minds eye. I knew what she and her sister wanted to happen and I was shaking from anticipation, as my nipples got bigger and my cunt lips swelled even more than before.
    A hush fell over the pool as the little girls stared in awe at Sandy as she slowly untied the strings holding my bikini bottom on. While she was doing that Angie undid the tie in the middle of my breasts and the top loosened and slid open, just barely hanging on the puckered ends of my nipples. The next thing I knew all the Scouts were stripping their suits off and climbing out of the pool to attack my almost naked body.
    I fought, but they quickly overpowered me and they grabbed my arms and legs and pulled me wide open as lips and tongues ran all over my trembling breasts and stomach and vagina. Then I saw a perfect little cunt descend on my mouth and I opened wide to suck on the tiny folds and little clit as she sat on my face.
    A small fist was up my cunt hole pumping in and out as a pair of teeth nipped at my hard clit. I was jerking all over the deck and sweat poured off my ravaged little body. I screamed and screamed and screamed as the orgasms banged into my cunt and tingled through my nipples and up and down my quaking stomach. I jerked my hips up and held them in the air as I strained to force the fist to move faster and deeper until I shrieked and passed out.
    I faintly heard my name being called over and over as I came out of the fog in my mind. I opened my eyes as Angie looked at me worriedly. She pushed me gently up off her shoulder, as I looked around at the seated Scouts all staring at me in the back row.
    “What happened to the pool and where are all the naked girls?” I whispered anxiously, as I blushed bright red.

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    “There aren’t any here, you must have been dreaming, honey. ” She answered, as she grinned at the stain on the front of my cutoffs. “And from the looks of your shorts it must have been a doozy!” She giggled. I looked around again at all the gaping mouths and then saw the look on the twins’ faces. They looked like the cat that ate the canary, grinning at me and nodding over and over to each other like they were talking in their minds. Then I felt an overpowering feeling of lust surge through my cunt and I gushed more into my already soaked shorts.
    I grabbed a pillow off one of the chairs and held it in front of me as I tore out the door and ran for the counselors’ tent to change. I slipped on another pair of cutoffs and returned to the lodge just in time to see everybody coming out. The twins came up to me and held my hands as they beamed up at me at me and whispered, “You were really awesome, you know?”
     Then they nodded at each other, released my trembling hands, and turned and walked away to join Angie and the rest of her charges.
    To be continued…. . .