My Sultry New Neighbor


I rubbed my lips and teased my clit with my finger. Back and forth. God, it felt so good but if I wanted to have a great orgasm later, I have to stop now. I winked at myself, pulled my hair back into a ponytail and headed downstairs to start my day. I hadn't even been outside for about an hour when my new neighbor emerged outside to introduce herself. " Hi there neighbor, I'm Victoria. " My eyes had just set upon a very sultry, delicious looking woman. I was instantly attracted to her as my eyes ran up and down the length of her body, taking her all in. Just the sight of her made me want to make love to her. Victoria must have atleast stood around 5'9", long dark hair and stunningly beautiful deep brown eyes. Her breasts. . . wow, they were quite ample. If I had to guess, I'd say a double D. Her waist was small and from what I could see of her pantyhose legs, they were long and delicious looking.

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   " My, what I could do to that body," I thought to myself. "Hi, I'm Susie and it's nice to meet you, Victoria. "We talked for about 15 minutes. The normal stuff one would talk about with a new neighbor. . . where she had moved here from, the neighborhood she had just moved into, what line of work she was in. . . , etc. ,. . . " Well, Susie, I need to run now and head to my office," " It was really nice meeting you, maybe we can get together some time soon?" My mind now racing wildly with lustful, naughty thoughts of Victoria. "Sure, that's sounds like fun, Victoria!" As I watched her walk away, her hips swinging back and forth, inviting my eyes to watch her ass, she looks back.

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  . . " Hey, just call me Vicky. " With a wave, she zoomed away in her car. The rest of the day seemed to be a blur. I had done every task I had set for myself that day but didn't remember doing any of it. I was too lost in my thoughts of Victoria, my new sultry neighbor. Wanting to please her body with mine. Wanting to hear her moan in ecstasy while sucking and nibbling on her pussy and clit. Visualizing myself finger fucking her into a frenzy, her hips fucking my face wildly as I did so. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the grumbling in my tummy. I headed to the kitchen and made myself a salad. I had cut up some fresh tomato, chopped some cucumber, added some bacon bits and dressing to my salad and sat down to enjoy it. Mixing it all together, watching the creamy dressing cover the salad, my thoughts went back to Victoria. Imagining her sweet juicy dressings in my mouth, covering my lips and fingers.

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   I couldn't take the sensation anymore. My pussy juices had soaked through my shorts now and my clit had engorged through my lips, catching the crotch of my jean shorts, making the urge to pleasure myself much more intense. I pushed aside my plate and went to the fridge. I took out the remainder of the cucumber I had used on my salad and planned on using this to satisfy myself. Slipping out of my shorts that were holding tightly against my now throbbing pussy, I could feel my warm moisture running down my inner thigh. God, I was so turned on. Sitting down on top of the table, I slipped a hand underneath my bikini top and pinched my very erect nipple tightly. Twisting and turning it, teasing myself more and more. I moved my other hand down my stomach. The coolness of the cucumber sent a shiver through me, goose bumps now covering me entirely. Lost in a sea of emotions, the cold cucumber slid easily over my wet lips. "Oh God," my mouth muttered as my body jerked at the feeling of my hot clit touching the cold object. My pussy lips had now attached to the massive object ready to invade meSpreading my legs wider, laying completely back on the table, I ran the cucumber up and down my hot cunt. Thoughts of Victoria watching me play with myself sent me into over drive. I plunged the cucumber deep inside me, thrusting in and out, faster and deeper, the monstrous object fucking my pussy. 

  "Yessssss. . . . . . Ohhhhh goodddddd, yessss,"I screamed as if I've never had before, releasing all the air from my lungs. My body spasmed over and over. "Ohhhhh God. . . . . Ohhhhh Victoriaaaaa. "Panting hard, gasping for air.

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   The orgasm took me to a level that I hadn't felt in quite some time. Sure, I had many orgasm's on a nightly basis but nothing like this. Coming down from the waves of orgasmic pleasure, I smiled and allowed my pulse to come back down to normal. Not wanting to rush myself, I lay in a dreamy haze enjoying it until the last of the pulsation's stopped inside my pussy. After an hour of blissful masturbation, I decided to take a warm bubble bath and allow myself the pleasure's of reminiscing on what had just happened. I slept like a baby that night and had the most wonderful dream. Several day's had gone by and I hadn't seen her at all. I wanted to see her so badly, even if I was only allowed a glimpse of her. I made the effort of looking for her off and on. Hoping maybe we'd catch up with each other as we came home from work. I know that she worked in advertising and thought that maybe she had been sent out of town on some kind of project. By the third night, I had given up all hopes of talking to her anytime soon when all of the sudden there was a knock at my door. It was kind of late and I wondered who it was at my door. Not like you can't guess already, it was her. My face lit up and she smiled at me.


