My love for my room mate.


Topic: My love for my room mate.    Hello, I'm Samatha, I had to share my story with the rest of the world. Two months ago me and my sister Tabatha moved from home to go to college. We are both twins and 19 yrs. old. Our father got us condo to live at, while study at college.
   For the past nine years Tabby and I have been sex buddies. We never loved each with our hearts, only with our father. This all changed this morning, we were getting ready for class. We both have a large bathroom so we share it in the nude. This morning, Tabatha sat in her seat, she pulled out a mini vibrator and pulled her clit apart. Tabby just sat there, giving me a show of her using my vibrator to get a quicky. I love the taste of her pussy but not on my vibrator. I asked her, "what are you doing and why aren't you using yours?". "Samatha", Tabby said, "do you remember all the times we shared our father?". "Yeah, and college farewell was great", I told her.

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   "Dad got me pregnant that night and now here we are and I'm so lonely now sis", Tabatha said. While she was rubbing her clit with one hand and pacing my mini-vibe as deep a she bury it in her pussy. I just at that moment felt like I had to take to my room and make love to her not sex. I wanted to make love not just sex with my twin sister anymore.
   I took her hand, leaned down, placed my lips on hers, and we kiss with our tongues/lips for twenty minutes. She tasted so good as she stood up against the bathroom wall. Our eyes closed as her back lit against the wall.  We continued our mouth orgasm, we both hotter and our breathing got deaper/faster. Tabby said to me, "I do not know how I feel". I looked at her, "I'm in love with you not as my sister nor as my sex partner, but, now as my lover". I want to hold you not just fuck you and I'm more turned on than ever before Tabby. "Samatha, I never want fuck you again, I want to make love to you now", said Tabby. I looked at her with my fingers in my pussy and told her, "Lets go to Our room and forget about class, celebrate our new life together.
   We were interlocked as we going to Our new bedoom. Both of were digging our finger nails deep in each other's ass.

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   Tabby would slap my ass and dig her nails as she let go it. My pussy was just gushing with cum. I felt trickes of cum on my toes. Then, as we hit door to Our bedroom she snuck her finger in my asshole, this sent me over the top. I tore Tabby away from my mouth and screamed like a uncaged bear. She told to cum here and now, Tabby got to her knees. She frenched my clit and kept one finger in my ass and I came hard. When Tabby came up to my face her mouth to her knees were covered with my cum. "Tabby, you got my g-spot for the first", I told her. "Samatha, I now know I never got it before, I never knew what love was. Now, I'm in love with you with my heart and soul. You are the hottest woman in the world and I want no other, you make me complete, Sammy. Lets go in Our room and finish what we started", Tabatha said. My heart stopped. I've never had g-spot orgasm before with her.

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   "Tabatha, Your child that both dad and you share, does he know?" , I asked her. "No he doesn't Honey", Tabby told me. Then, your child is ours and after we enter this bedroom to make love. We will become our own family and teach our child what our love is and share it her or him, ok?" "Samatha, we will start our family tonight. I wonder if it is ok for the child to sleep with his or her mothers until they turn eighteen, Samatha?". "Our child will be loved forever just like us, lets go in, I'm hungry for your pussy", I told Samatha.
   We walked hand and hand into our bedroom. We both embaced each other along with apassionate kiss. Tabatha caressed my back and then moved down too to my ass. She began to caress my ass, then, she soon took her fingernails and proceeded to embed them into my ass and tear my skin. Tabby kept doing  even while she drew blood. Each and every tie she slapped my so hard i wanted to cry. However, the tear shed was coming from my pussy as my cum was pouring down to my ankle.
   "Sam I got you a gift that I knew you would enjoy", Tabby said with a twisted smile. She stepped into her closet, moments later she came out with her strap-on on, however, she had something hooked on their that I've wanted indeed.

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   "Is that what I fucking think it is Tab", I said to her.
    "Yeah, baby, its a 14 inch long by 4 inch wide fake dick that I'm going to fuck your pussy, asshole, and mouth with my lover", Tabatha said to me. She grabbed my pussy and shoved me onto the bed. She whipped out huge bottle of lube, jumped on the bed. She stood over me, squirted the lube all over the her cock and onto me. "AAAAAHHHhhh, this cock feels good sis, I cannot wait to fuck you with it", Tabby said. Tabatha was stroking her cock and simulating precum with as much lube she put on it. It is what she going to do to me that made hate her, love her, and feel like she raped me.
        Tabatha slid forward so her pussy was over my face as stood over me. "I hope will love me forever after tonight Samatha", Tabby said. she leaned over and blew me a kiss, as she stood back up she began to piss on my face. "What are doing Tabby", I screamed out to her. As she finished pissing she just fell to her knees, knocking the wind out of me, and slamming her ass/wet pisser on my wet tits. She then, got on her knees and hands with that huge cock right at my mouth. She shoved it in my mouth and started to throat fuck my face.

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       I was trying to gasp for air Tabby was fucking hard with that 14x3 didlo dick. She kept this pace for two or three minutes before I threw her off of me and lost my cookies. In the moments later as I catched my breathe & thoughts. There she was stroking that monster cock with my vomit and more lube. The, I noticed she was squirting at the same time as she was stroking it. Her fucking eyes were rolling back in her head as she was cumming.  I thought to myself, "that was fucking hot, but yet sick as shit".  "Tabatha!, I fucking did not like the you tried that for so long, whore. Shove that fucker while I'm standing not on my back like dad taught us", I yelled at Tabatha. "Do you want me to go on Honey"?, Tabby said.
        "What do you think babe", I told her.