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I was seventeen at the time, my first trip away from home with all the excitement that brings. I was very pretty, no sense in being falsely modest now, although at the time I don’t believe I realised just how pretty I was. Not too tall and not too short, with nicely shaped breasts that could be described as pert I suppose, and a figure that was, well, it was balanced. Long highlighted dark hair rested upon my shoulders, framing a face that was kinda round and, I have been told, cute. Brown eyes and a small nose completed the picture. No WOW factor then, nothing dramatic, but overall, defiantly attractive. My best feature? Well I did have, and still have for that matter, very nicely shaped smooth long legs. Which even now, I love to show off. What was I doing on that train? Well, I was getting away from my boyfriend, that’s what. He had taken me on holiday to the French Alps to ski. And, of course, to take my cherry. Like an idiot, and just like countless women before me, I thought that was not everything he was after. That he wanted me for myself, not just for my pussy. Not that I was unenthusiastic, I wanted my cherry taken badly, but it was just such a disappointment when it finally happened. I suppose he was young and inexperienced just as I was, so in retrospect, I shouldn’t be so hard on the guy. It took Gilly, and her husband, Andre, to show me and make me understand what it was I was missing.

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   They were French; well they would be this being France. I am English, did I forget to tell you that? And I had left my boyfriend to ski by himself, finally tired of his crude and selfish demands on my body. So I was fairly depressed, and I was alone. Figuratively and actually, sitting in this sleeping compartment, going home. And that’s when they walked into my life and changed it forever. Gilly walked in first, followed by her husband, and they both sat down next to each other and opposite me. They had discovered I was English the moment they entered when they asked me if the compartment was free and, and as soon as they discovered my fractured French, they switched effortlessly to English Which, I have to say, they spoke in that particularly sexy way the French do when speaking English. Andre’s voice was a low growl which made my skin tingle, while Gill’s was soft and almost husky. I found them both immediately attractive. The French accent is deliciously sexy, and now, for reasons I will shortly explain, it is forever an aphrodisiac to me. As they sat down, they openly looked me over from head to toe, then turned to each other with what looked like a private smile, before turning back to me and asked me why I was alone, did I not have a boyfriend? I felt my face flush, as much from the openly appreciative looks I was receiving as from the direct question. I stammered out some form of explanation, which they seemed to accept. We chatted and after about an hour, Andre disappeared and returned with a bottle of wine and three glasses. I had relaxed more now and was enjoying our conversation. We had the whole night to pass before we reached Paris, so why not? And the French drink wine like we do water.

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   So they are used to it, but I defiantly was not. By about midnight, we were all inebriated and laughing continuously. I felt as though I had known them for years. We had locked the compartment door and had settled down for the night. The beds were lowered and we sat upon them, continuing to drink our wine. Gilly was wearing a long dress, cut provocatively almost to her waist, and as she sat she would often cross and uncross her lovely legs. I found myself unable not to steal glances, watching her every movement. She moved in a fluid, sensual way, never hurried, always elegant. I felt clumsy by comparison. She would often rest her hand on her husband’s thigh as she talked, sometimes rather high I thought, as her fingers would gently caress his upper leg. Andre appeared not to notice. But, was it my imagination, or was that a growing bulge I detected inside his pants? I quickly moved my eyes away and glanced up to find Andre had spotted my stare. Embarrassed at been caught openly staring, I glanced quickly at Gill but she just smiled at me, and offered me some more wine. Nevertheless, I could feel my face flushing hotly once again. As she offered me the wine she leaned forward and placed her cool free hand upon my knee as if to balance, but the touch made me tingle in those hidden places like suppressed electricity.

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   She looked up at my face, then, putting the wine down, she pushed a stray hair from my forehead. “You are feeling alright, Jane?” She asked me, looking concerned. Being so close to me now, I breathed in her perfume, the scent from her, the effect of the wine and my heightened state, made me almost dizzy. “No, no, really I am fine, just a little hot…” I managed to croak in reply, my mind spinning, from the wine or excitement I do not know. “I think you have too much wine, no?” She told me with a smile as she sat back. I swallowed, my throat dry, and nodded. “Just sit back and relax Jane, close your eyes, it will pass…”I did just that, my head against the vibrating wall, as I tried to steady myself. It was just the wine, and my hormones, I told myself. I will be all right in a few seconds. But the touch of her hand on my leg replayed itself in my mind. I could not explain the thrill of excitement it had given me. I felt hot, and not just on my face, that most secret part of me was burning and defiantly moist. I did not consider myself at all gay, but had, like most women, wondered what it would be like to go with another woman. They were, in fact, both terribly attractive to me. What was wrong with me? Was all this simply the wine? Andre was very good looking, sophisticated and intelligent.