   With a warm hello, she explained that she had locked her keys in her car and was wondering if she could sit around for a while until her sister arrived home. Yea, like I was going to say no to this. I jumped on this. " Sure, come on in, I wasn't really doing anything but reading. " "You're more than welcome to hang out with me. "She looked wonderful and my mind soon began to race with thoughts of her. She wore a black clingy dress that fit her form with perfection. Her legs wearing black sheer pantyhose and her hair pulled up, exposing her beautiful neck. She smelt wonderful as she walked passed me. I was in heaven. She sat down and kicked off her heels. " These damn things kill my feet," she laughed. I told her that was one of the reasons I didn't like wearing them. " Why not," she said, " you sure do have the legs for them. " I blushed liked a child, " Thank you," I said in a sweet voice.

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   We went into conversation about her evening. Telling me she had just been on a date with a guy from work. I envied him. How lucky he was to have her as a date for the evening. What I would have given to be in his shoes. To be the one to listen to her talk, to hear her laughter and to look into her seductive eyes. She had said that they had almost had sex but after thinking about it, she refused. Not wanting to give into him just yet because of fear that he would gossip about it around the office. Lost in the sight of her, I came back around as I see her hand wave back and forth across my eyes. " Hello, anybody in there?" Flustered I muttered, " Ohh, sorry, I was just thinking how nice it must have been to have such a fun evening. " "Sure," she said sarcastically, " I know when someone's checking me out. " My face must have went 3 shades right at that moment. I didn't know what to say. I was lost for words. Before I could reply, she took my hand into hers.

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   " It's okay, no need to get all embarrassed. " I was shocked and apologized immediately, not wanting her to think I was some kind of freak. "I'm really sorry, Victoria, but I just can't help myself," I explained. " You just look so beautiful tonight. " I told her that I was attracted to women as well as men. That I had been with a few women before. I think this excited her because she began to ask questions, wanting to hear more and more of what I was telling her. "What's it like? Is it like being with a man? Do you find you orgasm more?" The more she asked the more I felt the need to act out these questions on her. As I talked to her, I noticed that she was becoming more comfortable of the sofa next to me. I watched as her massive breasts moved a little faster up and down with each breath. I couldn't believe it, I was turning her on and I loved it. I wanted to see her squirm with every word. I wanted to know that as I spoke, her pussy filled up with juices and was aching to be touched and I knew this was exactly what was happening. I watched as her legs moved a few inches apart. She looked at me, inviting me to touch her thigh and that's just what I did.

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  Sitting down on the floor in front of her, I placed my hands on her feet. I ran my knuckles up and down the bottom of her feet, massaging them. I wanted her to be completely relaxed for this, so this was the best way to start. mmmmmmmm. . . . she moaned slightly. " This feels so great, Susie. " I watched as she worked her fingers around her nipples poking out from her dress. Seeing her do this sent a wave through my body and before I knew it, that familiar sensation in between my legs hit once again. Taking her legs into my hands, I worked my way up slowly, covering every inch of her pantyhose legs. Rubbing them softly, soft circular motions with my hands, all the way up until I reached the top inside of her thigh. Her legs opening a little more, I hear. .

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  . . "Touch me, Susie. "Damn, I was hot and so ready to go but I didn't want to move too fast. Knowing that I was so close to her cunt, knowing that it was wet and smelling her scent escaping her mound, knowing she wanted me, I had to take my time. I wanted this to last. I kissed my way up. . . inch by inch. . . . licking her thigh in between each kiss. She tried moving herself closer to my face but I wouldn't allow it.


   When she tried again, I moved back away from her pussy. Starting all over again. "Ohhh, you naughty girl,". . . she says breathlessly, " You're such a tease, Susie. ""Just enjoy this, Vicky, let me please you baby. "As I moved in closer again, I could now see the crotch of her pantyhose glistening in her juices. I moved in quick. . attaching my lips over the entirety of her pussy, sucking in her cunt like a vacuum cleaner, my lips releasing her slowly, taking in her sweet nectar. She tasted so sweet, just as I thought she would. She gasped. . .

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  " Ohhhh God, Susie. ". . . " Yes, baby, suck my pussy. " I knew she was ready to come for me but I didn't want her to just yet. I took my fingers and traced the lips of her hot cunt. Poking my fingers into the pantyhose to meet her sweet entrance and then pulling away. She loved this. As I did this she moved her hips rhythmically with my fingers. Up and down her slit, we both moved in a steady pace. God, she was hot. Her moaning my name, begging for me to eat her pussy, about sent me over the edge. I sat up and took her dress off. She wore nothing underneath except for the black pantyhose.

