Jamie and Silas part 6, squirting for the first time.


Work had been hell, everything in life had been stressful and I needed a break, a long hot shower and a good glass of wine before I sunk into bed to call it a night. I had been home along for almost a week because jamie was off doing some fancy photo shoot in Hawaii and I was stuck here working, we had talk on the phone but not for long the time difference mixed with different schedules made it hard.

I walked into the master bathroom and stripped down; I turned on the shower and let the hot water relax me. Feeling my muscles relax for the first time all week. i had a few missed calls and there were messages on the answering machine but I hadn’t bothered to check any of them before getting in the shower. I closed my eyes and breathed in the thick steam let my stress from the day wash away.

I jumped when I heard the shower door open, I instantly thought, great this is how im going to die. Because when your home alone, 27 and a girl you think irrational thoughts.  Like you’re going to die.   “ive missed you. ” jamie breathed and wrapped her arms around me and sighed. “god you scared me. ” I laughed and turned in her arms. The way she hugged me was like putting on your favorite sweater and sitting by the fire place. “im sorry. I called to say I was coming hope early.

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  ” Jamie smiled and kissed me. her lips melting to mine in the perfect sweet kiss that made my heart flip.

“I haven’t checked my messages. ” I smiled and watched her for a second looking at the freckles she had on her nose and how her eyes were perfect and shinning. Her soft lips, watching the smiled dance at the corners of her lips. “you watch to many horror films my love, you thought I was going to kill you right?”  jamie smiled and I kissed her again pulling her to me feeling her hard nipples on mine. She pushed me back into the shower wall and I jumped because it was cold, causing goose bumps to form and for my nipples to get even harder.

“these look happy to see me” jamie laughed and pinched each of my nipples softly. “all of me is happy to see you. ” I grinned and kissed along her shoulder running my hands down her back to her ass. Squeezing roughly pulling her closer to me, feeling her skin on mine. I was already wet I could feel it. “baby I missed you. ” I kissed her again letting my hand slip between us to her waiting pussy. Her soft pussy lips made me smile.

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   I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth just as I fingers found her swollen clit. “mhh” jamie breathed and kissed me deeper with more passion moving her hand my nipple down to my pussy. She ran 2 fingers up the length of my pussy felling my juices as we continued to kiss.

I took in a sharp breath when she put those 2 fingers inside of me and started to finger me slowly. I followed her que and started to finger her. Wrapping my free arm around her I slowly walked back so we were both standing under the shower head letting the steaming water wash over both of us as we kissed. “mmm” I moaned into her mouth as she found my g-spot. I slowly started rocking into her hand. Wanting her fingers to go deeper. My rocking caused me to finger her just a little bit harder. Her juices were flowing down my fingers to my hand. “yes. ” She breathed and kissed along my shoulder as we both rocked into each other. “mhhh. ” I breathed as she kissed down my neck moving away from my fingers, kissing her way to my nipples.

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   Her fingers working faster.

                “yes. ” I moaned and rocked harder into her hand. She sucked on my nipple rolling it around her tongue gently biting down. “mmm. ” I whimpered and she smiled then kissed lower making her way to my pussy. “you smell so good. ” Jamie breathed, kissing around my pussy lips teasing me. “go back to the wall. ” she smiled and I backed up into the wall again. She smiled and pulled my leg over her shoulder and started fucking on my clit. “yes. ” I moaned loader using the wall for hold me up.

                Her tongue worked in small circles around my clit while her fingers worked my G-spot harder and faster. “oh yeah.

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  ” I breathed feeling her suck hard on my clit. “you taste even better. ” Jamie smiled and started liking again. Feeling the tip of her tongue flick my clit before she started to suck on it, then lick. I rocked into her mouth and fingers. “faster. ” I breathed putting my hand on the back of her head feeling my orgasm build. Jamie started to finger me harder and lick my clit faster. I could feel the wave rush over me and I came hard on her face. “oh yeah. ” I moaned and tried to steady my self as my knees buckles and my pussy sunk lower on jamies face.

                “yes. ” I breathed and she kept her pace fingering me and licking my clit. “oh god. ” I breathed feeling the second one build up already.

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   “oh yeah. ” I breathed and jamie pulled away and smiled. “not yet. ” She laughed and turned off the shower. “oh god. ” I sighed and she took my hand and pulled me out of the shower to our bed. “I brought home a present. ” Jamie smiled and picked up a large pink vibrator, the king that had the beads that spun around as it vibrated.  “that looks like fun. ” I smiled and jamie climbed into bed on top of me and kissed me.

                Her tongue slipping between my lips, her wet body on top of mine, she smiled and ran the vibrator up and down my slit getting it wet before she fucked me.  “mhh” I moaned into her mouth reaching up and pinching her already rock hard nipples. “mhhh” she moaned back and shoved the vibrator all the way in me. “ohhh” I breathed and felt my pussy clamp down on the object before I relaxed again. “your going to squirt for me.

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  ” jamie smiled a wicked grin and turned the vibrator on. “oh god. ” I moaned and arched my back. It felt so good. I could feel every bead spin and the head moved further into me and my pussy tighted around it.

                “oh yes. ” I smiled and jamie started to slowly pull out of me. “god your so tight. ” She smiled and started to fuck me. keeping the vibrator at and angle so it worked my g-stop. “yes. ” I moaned and  and felt he orgasm build again. “tell me when your ready baby. ” Jamie smiled and bite down on my nipple and scream. “yes.

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  ” I rocked onto the vibrator and she turned it up higher. “yes. ” I screamed again and she started to fuck me hard and fast. I couldn’t hold it in any more. “oh god, im cumming. ” I screamed and jamie pulled the vibrator out of me and I started to squirt and buck and squirm on the bed. “yes, yes yes. ” I screamed and she sucked on my clit causing me to cum again. “fuck yes. ” I screamed and she worked shoved the vibrator back into my pussy and started fucking me harder.

                I humped at the air. “deeper. ” I breathed rocking harder onto the vibrator. “yes. ” I screamed. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   “yes, yes, yes. ” Each one getting more high pitched. “fuck me. ” I closed my thighs around her head and rocked harder. “oh god yes!” I screamed and came again. Harder than I’ve ever come before squirting hard. “finally. ” Jamie breathed lapping up my juices. I squirmed away from her completely spent. Jamie kissed her way back up my body and smiled when she reached my lips. “the lady that sold this to me guaranteed that it would make you squirt. ” Jamie smiled and I panted and came back down to earth. “ive never cum that hard in my life. ” I smiled and she pulled me into her arms and kissed me hard. Holding me in her arms.

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   “baby I love you so much. ” I smiled  still panting trying to recover from the best orgasm I had ever had.  “I love you too. ” jamie smiled happy that for the first time since we had been together that she had gotten me to squirt.

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