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   All were individually good points, but in this combination, simply devastating. I saw him more than once cast an approving eye over my body, especially towards my legs, encased as they were in a very short skirt. And I admit I teased him, briefly showing him glimpses of the top of my legs from time to time. I felt safe; he was with his wife after all. But then, I had also caught Gilly staring at my legs and at my breasts also. These were plainly visible, my top shirt buttons open revealing the smooth shape of the top of my cleavage. I wore no bra and my nipples had sprung to attention, brushing teasingly against the fabric, making them even more erect and prominent. She had seen me catch her glance, and had just smiled another devilish smile directly back at me. I had flushed in embarrassment yet again, to my annoyance. And more in a little excitement it has to be admitted. I sighed to myself, opened my eyes and looked up to see them both engaged in a kiss. A really deep kiss, a very sensuous kiss. I watched them, my eyes widening as she leaned across him and kissed him. She was sitting on his left and, as she kissed him, she rested her hand on his shoulder. It seemed obvious to me that she had initiated the kiss.

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   I looked away, not wanting to invade their privacy, but my eyes dragged themselves back despite my good intentions. I gave up and watched. Her hand moved up to the side of his hidden face, caressing him. It was terribly intense and highly erotic to me. I felt again that I shouldn’t be watching, but the erotic display before me, simply enslaved me. As I watched, she slid her hand down his arm to his thigh and then incredibly, brazenly, she massaged the bulge of his crotch, which even to my innocent eyes seemed packed with something very large. My mouth dropped open at this sexy display being performed in front of me. I looked up from her fondling hand only to see Gilly looking back at me with a dreamy half-smile. Andre was now kissing her neck. She licked her lips slowly at me and then closed her eyes. My embarrassment was now replaced by a hot wetness in my pants as I watched entranced. Gilly’s hand was now working Andre’s zipper, working it down, trying to release the captured erection clearly outlined now. My heart was beating hard as I watched her release his cock from within its confines. Her hand snaked inside and slowly pulled out his penis. Once free, it almost seemed to spring out, unbending itself into a vertical vision of desire, a lovely shaped penis with a magnificent and purple mushroom of a head, crowning the thick corded shaft.

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   I gulped, my mouth suddenly dry at the sight. My boyfriend had nothing on this monster. Gilly ran her fingers lightly along its full length as she returned to kiss his mouth. Then, slowly, she lowered her head to his lap and kissed the tip of his wonderful cock. I watched her pink tongue flick out, tasting around the tip as Andre let his head fall back against the seat, abandoning himself to her pleasure giving. I heard him moan in satisfaction at her kisses. His cock-head glistened with the wet saliva from her tongue as she lapped around the head, as it twitched and jerked with her every teasing touch. My hand was inside my shirt now, twisting one very erect nipple; the other hand snaked down between my legs. I didn’t care anymore, this was just too erotic to miss out on. I saw Gilly look at me and smile that smile of hers once again and then she lowered her lips over his cock and sucked in the head, watching me all the while as she did so. Down she went, the shaft of his cock disappearing deeper into her mouth, her eyes fixed on mine, but no further than half way, as she withdrew slowly, revealing now a very wet, deliciously twitching penis. Then she snaked an arm towards me, offering me her hand. As I took it, she pulled me over to her, closer. Her hand went around my neck as she pulled my head down to her own and kissed me full on the lips. I resisted at first, never having kissed a woman before, a little scared, and my desire fighting my caution.

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   Desire won, her lips touched mine again, softness unknown to me before. I closed my eyes as I melted. It was electric. Her tongue darted between my lips, fought, then captured and danced with my tongue. Soon I was sucking her writhing tongue with abandon, all caution thrown to the winds. She broke the kiss, drew back slightly and brought Andre’s cock to her lips, quickly sucking in the head once again, then withdrew and offered the throbbing dick held in her hands between us, to my face. I stared at the pulsing cock, then back at Gilly. She saw my hesitation, and again pulled my head down and brought my lips to his cock. It was her cock really, as it was under her control. I opened my lips slightly as she moved the cock with her hand, rubbing its hardness against my opening mouth. I flicked my tongue and tasted the heat, then wider as Gilly guided its head between my teeth. I needed no more encouragement than that. I hungrily took the throbbing tip into me and sucked it into my mouth. It filled me, its heat electrifying, as I suckled on that soft but hard head of hot cock. I looked up to see Gill watching me with her half-closed eyes as I devoured her husband’s penis.

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   She leant forward and licked at its shaft, up to where I was swallowing the tip. I released the cock between us, as we both licked around the cock-head together. Over the top we went, meeting with our lips, kissing, sucking on each other’s darting, searching tongues, then back to devour the thick cock between us in turns. Andre was moaning, his groans sending more shivers of excitement through me as I felt the tension increase in his cock, growing bigger, expanding more with his passion.
    Feverishly we both now sucked on his penis, two, three sucks each, as we passed the engorged penis back and forth between us. Gilly was now moving her hand and mine as we both gripped the thick shaft, rubbing feverishly and quickly up and down the long length. He was close, and then I felt it, and at the same instant, Andre moaned out noisily, as the thick shaft pulsed in my hand as he ejaculated in a thick stream up into the air. Semen flew everywhere as pulse after pulse flew out assisted by our pumping hands. Gilly hungrily watched the first few spurts before closing her mouth over the tip to catch and swallow her husband’s spurting climax. She then withdrew and offered me the still pulsing dick, which I also sucked hungrily on, and was rewarded with the taste of two more gushes of hot cum on my lips, the slightly salty taste delicious. The head softened slightly, deflating with the release of passion, but still I sucked, draining him, until the softening cock slipped out. As soon as it did, Gilly kissed me. Full and deeply, then all over my face, I did the same for her, and we fell back onto the opposite bed. My bed. She was on top of me.

