High School of Sluts


Hi, my names Brittany. I'm a blond, about 5'7, and weigh around 110 pounds. This is the story of my new school. I got there on the first day, and was surprised at how slutty all the girls looked and acted. they touched each other in the halls, and all that good old stuff. I felt right at home. My first period class was French. The desk in front of me was inhabited by a really hot brunette, who quickly introduced herself as Racheal, Well, I noticed that she was wearing a very short skirt, and that it rode up under her. So, when class started, I took my shoes off. I pushed my kneee through the hole in the back of her seat. I heard a very soft moan escape her lips. She moved abck some, and started rubbing her ass into my knee. After about 3 minutes of that, i put my lef up there, and pulled her skirt up all the way. I then pulled on the back of her thong, making her even more wet. This went on for about the rest of class. Right when the bell rang, Racheal came up to me, and whispered in my ear "I want you, follow me, we're going to my car.

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  " I followed her out to her car.
She drove us over to her house, where no one was at home. We went inside. As soon as i got into her house, she turned around, pushed me up agianst the door, and started kissing me. We where grinding our bodies up agianst each other really hard. Pretty soon, our clothes just started falling off, or so it seemed. She stuck her thigh into my pussy, and started rubbing it up agianst it. It felt so good, I started moaning loudly. After about 2 minutes of that, I finally had an orgasm, it came hard, with me screaming "Oh fuck, i'm fucking cumming all over your fuking leg, fuck me harder Racheal, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"
She let me come down from my high, and led me up to her room. I pushed her down on her bed, and started sucking her off. Her pussy tasted so good. She was rithing on the bed, and it was amazing to have that kind of power over her. I started teasing her, before she grabbed to fist fulls of my hair, and pushed me into her cunt, yelling "Fucking eat my pussy bitch!" I didn't need a second bidding. Pretty soon, she was bucking her hips, screaming like a mad woman. "Oh fuck yeah, suck that cunt!! Oh god, I'm gonna cum in your fucking mouth!!! OHHHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!" She let her pussy juices squirt into my face.

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   After that, i moved up, and let her lick my face clean of her juices. We just laid there for the rest of the day, fondling each other.
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