My sweet Teri


Teri comes home from work and as she opens the door, there stands Janey. She has a drink in her hand for Teri. Before Teri takes the drink, she puts her arms around Janey, and gives her a big hug and long and dearing kiss. Welcome home honey, Supper will be ready in a few. Let me help you out of those work clothes. Now Teri, you know I want you to wear something arould the house until later in the evening. When you run around the house with nothing on but a smile, I cant get anything acomplished. You know all I would want to do is to run my tongue all over your body, and get the days work loads and problems licked away. Here, put this silk robe on. I know it just covers you down to your sweet cunt, and anytime you bend over, I get a peak at what I will have for desert. I am so glad you let your cunt hair grow, and I can see the dark shadows between your legs when you are wearing the short robe. As you put on the robe, take the drink, and set down on the sofa, the boys come running to you. I'm sorry if the boys are not to attenitive tonight, I have just about worn them out today. Between the two of us, we may have to get another dog. Do you think that they can keep us with us???? Dont let them lick your snatch, you know I want to lick away the slight prespioration  from your cunt, or did you play with yourself today, and have a great amount for Janey to lick??? Do you think the boys will be able to take both of us on tonight? I just love it when we are taking them at the same time, and we get to cum toghter. Last week, I loved it when Max was fucking you doggy style, and you and I were in the 69 position, you sucking my juicy cunt, and me licking yours as Max was pouring the cock to you.

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   I was able to catch all the drippings from the two of you, and you were surprised that when Maxs and yourself came, I was able to swallow all of it. Not a drop in the bed. Is one of your boy friends coming over this weekend? Will he bring a friend for me? .
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