Jamie and Silas part 3



I felt like I needed to pinch myself, I had been wanting this moment with jamie since I was 15. 11 years and here I was handcuffed and tied her to her bed. I remember the first time I saw her sophomore year. She was struggling to open her locker. Basically yelling at it, calling it a piece of shit. She smiled and I just smiled back at her. We were friends since. College roommates and best friends. God I had seen her in bikinis and I had drooled over her. To afraid to admit I was in love with her.   I had closed my eyes. Just soaking in the moment. The idea the pure unbelievablilyt that was this moment. Even if that was a word. .

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   “ready or not, here I come. ” Jamie laughed and I opened my eyes.

“what do you think you’re going to do with that?” I asked watching her wearing nothing but a large purple strap on. “I don’t think Im doing anything. I know what im doing with this. ” jamie smiled and startled me. “can I tell you something?” I asked looking at her. Wishing my hands were free so I could run my hands over her perfect breasts and ass. “what?” jamie asked kissing my shoulder. I felt that perfect tingle my nipples getting hard. “I’ve wanted this for 11 years. ” I smiled and bite down on my lower lip. “why didn’t you say anything about it then. ” Jamie asked running her hand over my nipple and I sighed.

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   “I was afraid to. ” I laughed and I tried to sit up. wanting to kiss her.

“this is why your tied to the bed. ” jamie laughed and she moved the dildo to my pussy and I moaned. “I hate that im tied to the bed. I want to run my hands over you. I want to kiss you and your not letting me. ” I whined but it came out as a moan. It hard cock felt so good entering me. I could feel it stretching the walls of my pussy. “you have to come first and ill give you one hand. ” Jamie laughed and I moaned again. “faster” I breathed and moved my hips in time with hers.


   Feeling my pussy walls stretch over the large fake cock.   “you want it faster?” jamie laughed and started pounding into me. “oh god. ” I moaned feeling the heat inside me build up. “tell me when your close. ” Jamie smiled and I just nodded I wanted to ride her to be on top.

“oh god im close. ” I breathed and jamie pulled out and just smiled. “baby don’t stop. Fuck don’t stop I need it. ” I breathed. Feeling empty “you need it?” jamie laughed I sighed. “don’t fucking tease me right now. I need you to fuck me.

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   you cant bring me that close and deny it. ” I sighed and jamie took the cock into her hand and used it to slap my clit. “please?” I breathed and she slid it back into me but she wantst moving. “I fucking hate you right now. Its all about me?” I laughed and jamie bent down and kissed me then she started thrusting in and out again harder, faster. Her skin slapping agaist mine. “yes. Yes jamie. Fucking yes. ” I moaned into her ear and I was there again. “im gunna cum. ” I breathed and bite into her sholder.

The last moan came out as nothing more then sound.   My pussy clenched down on the big purple cock and jamie started slow thrusts again.

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   “oh god. ” I breathed and jamie sat up and kissed me and I sighed. “ Don’t stop please. Don’t stop. ” I begged and jamie kept going. “im not stopping. ” Jamie smiled and kissed me thrusting in and out. harder and faster. Until she slowed down. She was barley moving.  “Just don’t stop. ” I breathed and my back arched up. “I didnt. ” Jamie smiled and her fingers found my swollen clit and she worked it in small fast circles.

“oh my god” I breathed and jamei kissed me again. “I love this. ” Jamie took my hard nipple into her mouth and I couldnt speak or make works. Everything came out as deep moans that jamie seemed to want to draw out of me. “im” I breathed and jamie started going faster. “cumming. Oh. My. God. ” I bite back into her shoulder and she slowed down. I was sweating and my heart was pounding and I wanted free so I could return the favor of the orgasmic bliss.

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part 4 to come.

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