My New Job Pt. 2


Over the past two months Kelly and I have got to know one another much better. We have told one another our deepest secrets, wildest fantasies, and even plans for the future, she is by far closer to me than a sister could ever become. We have talked a bit about Chris, she’s told me how great he is in bed, (which makes me envy her even more) and all of his cutest, and worst habits, I bet I know him almost as well as she does! Sometimes when Kelly would talk about Chris I would pretend to listen and actually fantasize about him and I, I know it’s wrong, at least to my standards it is, but I really tried and I couldn’t help but do it. I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii my whole life, particularly to learn how to surf, or at least make a fun attempt, for me, it didn’t matter how much I sucked at it, I just wanted to come and have a great time with a really sexy couple. I can honestly say I’ve grown to love Kelly, I know I’ve got a crush on her husband, (and she’s told me she actually wouldn’t mind me and him together sometime, as long as she could watch) but she means more to me than he does. She has such a great personality, and her own little individual style. For instance, when we got of the plane she was already decked out in a tight little, cleavage showing, sundress that almost exposed her cute, tight ass with white flip-flops. She was wearing no bra or panties, I wondered who was gonna get her first, me or Chris. Chris was wearing tight, semi-faded blue jeans and a black short sleeve shirt, looking his usual sexy self. I was wearing a blue tank top and tight black pants with 4 inch black heels. We rented a Cadillac Escalade at the airport and loaded our luggage into it. We then headed for the hotel. The whole way there we talked about…. . nothing, yeah, that’s right, NOTHING! I don’t know why, I think we all knew what each other was thinking. I personally think we were all fantasizing about what we were going to do that weekend.

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   “International Business Conference,” maybe, but I was thinking a bit more along the lines of a fuckfest. I hoped they saw it that way too. When we got to the hotel Chris parked the car and Kelly asked him to go ahead of us, to get our room, and his luggage. Kelly and I would be shortly behind him with our luggage in hand. Kelly looked in the side mirror to check when he had entered the hotel and was away from the doors. She looked in the backseat to me, and made a “come hither” motion to me. I moved as close to the front seats as possible then craned my neck even closer to her, then smiled. She began talking finally. “Well, Mandy we’re finally here. ”“Oh yeah! I’ve been waiting for what seems like ever for this weekend, I was so excited when you told me about it, and I can hardly believe I’m finally here with you and Chris. Thanks for inviting me, I really appreciate it. ”She smiled at me, “Sweetheart it’s my pleasure, really, we got off to a wonderful start and I’m really glad I get to share this experience with somebody I care about so much. ”I looked her deep in the eyes, and felt my smile somewhat disappearing. “But of course Chris is here, you’ve got him” I wanted to see what she’d say, I’m still not sure why, but I needed a response. “I know…but we’ve….

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  him and I have been together a long time, about 9 years now. And believe me when I say this, I got more experience than you do, your only 21 honey, and I’m not sure if you’ve been in a serious relationship before. But for a 26 year old woman that seems like a very long time. I kinda wanna break outta my shell with him, well, “our” shell without him, I wanna…I hate to say this but, I wanna get more used to doing things without him, it, our relationship is getting kind of boring. I love him with all my heart, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I just don’t wanna make him sad. If it were totally up to me, and I knew he wouldn’t have been pissed or sad, I would have made this weekend only for you and I, doll. ” She looked down, with what looked like a sad expression on her face. “Hey sugar…. ” she looked up at me. “I’m here, and I love you girl, you can talk to me about anything, anytime you want, you don’t ever have to hold back around me, ok?”She smiled as soon as I said I loved her. “I love you too babe, and I promise I won‘t hold anything back. ”“Now, Kel, we gotta make this one helluva weekend, for us at least, and maybe if Chris is a good little boy, we’ll include him. ”She winked at me, “Sounds like a plan!”“And for the sake of our friendship I’m gonna help you out beautiful, maybe this little getaway can help your relationship, I wanna help you…if you want me to, If you need anything just holler, and I’ll do my damnedest to help. ”“That’s very generous Mandy, thank you very much, that’s really sweet.

