jamie and silas part 4


 It had been a few days since that night, morning, and afternoon I spent with jamie. We hadn’t talked much about it but she was on her way over for dinner. I was nervous, were we going to pretend like it didn’t happen. Was this going to ruin our friendship, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. my head was racing, all I wanted was to make her moan and cum and, fuck I was wet just thinking about it. I had gone to get waxed this morning I had made a nice dinner gotten some wine. But I was ready for the worst for her to tell me we couldn’t do this.

“hello?” I heard from the door open, I walked out of the kitchen seeing jamie standing before me. “hi. ” I smiled biting softly on her lower lip trying to be cute but there was no trying needed she was sexy all the time. I wiped my palms on my dress, I felt like having a panic attack. Her low cut sweater was dipping lover then what was deemed appropriate cleavage for just going around in. her shorts left nothing to my imagination, god I could see her nipples and her perfect ass she wore her clothes like a second layer of skin. Fuck the juices from my pussy were going to start running down my legs if I didn’t stop imaging her perfectly toned body, without clothes on.

 “I brought dessert. ” Jamie smiled holding up a can of whipped cream. My eyes got huge at the thought of were that was going to be eaten off of. I needed to stop thinking or I was going to jump jamie right here were we stood I was so horny already, she had only been in my apartment for all of 2 minuets.  Jamie saw my reaction and  blushed. “or are we. Fuck. This is the I made a mistake sleeping with you dinner. ” Jamie stammered turned to walk out the door, I couldn’t resist any longer I had let my thought wander to far out of my control. I reached out and pulled her to me, not even pausing before I kissed her. Letting my tongue slip between her pillow like lips that tasted like sweet mint. I was going to pull away because she was tense, and ridged. But she wrapped her arms around me pulling me closer to her before she kissed me back with the same passion and need to which I kissed her.


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  ” I breathed looking into her eyes liking my lips wanting to memorize the taste, and look in her eyes. “thank god. I thought you were going to say we can’t sleep together anymore. ” Jamie laughed the perfect high pitch note before she kissed me again slipping her thigh between my legs. I was sure she could feel the heat radiating from my pussy. In hopes that this would happen, that I would be locked in this moment, I neglected to put on underwear and a bra. “I thought that’s what you were going to say. ” I smiled pulling her closer listening to jamie laughed. “im going to need some type of sustenance before we start this. I mean I need to keep my energy up and all. ” Jamie laughed backing away slightly before taking my hand. “sounds good. ” I smiled slightly disappointed that she wanted to eat dinner and not my pussy. I wanted her desperately.


                Jamie sat there watching me after we ate, I didn’t know what to do.

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   all of a sudden I was that nervous girl who wasn’t sure who was supposed to make the first move. Did I play it cool and act like my pussy wasn’t aching to be touched, or did I pull her into my arms, take control, ravage her. it was like a staring contest. Whoever blinked first needed to say or do something. “I’ve been nervous all day about this dinner. We haven’t really talked since I tied you to my bed. ” jamie laughed nervously both of losing that need and fire from only moment before when she walked in.  “so have i. ” I laughed trying to play it cool that was going to be my role. Calm and collected I got up to clear the plates. Still nervous, but longing for that moment when we both gave in. “is this going to mess up us, being friends?” I asked turning around, only to find jamie right behind letting the devilish grin play at the corners of her lips. “be my girlfriend. So it doesn’t get weird. So we don’t fuck up our friendship. 

  ” Jamie walked towards me forcing me back up against the counter.

                “jamie. ” I smiled as she closed the gap letting out lips meet as she kissed me her hand pulling up the bottom of my dress. Giving me chills, feeling her touch my skin, my body reacted right away but it was my nipples that reacted the most getting hard. Jamies hand dragged my dress up to my breast,  she ran her palm over my nipples and I couldn’t help but moan into her mouth. “I need an answer. Yes or no?” jamie asked pinching my nipple causing me to take a sharp breath. “yes. Ill be your girlfriend. ” I smiled biting down on my lip watching her grin. “only mine I don’t do that open relationship bull shit. ” Jamie pinched my nipple harder and i let out a small yelp. It hurt but it wasn’t painful it was pleasurable.