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   By this time I had ripped a whole in the crotch and began flickering my fingers over her clit. I'd never seen a clit that size. It was triple my own and silky pink. You would have thought that with how wet she was, that she had urinated herself. Her entire crotch, inner thighs were covered. I couldn't help but sample this sultry woman's cunt. Without warning, I dove my fingers deep inside her. Moving my finger around, exploring her lovely pussy. Pumping in and out of her, covering my fingers with her juice. Pulling out of her, I sucked one of my fingers and she watched. She licked her lips, wanting to taste. I saved enough just for her. She sucked on my fingers like a baby latched on to it's mothers nipple. Looking me deep into my eyes the whole time. I put my fingers back in and fucked her hard again.

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   Sucking her cunt even faster. Not giving in for anything. I wanted her to cum all over my face. "Susie, I'm gonna come baby, I can't hold back anymore. " Hearing this I ripped the rest of the pantyhose off of her. My face now buried between her legs, fucking her pussy furiously with one hand, all of my fingers buried inside her, my tongue lapping her hot clit wildly. . . my other hand exploring her ass, finding that her nectar had seeped in between her ass cheeks, I spread them. I continued to suck and fuck her as fast as I could when I decided her asshole needed some love too. With one finger at first, I entered her tight little hole. This was her limit as I felt the muscle's deep inside her pussy tighten around my fingers. She screamed and trembled as her first orgasm hit. " Oooohhhhh yes, I'm cu cu cummmminnnn,"Her legs clamping around my head, ramming my face hard. "Baby, don't stop. 

  ". . . . . . "Eat my pussy, you nasty bitch. "Cum shot out as she moaned and screamed my name. I lapped and sucked it all up, wanting it all, attacking her pussy, latching on to it so that I wouldn't miss a drop. Bucking and screaming, I felt her fingers tear into the skin like an animal attacking its prey. "Ohh Susie, I want you baby, let me please you, Susie. " "I want you now!"Her words sent me into a frenzy. I jumped up, removing my shorts and shirt as fast as I could. As she sat herself up on the sofa, I knew what I wanted. I got up onto the sofa and stood with my pussy facing her mouth.

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   There was no waiting. She dove in like a pro. Working her hot little tongue in and out of me. Teasing my clit with her fingers and tongue. The feeling was ecstasy for me. Placing my hands on her head, I pulled her into my starving cunt. Her tongue now fucking my hot little hole as I rubbed my clit vigorously. The feeling was like heaven as I fucked her face. My tits bouncing up and down, my body jerked with each plunge of her tongue to may cunt. Taking my breasts into my arms and cupping them together. . . pinching on one of my nipples as I fingered my clit. I hadn't noticed but as I was doing this, she played with her pussy, fucking herself hard as she ate me out. Her free hand moved between my legs and entered my asshole.


   She pumped faster and faster with her tongue, my fingers on my clit and nipples moving as fast as I could move them, watching her hand get herself off and feeling 3 fingers now enter into my ass was more than I could handle. " cummmmming, baby. "The sensation was so great that I lost control. My body collapsed onto her face. I screamed more and more as an orgasm escaped from my inner core,oozing it's way out of every pore of my body. Fucking her face harder and harder as the intensity of the orgasm finally escaped my pussy, allowing streams of cum to enter her mouth. As I came, she came as well. We orgasm's hit together. Our bodies jerked and spasmed together as wave after wave hit us. Sweat dripping from all over us. And I still wanted more. I told her to lay back on the sofa and once she had, I laid myself on top of her. My pussy in her face and vice versa. Our legs spread in sync as we started back in on each other. As I would fuck her pussy with my tongue, she'd suck my clit, knowing by now that every time she bit it, I spasmed.

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   Our fingers in and out of each others assholes as we ate. Pumping each others face faster and faster, grinding hard on to each other. I was the first to come again. "Ohhhhhh yesssss. . . . . . Ohhhhhh babyyyyy, yessssssssss. . . . . do my pussy.

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  "I sat up and forced my pussy to her face, now going into what seemed to be convulsions. . . over and over again. Rocking back and forth, not wanting it to stop. Grinding so hard on her face that I brought both of our bodies of the sofa. I felt another load of cum leak from inside me into her mouth. She sucked so hard, not wanting to let any of my juices escape. Without saying anything, I jumped off of her. "Where are you going, baby?""I'll be right back. " I jetted upstairs and rummaged through my dresser drawer. Looking frantically for the new toy I had bought several weeks ago but had yet to use. " Thank God," I thought to myself as I came across it under the piles of panties in the drawer. It was beautiful. 10 inches of plastic, life like cock.

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   I had made it a point to make sure that it was a strap on so that I could fuck my partners and watched as they came all over the glorious sized cock. Strapping it on, I ran back downstairs. "My God, you don't plan on using that on me?"With a naughty grin. . . ummm hmmmm. . . "Turn over baby, get on your knees for me. "She didn't hesitate. Walking towards her, I could see how flared her lips were and her clit hung out atleast a good 2 inches. With her pussy already well lubricated, I had no problems entering her. "Ohhhhh my dear godddddddd,". . .