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       She moved down my neck, kissing me all the time, down to the valley of my breasts. I lay back panting, letting her have her way with me. I didn’t care anymore and I cried out as she found first one nipple, sucking it fiercely, twirling its hardness with her tongue, and leaving it, moving to the next one, repeating her torture again. My shirt was open fully now, my breasts free, as she took advantage of them now, swallowing them whole, the soft flesh enveloped inside her hot mouth. She left them, her lips trailing down my belly, down to that place that cried out for her touch. Her hands raised my skirt, hooked under my panties, pulled them down quickly over my legs. The cool air touched my hot pussy erotically, as I lay bare to her gaze. But only for a second as the coolness of the air upon my swollen pussy lips was quickly replaced by the heat of her hot breath. And the soft touch from her lips. Then her darting tongue dipped into me and I cried out at the new raw sensation. She expertly found my clit and tortured it remorselessly. Flicking the tender nub. Fire leaped up into my belly as she worked on me. I clamped my legs around her waist, drawing her into me, wanting her deeper, wanting her to fill me. I came explosively then, shuddering against her mouth, crushing her into me, again and again I came, how many times I don’t recall, it seemed to last forever, such was the intensity of my release.

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      I had never before felt that much pleasure, for the first time I lost my senses in its release, as waves washed over me, I lay shuddering in her arms. I felt other arms caress me, and discovered Andre lay alongside, I had forgotten completely about him in my passion. He kissed and fondled my back and sides as he undressed me completely. Gilly undressed also and soon all three of us were naked together. I lay in between them, Andre behind me, stoking me gently. I kissed and caressed Gilly for the first time, exploring her smallish firm breasts with their large erect nipples. Teased them, as I teased my own, and was rewarded by her soft moans. I bent my head and took one of them into my mouth, as she offered them to me, the first time I had tasted a woman’s soft breast. It was delicious and exciting, so unexpectedly warm and erotic, as I let my tongue play over the nub of her nipple. As I suckled her breasts, her hand moved sensuously down to my soaking pussy, a finger dipped and trailed over the swollen slippery lips. I moaned at the lite electric touch. I moved my own hand down to explore, and found her own pussy, smooth and clean shaven, her lips opened and slick with desire. I traced the outline, slipping one, then two fingers inside her hot cavern, looking for that hard nub of her pleasure. Finding it, she jumped at my touch, the erect nub sending her shivering. From behind, I felt Andre slide his erection between my legs along my pussy lips, fighting with Gilly’s hand for the attention of my pussy.


       Suddenly Gilly shuddered and moaned, clamping her legs around my hand, humping my fingers inside her as she came. So quickly I felt the heat rush over my hand as she came. I was panting now, the excitement rising in me again. Gilly moved away and turned around, searching for my clit with her lips. She raised her legs and presented her own pussy to my lips for attention. I hungrily accepted the offer. I felt my own legs being lifted as they were separated to allow free access to my soaking pussy. I dove my tongue into her clit, tasting her sweetness, her softness, teasing her, flicking her erect nub. Something hot and massive was pressing against my own pussy. Andre was pushing his huge cock at me, opening me up. Slowly, with each thrust he gained entry, filling me with his width and length as he entered me fully. He stopped, as I felt him pulse gently against the walls of my pussy. Then I felt Gilly trace her fingers around my stretched opening, delving in with her fingers and tongue between his cock and my pussy lips, searching for my clit, finding it, making me moan and writhe, as Andre stayed motionless deep within me. Then he began to move, pulling almost fully out, before sliding his meat deeply into me again. At each thrust, Gilly tortured my clit with her fingers, rubbing me wildly.

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       I clamped my mouth on her clit, forcing my tongue deep into her, to distract me from the overwhelming feelings flooding me. I started cumming, again and again as he fucked me with that huge cock and Gilly tortured me with her lips and fingers. The world receded into simple pleasure and torment and I must have passed out. Because when I awoke, or came to, we were all asleep together. And that is how my story started, with Gilly asleep on my breast, Andre behind me. All peacefully rocked by the train. They had introduced me to a world of pleasure I could never have dreamed of. Now, at twenty, I in turn have met a young girl, who needs an introduction. Maybe I will tell you about that at another time. Who knows?My adventures have only just begun…. has the long list of models and escort services in Brussels!

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