                “no shit. ” I laughed forcing my hand between her shorts and her skin.

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   “this isn’t about me today. Its about you. ” I smiled, bring her lips back to mine at the same time feeling the heat from her pussy. “let’s go to my room. ” I moved my hand from her shorts then lead her to my room “wait dessert. ” Jamie laughed before running back into the kitchen to get the can of whipped cream I had almost forgotten about. “you weren’t kidding” I laughed pulling her to me trying to get the button on her shorts undone. “no I wasn’t. ” jamie smiled watching me as I pushed her shorts down the whole time smiling knowing the lower her shorts got the more I got to see my dessert. “I see the dessert I want. ” I laughed liking my lips. She reached down and pulled my dress up over my head. “no underwear. No bra. ” Jamie laughed looking me over from head to toe standing completely naked in front of her “I had hopes.

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  ” I pulled off Jamies sweater  standing up so I could kiss lips before pulling her into bed with me.

                “I see dessert here” jamie laughed and pulled the cap off of the whipped cream, spraying it on my right nipple. “and I see dessert here. ” Jamie laughed spraying it on my left nipple. I got goose bumps right away because the whipped cream was colder than my skin. “I like this dessert. ” Jamie laughed  before she sucked my nipple into her mouth, I jumped causing  jamie to smiled. she  licked her lips. “and this dessert. ” Jamie went to my other nipple biting down softly causing me to moan. she came up and kissed me, pushing the whipped cream into my mouth. “you taste better. ” I smiled kissing her again while i ran my hand down her side wanting to get to her wet pussy. “let me have my dessert” I laughed pulling her hips up towards my face. Jamie moved so she was sitting over my face.

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   Using in head board for support. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my face as she hovered only inches from my waiting mouth.

                I wrapped my arms around her hips pulling her down to me, the perfect musty sweet scent the amazing taste that words cannot explain. She moaned softly when I sucked her clit into my mouth and I felt her sink lower onto my face. I flicked my tongue over her clit hearing her moan again made me smile. I worked her clit with my tongue reaching up rolling her nipple between my fingers. “yes. ” Jamie moaned as I entered her pussy with my tongue. “oh. ” Jamie moaned and I pushed further into her pussy. My nose pushed against her clit, I started to tongue fuck her fast, using my nose to rub her clit “yes. ” She moaned while started to rock against my face. “yes. ” She breathed again and I palmed her breast the soft warm skin in my hand rubbing over her long hard pink nipples. “silas.

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  ” jamie moaned and I brought her clit back between my lips, before started to finger her. Hooking my fingers so I worked her G stop.  “yes. Oh yes. ” Jamie started rocking harder, I felt her body tense up her pussy walls tightening around my fingers as she came all over my fingers and my face.

                I hooked my arms back around her keeping her pussy at my mouth until I had lapped up all of her juices. “oh god. ” Jamie moaned again as I started to work her clit with my tongue. Pulling her down to my face sucking on her clit harder. “silas. yes. Oh my god. ” Jamie started rocking again, I sucked harder on her clit working my tongue in circles until she came again. Harder than the time before. “oh my god.

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  ” Jamie laid next to me panting heavily. “how is it that your ever single?” jamie breathed kissing me. Tasting her own juices, her tongue dancing with mine her pillow like lips engrossing mine. . “some girls can’t take it. the idea that I can do that. ” I smiled and jamie laughed. “im never letting you go. ” Jamie smiled running her hand down my body finging my pussy, she started rub my clit in small circles. “I have no problems with that. ” I breathed.            

                I closed my eyes and smiled her fingers worked their way into my pussy and I arched my back trying to make her fingers go deeper.

“oh” I breathed as she bite down softly on my nipple, I couldn’t help but  arch up more trying to meet her lips. “mmm. ” I moaned, her thumb worked my clit in soft circles.

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   “yeah. ” I breathed  rocking my hips into hand. Feeling the orgasm build inside of me. starting slow until it was too much to take, I moaned. “oh my god jamie. Oh yes. ”  Breathing harder unable to keep any composer, breathless my head in the clouds. I wanted to fuck her, the way she had fucked me when she tied me to her bed. jamie turned me on more than any of girl or women was capable of.

