My story with Hannah, Chapter 1


Hannah Park was only 5 or 6 when I first saw her (that’s another story), but now she was 13, with long flowing black hair, budding breasts and with a lean body.   She was the pastor’s daughter, and was the envy of all the young horny boys at her church and school. She wore glasses, but anyone could tell she was beautiful despite those glasses.   She had large brown eyes with long eyelashes, very different from other Korean girls, but a younger version of her mom who I had a crush on years ago.  
I went to church with her until I turned 18 and then stopped going, but thought of her all the time.   I’m 21 now and have always loved girls since I can remember.   I decided to take a job at a Kumon near to my house.   For those who don’t know, a Kumon is a tutoring center for math.   She was one of the 4 students I had, all in the 12-13 age range.  There were 3 girls and one boy.   Hannah, Michelle, Sandy and Jimmy.
“Oh, my gosh!”  Hannah exclaimed, “Hi Jenny, do you remember me?” 
“Hi, Hannah, of course I remember you!  How’re you doing?”  I couldn’t believe my luck, she was so gorgeous.   “How are your parent’s doing?”
“They’re fine, I guess, but I didn’t really like coming here, but I’m so glad you’re my tutor here. ”  She said, “Michelle, Sandy…  Jenny went to my church several years ago, and we knew each other well. ”  I almost got wet thinking about that.   The other two girls shyly said hello and were glad to meet me too.

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    Jimmy seemed happy to be with all girls, and kept staring at my breasts.   Little did he know that he had no chance with me, and that I was lusting after the girls, particularly Hannah.
Our first day went uneventfully, as I had them take a bunch of tests to see what their strengths were.   They were all struggling with geometry and proofs.   I had a tough time keeping my eyes away from Hannah’s legs and body.   She wore a simple white blouse and jean shorts, and her legs were long and smooth.   She was only a couple of inches shorter than me.   I think she noticed me looking at her, but she smiled back at me, a little shyly.
When the session was over, the kids were picked up.   Hannah’s mom came to pick Hannah up.   Hannah was quick to introduce us.  “Mom, you remember Hannah, don’t you?  We went to her house many times. ”  
“Of course, I do.   How can I forget?  My, you’ve turned out quite beautiful!”  Did I detect a little bit of an advance? 
My heart went lumpy, but I managed to say, “Hello, Mrs. Park, it’s great to see you again.

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    I’m so glad I got this job, now that I get to tutor Hannah. ”
Several weeks went by and my students and I became very comfortable with each other, especially Hannah and me.   Mrs. Park (Ji Soo) let me drop Hannah off after the sessions, and even let me tutor her after school on my off days too.
One day, I went to her house to tutor, and we were alone.   Hannah’s dad was never home, but Ji Soo (Hannah’s mom) and Hannah’s younger sister Abigail were out shopping.   Hannah seemed quiet, but I was very happy that we were alone.
 “Jenny?” Hannah asked.  
“Yes?” I said.  
“Can I ask you a personal question?  Have you kissed anyone before?”
“Yes, I have,” I replied, getting a little nervous.  “I’ll tell you about it, if you promise not to tell anyone. ” 
“Okay,” she said, “I promise. ” 
“Well, I’ve kissed several people, but they’ve only been women.   Does that shock you?” 
 Hannah’s eyes widened, but smiled, “Wow!  I wondered if you were into girls or not.   You kept looking at my legs, but I didn’t know what to think.

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“Does it bother you?”  I asked.  
“Oh no, I’m kind of glad actually.   I have a secret if you promise not to tell. ”   
At this point, I would have given her all my life savings! “Of course, I will, I promise”
“Well, my mom and I kiss each other too, and we’ve been teaching little Abby too,” she said, “Please promise you won’t tell anyone, especially Daddy, he’s a pastor you know. ” 
“Oh Hannah, that is so exciting!  I’ve had a crush on you and your mom ever since I can remember.   Do you remember you saw my private parts that day when you came over to my house?”  I asked, getting all wet inside.
 “Of course I remember.  That was about the time when my mom began teaching me too.   I remember looking at your pussy. It started to have a little bit of hair starting, kind of how mine is now,” she smiled, recollecting the moment. “Is it okay to say pussy?  Mommy says to be careful when I say that word. ”
“Of course, it’s okay.   I’m thinking of you and your mom’s pussy right now!  Tell me more about what you and your mom did?”  I was getting really wet now.
“Well, she started licking me down there since I was little, and I always loved the feeling, but it’s really intensified the past year or so.   Mommy always loved me licking her too and she was always moaning and screaming when I did it.

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“Your dad doesn’t know?”  I asked, shocked but getting more excited.
“No, he’s so busy and tired every day.  He always comes home late and Mommy says that they only do it once a month, if that.  And he travels a lot too, to bible conferences and stuff, so we’re always alone”
“Oh, well I see,” I said. I thought I would try something.  “Can I kiss you?”
Hannah smiled, “I would love to. ” 
Our lips slowly came together, and we lightly kissed at first.   I could tell she knew what she was doing and had done it before.   Our lips parted, and our tongues touched, gently at first, then we really got going.   It lasted for hours it seemed, but was only less than 30 seconds.   “Wow!” we both said at the same time.
My hand went to her right breast and started fondling underneath her shirt while we kissed again.   I couldn’t believe this was happening.    Hannah wanted to put her hands on my pants, so I unbuttoned my pants and zipper and her hand slipped in between my legs. I moaned when she touched my clit.

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    I was so wet that it didn’t take much and I was already getting an orgasm.
Suddenly we heard the front door open, and Hannah’s mom and sister were home.   I jumped and quickly zipped up my pants. And Hannah straightened out her shirt and bra too.   Hannah smiled, “Well, they should know too, don’t you think?” I was so frightened and turned on, but didn’t know what to think.
“Hi Jenny,” Mrs. Park said as she and Abigail came in.  
“Oh h. . hi,” I stammered. “I’m sorry, but I have to go home now. ”
“You don’t want to stay for dinner?”  Mrs. Park asked
“No thank you,” I said as I hurried out. For some reason, I was so nervous.   When I left, I kicked myself as to how stupid I was to have left so abruptly.

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    But I was looking forward to my next session with Hannah.   I went home and went to my room and locked it and quickly masturbated again and again for what seemed hours. I was so turned on and kept thinking about Mrs. Park, Hannah, and even little Abby too and their little secret they had.
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