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But still, it never really occurred to me that I might be becoming a full fledged lesbian, I really never have. Certainly I enjoy a hard cock and a sticky load of jizz as much as any other girl. Crystal and I have even enjoyed them together (I might talk about that at a later date). But, Crystal and I were so close, and I was still kind of a shy girl. And with her I was comfortable enough to do all the things I wanted to do. She’d brought out the kinky girl that was trapped inside me. I didn’t just want to have sex I wanted to be nasty. And with Crystal I could be. During the first weeks of our encounters oral indulgences and breast pleasure had been minimal, but one Friday night when we had sort of been planning an elongated session of our girl-girl fondlings, Crystal introduced me to my nipples. It sounds funny I know, but I had never really been aware of the pleasure that was hidden away in those tiny little buds. On any normal night we would have the door locked, shade drawn, and both be completely naked in my bed. Normally we would sit up in the bed and casually fondle ourselves until our crotches were glistening with our wetness, and we were ready to help each other satisfy our naughty needs. This particular night we were both naked and ready to begin our night time fun and Crystal told me to lay down flat on the bed. "I want to give your titties some extra attention tonight, Mindy," Crystal said. I lay back for her and Crystal Straddled me, and it thrilled me to have her on top of me like that, her legs open and her sweet pretty pussy so close to my own. She put a hand on each of my breasts, and squeezed them very softly, gently caressing them, slowly moving her fingers up from the edges towards the center, until finally she was softly grasping each one of my erect little nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

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       She squeezed them gently, then gave each one a slight tug. She rolled them between her fingers, twisted, pulled, pinched, slowly methodically she pleasured the hard pink little buds, and it was as if they were wired directly into my needy little cunt. And it seemed the more she pulled and twisted the more sensitive they became, so that finally when she lowered herself down and sucked one of them into her warm wet mouth, I couldn’t help but let out a little whine of pleasure. She sucked on it and circled around and around it with her tongue. Then she moved to the other one and the warm wetness seemed to bring a fresh release of lubrication down in my needy vagina. Suddenly my nipple was trapped between her teeth and her tongue fiddled at it relentlessly. I moaned and she bit down harder. I could only whimper softly with my sensitive little nipple at the mercy of her teeth. She nibbled on it just hard enough to hurt, but the pain seemed to be immediately transformed into electrical pleasure that coursed through my entire body. I moaned and panted and writhed underneath her soft warm body, wanting to touch my pussy, wishing so badly that she would do it for me. But she stopped me as I tried desperately to get a hand down between our bodies, needing badly to frig my own needy little twat. "No," she said, "not until I say. "Then she shifted her body up some, so that one of her own breasts was in my face. "Now," she whispered, "just like I did you. " I hungrily sucked her hard little nipple into my mouth and she moaned as I began to go back and forth between her sweet firm titties, sucking and nibbling on her erect little buds, she moaned as I worked hard at pleasuring her firm breasts in the way that she had for me.

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       On my belly, I could feel her pussy were she straddled me, her soft fur and her warm wetness. Then came the best part of all. She moved off the top of me and motioned me to the middle of the bed, where she maneuvered me into a position where we were sitting up with my right leg over her left and my left under her right, so that our bodies were right up next to each other and our pussies were almost touching.
      I was panting. With our legs spread open so wide and both of our cunt’s so thoroughly lubricated, the aroma of them drifted up and was trapped between us and the horny-girl-smell was so strong I was intoxicated with it. And then Crystal grabbed her tits underneath and told me to do the same, and then she leaned forward and used her erect little nipples to fiddle with my own hard little buds. She flicked them and circled them and I did the same back. We squeezed and kneaded our breasts, pressed them together, and played this wonderful little game of feeling each other’s nipples with our own. And it seemed so wonderfully naughty. I was so horny it seemed that my whole world was made up of my nipples and my pussy. "Now," Crystal whispered. She moved her hands back behind me and grabbed the cheeks of my ass. She pulled, sliding my crotch close into hers, and she scooted her own body in closer, and then at last, our pussies came together, and they were so wet they seemed to slide around on each other even if we were still. But we couldn’t remain still. Both of us were desperate with the need to cum.

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         I began moaning and grinding my crotch against Crystal’s, and she moaned back, holding on tight to my ass. Up and down our slippery twats moved, around and around we ground, trying to keep just the right spot, our own ultra-sensitive little clits, crushed together. And our breasts were squished together, and the entirety of our hot naked bodies were clamped together and suddenly Crystal clamped her open mouth down and mine and her tongue shoved it’s way into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide for her tongue and sought it out with my own. And we ground against each other and moaned into each other’s mouths. Our naked white bodies quivered as we both came hard, our hottest girl-juices mingling together, flowing from our pussies and wetting my bed. .
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