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Barb raised her hand and offered, “I know for a fact that’s what happens because my boyfriend has felt me up a lot of times!” Several other girls nodded in agreement which made it easier for Sally to suggest, “Since we all agree that breast play will more than likely be the first step in a relationship I think that we should all remove our blouses and bras and do a some preliminary research!” Everyone looked around a little nervously but after only a moment’s hesitation all twenty eighteen year olds stripped to the waist. There was a wide disparity between the size and shape of each girl’s chest, all the way from an A-cup to what appeared to be a double D! As she always did in this class Sally Wells also removed her own blouse and bra to reveal her own 36D’s to the class. 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Sally rolled her head to the side and was stunned to see that there were only two minutes left until the period ending bell!!! She pushed Karen off of her face and after sitting up she offered, “That will be all for today, class, next time our lesson’s on sanitary napkins and tampons, good day!!!”THE END
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