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  she screamed as I slowly worked it in. " You like that baby?". . . I asked her, knowing quite well what the answer was. " Oh yesssss, Vicky loves to be fucked from behind! ". . . telling me in such a seductive voice that it sent a shiver through me. "Does Vicky like this as well?". . . leaning over a little, I placed my fingers on her clit and once again, massaged it vigorously with my fingers. She rocked back and forth, steadily on the cock, her moans building with each inch that I drove into her. I watched as her fingers gripped the sofa, knowing that she was ready to climax.


   I fucked her pussy a little faster now with the 10 inch cock, making sure to not forget her clit. Using 3 fingers, I rubbed her clit faster with each deeper thrust of the cock. Leaning into her more. . . . moving my face closer to her ear. . . "Baby, I'm gonna fuck your pussy so hard. "She moaned louder and louder with my words. Pushing herself back onto the cock, I knew she was going to come. Between the force of me banging her and her pushing back on to it, she let out a scream that I'm sure the neighbors heard. " Oohhhhhh yesss. .

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  . . mmmmm, Susie. . . . . baby. . . I'mmmm cummmiiinnnnnnn. "She rode that cock like a bitch in heat. Watching her ass as she pumped it. . .

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  taking it all in. . . as she moved onto it, the whole 10 inches would disappear deep inside her. "Fuck me, Susie. . . . Ohhhh yessssss!""Ohhhh baby, yesss. . . . . . yesssssssssss!"Her orgasm hit one after another until neither one of us hard the strength to go on.

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   We both lay there, trying to catch out breath. I felt her looking at me. As I looked over she smiled and leaned in to kiss me. The kiss was passionate and tasted sweet. "Thank you, Susie. ". . . she said to me. "I've never experienced anything like this before. "I felt so flattered by the thank you and told her how great she was seeing as this was her first time with another woman. I knew this was the beginning of a very wonderful friendship and many hot evenings together. This is my first time submitting a story. Let me know what you think and what I need to do to better my future stories. Thanks. 

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Όλες οι προσωπικές εγγραφές τις διαχειριζόμαστε με τη μέγιστη προσοχή και ασφάλεια για να διασφαλίσουμε ότι θα παραμείνουν πλήρως ασφαλείς ότι και να γίνει. Οπότε, μην χάνετε άλλο χρόνο και βιώστε αξέχαστες εμπειρίες Συνοδών στην Νίκαια Escort ανακαλύπτοντας τις καυτές κυρίες, επειδή χωρίς αμφιβολία θα τις λατρέψετε!

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Escort Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, can be a very amazing thing to do, mostly if you love hanging out, smoking with your friends or enjoying forbidden activities. It’s also a great city for culture, music and other cool stuff, but for the moment we are going to narrate about the most exciting thing you can do here. adult services are among the most rated and urged in the whole of Europe. Services which can give satisfaction and leisure to almost everybody who travels to Amsterdam and aims for the company of a lady.

What type of ladies can I see via this Escort Amsterdam service?

For starters, you can visit Amsterdam for almost any sort of chick you can think of, but when it comes to escort Amsterdam services, these assure provide only the hottest and most educated ladies for you to meet. Think of elegant broads of different ages, ready to provide you not just an unforgettable sexual journey, but also a whole journey with elegant dates, intriguing discussions, funny moments and a lot of adult moments. It’s something that one must live when in Amsterdam. No matter your reason in this area, as a dude, you have to live a bit of these escort girls amsterdam beauties. The entire experience will make you feel stronger, confident and very satisfied.

I can choose whichever escort babe I wish?

Exactly, when in Amsterdam, and craving to give it a try, you can practically choose whatever Escort model you wish. Be it a golden haired one with big breasts and long legs, a naughty brunette happy to have you in the bed with her, a fresh babe with little skills but a huge thirst, a granny with lots of experience and knowledge to make you feel amazing...everything your soul wishes can become real if you use the escort Amsterdam services.


Every time you travel to Holland, and you visit this appealing city called, Amsterdam, bare in mind that you can fill your time spent by browsing the escort girls amsterdam services. It’s easy and highly reliable, intimate and most advanced for any sort of sexual desire. Your hidden dreams can become reality with the help of these ladies. Feel free to browse the category and date the chick you please. Live the highest levels of pleasure with some truly sexy escorts. Fresh, older ones, slim, chubby, with big boobies, with phat bums, brunette, blondes, ebony, Chinese, you name it. The list is various and the possibilities are vast. All you have to do is browse the escort Amsterdam section and see for yourself. Such mesmerizing models are complicated to find on other pages, and their level of knowledge will amaze even the most demanding of men.
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