                “baby. ” I rocked harder into her hand. “im cumming. ” I stopped rocking closing my leg against her hand keeping the pressure in the stop that made me cum harder. “yes. ” I screamed feeling her teeth graze my nipple.


   “mmmhh” i whimpered coming down form  my perfect bliss thinking only one thing. I had to fuck her, she had fucked me and it was my turn to fuck her. I had just the toy in mind. The strapless strap on. The king that fucked me as I fucked her.

                “wait here. ” I breathed once I felt like I could move again. Making sure my legs would support me as I made my way to my closet to find my favorite toy. I returned to the bed finding jamie playing with her clit. Her eyes were closed , her legs spread far apart I could see all of her. Her face, her breasts, her bare beautiful pussy that was glistening with her wet juices. I just watched for a moment  taking in the pleasure she was giving herself. I was wet and I wanted to fuck her I couldn’t wait any longer. “ready?” I asked standing next to the bed. “that looks like a toy laser gun.

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  ” Jamie looked at my toy as she kept working her clit.

                “your going to love this thing. ” I smiled pushing my end of the dildo into me felling it stretch the wall of my pussy. The rest of it stood out from my body like I had grown at think black cock. “that looks like fun. ” Jamie laughed sitting up moving towards me. “I want to suck your cock. ” Jamie smiled and got on her knees by the bed. she leaned in and took the tip of the cock into her mouth. She started to bob back and forth and I started to moan. She was working the cock just right that I was rocking in and out of my pussy. “yeah baby, just like that. ” I breathed putting my hand on the back of her head guiding her up and down. “fuck me. ” jamie got up looked me in the eye before kissing me.

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   “fuck me hard. ” She smiled biting down on her lower lip. I didn’t need to be told again. I turned her around and bent her over. Her prefect bubble ass was in the air. I used my foot to speared her legs enough so I could see her wet pink pussy lips.

                I ran the tip of my fake cock up and down her slit making sure to get it nice and wet before I slammed into her. “yes. ” She moaned load I put my hands on her hip sand pulled her back onto my cock. “oh god. ” I breathed feeling the cock in me slam up. “harder. ” Jamie breathed putting her fingers on her clit working it in small circles. I started to fuck her hard and fast. “yes.

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  ” I moaned slamming her into her loving this cock how it worked me as I fucked her. “yeah. ” Jamie yelled out working her clit. “yes. Yes. Yes. Oh my god. Silas yes. Harder. Baby harder. Yes. Fuck me yes. ” Jamie yelled every time I slammed into her. “fuck me. yes. 

   Oh my god im gunna come. God im so close yes im right there. ” Jamie yelled and I pulled out of her and she started to squirt. “oh my god!” she screamed and collapsed onto the bed jerking  and screaming.  I smiled and pulled her legs apart sucking on her pussy hard wanting all of her juices.

                “wow. ” Jamie panted breathing hard and fast she pulled me up to her lips and kissed me. I pulled the cock out of my pussy and laid there kissing her. I had never made anyone squirt before. I just wanted to do it over and over again. It was the hottest sexiest thing I had ever seen. “you need to finish. ” Jamie breathed and reached into my night stand pulling out a thick vibrator. “yeah?” I smiled watching jamie just nod before putting the vibrator into my pussy. “mmmhhmmm.

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  ” I moaned pinching my own nipple. “yes. ” I moaned as she started to pick up pace pulling the vibrator almost all the way out before pushing back in. I was just about to cum when jamie turned the vibrator on high. “yeah. ” I yelled bucking my hips towards her wanting her to fuck me deeper. “oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. God yes. ” I screamed as the orgasm hit me hard.

                “oh my god. ” I yelled and jamie turned off the vibrator leaving it in me.   “I love you. ” she smiled leaving a trail of we kisses up my body back to my lips. “I love you.

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  ” breathed and kissed her softly. Pulling her into my arms. My legs felt numb, my head was in the clouds and I had the girl of my dreams in my arms. “I wanted to make you squirt. ” Jamie smiled and bit into my shoulder and my pussy walls tightened around the vibrator. “I guess we have to keep trying. ” I smiled kissing her again. In what must be the closest thing to heaven.

Let me know what you think about jamie and silas. i love all kinds of feed back. Dinkonit@gmail. com


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