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  ”“Well, maybe we outta go in now. ”“Yeah, I’d say. ” She smiled even bigger at me now, “One last thing baby, come here. ” I stood up, still leaning forward and I knew what she wanted, she only had her lips slightly puckered but I knew it, and I was so happy. I got my whole top half in between the two front seats and we brought our lips together for a kiss. As we kissed I stuck my hand down the front of her dress and rubbed her right tit, her nipples were hard, that made me wet, thinking she was already horny. She let out a little groan of satisfaction and I pulled away from her, then kissed her one more time on the lips quick to tease her. My hand was still under her dress, and we sat in silence for a few more minutes while I rubbed her tit. She put her foot up on the dashboard and ran her hand down her left side, toward her thigh and then I took my hand off of her. I didn’t want to do it now, I wanted more room for her and I to play. “Babe, we’d better really be going in now before Chris has to come out and get us!”“Yeah. ”So we got out of the car, I took my bag and she took hers. We walked toward the building close together. I had my arm around her waist, and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I kissed her on the top of the head, then ran my hand up her side.

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   When we got closer to the doors we broke apart and she smacked my ass with an evil little smile on her face. We got in and checked in at the front desk, asking what room, Chris got. We gave the man at the desk Chris’s full name and in return the guy gave us the room number. Her and I walked toward the elevator, and were very pleased to find out we were alone when we got on. I guess Chris wanted a nice view of the beach so he got a room on the top floor. I was so happy, we had 24 stories to get threw. That was great, that was quality time. Just as we walked in the elevator Kelly threw her bag down and leaned up against the wall. I tossed my bag down too, and hit the “close door” button. Before the doors even started to close, I was already pressed up against her with my tongue in her mouth. I started grinding into her and she started moaning. I pulled the straps of her dress down, followed by the dress itself and I started rubbing her tits. Her nipples were so hard, and they tasted amazing. I was gently squeezing the underside of her tits while I sucked on her perky nipples. I pushed in and up on her quick and she tilted her head back then let out a moan.

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   I put my foot in between her feet and pushed them apart more. As soon as her legs were spread wide enough I slid my hand down her side, over her thigh and to her clit. I wanted what she wanted, and neither of us were in the mood for foreplay, we both wanted for her to have an orgasm. I wanted to hear her moan, to see her tits shake, to taste her juices in my mouth. I started rubbing her clit fast, I wasn’t wasting anytime, I couldn’t, we didn’t have much time. She was so wet, my finger kept slipping off her clit. I added another finger and she immediately let out a moan. I got down on my knees and moved my hands to her thighs. I started licking her clit. I flicked it with my tongue, and rubbed it in a circular motion. Her hips started bucking. I decided to move my tongue side to side as fast as I could, I was running out of time so I stuck my index finger in her wet little cunt and started rubbed the top wall of it. She started moaning loud in short little bursts, I knew the orgasm was coming, I couldn’t wait. I changed my actions a bit. I kept my finger going in her, but I started flicking the tip of her clit as fast as I could.

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   From personal experience I could tell this probably wouldn’t be the best orgasm ever, but it would do, so I kept it up. She started to bend her knees, and she pushed herself away from the wall while arching her back. I wanted to make the orgasm better, so I did two things. I pushed the “21,” “22,” and “23” buttons and prayed nobody was standing near the elevator on any of the 3 floors,, and I started sucking and licking her whole clit again. She kept on moaning louder. Now she was leaned over with her hands on my shoulders as the doors opened at the 21st floor…. nope, nobody there. The doors stayed open for a very short time, then closed and we continued our journey up, while I continued playing with her. Just then her sexy body started convulsing and she let out one long, loud moan. I pulled my mouth away and smiled up at her. She still her eyes closed, and I took my hand and rubbed her clit a little. I stood up and continued rubbing her. I tried pulling her dress up, and she let out a few more “OH YEEEES!!!es. ” I then pulled my hand away from her and pulled her dress up all the way as the doors closed on the 23rd floor. I handed her, her luggage, and picked up mine.

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   As the doors opened, and I was slightly adjusting a dress strap we saw a group of male surfers standing before us. Kelly and I just smiled at them and walked out of the elevator and towards our room. As we walked down the hall, we smiled at one another, secretly wondering if the guys had noticed the wetness still on her, that may have been visible under her dress. We were just outside the room and as she reached for the doorknob, I said, “Just one last thing. . ” and I spread her legs and licked off the cum running down her sexy legs. She shook a little bit. I stood back up, and placed my hand on the back of her neck while leaning in to give her a passionate kiss. After a short make-out session, I whispered in her ear, “We’ll have some more fun later!”.