Ngoc and Hien


Ngoc and Hien
Ngoc adjusted the cream thong guiding it so it sat deep in her crack yet over her garter belt so that she could remove it easily if needed. I could see her small tuft of black hair through the lace of the expensive French lingerie as she arranged her waist chain so it hung outside her suspender belt and thong. She straitened her black stockings, attached her thick gold ankle chain and put on her high heel platform shoes so popular with the Vietnamese. Taking her small breast in her hand she teased her quite large nipples erect before sliding the thin gold rings down to their base where they acted as miniature cock rings maintaining the nipples erectness.
I could never get tired of watching her prepare herself or get over how this 45 year old Vietnamese woman had changed from a shy self-conscious woman whose husband had taken up with someone else in Australia while she waited in Vietnam, before callously sponsoring her and their children to Australia so that the children could start their life in the land of Oz. She had changed from seeing herself made worthless as a woman by her husband's treatment into a person whose goal in life was to become the most feminine, sensuous, horny and sexy she could be. In her eyes she was no longer a thin 95 pound small titted, bow legged woman. She had been transformed like a caterpillar into a butterfly. All it took was encouragement, praise, making her feel needed and wanted as a person and a woman and subtle guidance. Yes, that and the lies that made her believe no other woman could cum as often as her, have as big a clit or whatever she needed to hear. She was one of nine middle aged Vietnamese woman whom I had been involved with and all had been active sexual partners willing to do anything to satisfy. I reflected on how stupid middle aged Vietnamese men were. They ignored women like Ngoc to marry and bring out to Australia a young, unsophisticated 19 old bride from Vietnam hoping to impress her and keep her subservient with their house and money.
Forty minutes before dressing Ngoc had been trembling so hard she had trouble dialing my wife's number. I was fucking her doggy style and the intensity of what she was experiencing both mentally and physically meant that it took her four attempts to dial the correct number. When I could hear it ringing I reached around her bucking hips that were trying to take me deeper with every backward thrust she gave and played with her clit.

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   Finally the ringing stopped. My ex wife Hien picked up the phone.
"Hello, Hien speaking".
She was greeted by the deep sobbing and moaning sounds of Ngoc coming before she collapsed drained and exhausted on the bed
Later that day we arrived at my old house as I had arranged to collect some of my possessions still there. Hien was shocked to see Ngoc with me but her former class mate at the adult English classes confidently strode in uninvited. Stepping past Hien she pointedly did not remove her shoes thus insulting Hien as the Vietnamese custom was that visitors removed their shoes before entering. She sat down allowing her wrap around dress to part revealing not only her stockings and garter straps but her cream thong. Both she and Hien knew she had scored first, as Hien was unprepared for her visit and was wearing only an old track suit and with no makeup
"Get out of my house, bitch, or I'll make it worse for Greg in the property settlement"
"I don't think so, Hien", replied Ngoc holding up a Vietnamese passport. Greg didn't destroy your original passport like you thought. Maybe you want to explain to Immigration your change of name. It was true. Hien had used a common trick used by Asians and maybe other minority groups in Australia. She was visiting on a tourist visa only, when a second cousin Hien had unfortunately drowned in an accident. The death had not been reported and Thu now Hien had taken her identity. Easy to do as the original Hien had no job or non Vietnamese friends and the use of both their original family name and their married family name by Vietnamese women further confused identification.

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   Examining the pile of ironing Ngoc selected a pair of Hien's panties and held them up laughing
"Don't worry Greg; you don't have to put up with this any longer. You've got a woman now who is proud to be feminine for her man and satisfy him totally in bed", she taunted as the defeated Hien fled the room.
Her hand sought her clit and she slowly pleasured herself, the pace increasing as she became more aroused, accompanied by soft whimpering of delight. The halter neck of her dress was pushed aside so she could caress the exposed breast. Soon her loud moans of ecstasy echoed around the room as she came.
"Do you recognize that sound, bitch? That was me cumming on the phone today as your husband fucked me"
She was interrupted by the reappearance of Hien wearing a black thong, stockings and suspender belt and a bra that left her thick nipples completely uncovered. Her shoes were even taller than Ngoc's further magnifying her height superiority. It was a complete surprise for me because although Hien was an insatiable lover, she was reluctant to participate in my clothing fantasies. I had given up trying to encourage her to wear things like she had on now knowing she only did because she was scared of not being fucked and not because she wanted to. The complete opposite of Ngoc who liked other women to know how little she wore underneath and how expensive it was. It was obvious Hien had kept some at least of my purchases.
"I'm going to show Greg you're a cheap gutter slut. Now he can see what he's missing; a body that's hot and a woman who can outfuck middle aged whore", she hissed
"Just remember how good I felt every day at the Language School standing beside you carrying your husband's jism inside me, because every morning after he left you he would fuck me and drive me to the Language center, and how I'll feel good when I oufuck you here", replied Ngoc
"As good as I felt when I beat you in the beauty contest at the Christmas breakup, whore, and as good as I'll feel when you swallow my piss after I make you cum. "
Its funny different cultures different ways of achieving the same outcome. From what I've read, never having seen a USA sexfight, American women celebrate victories by face smothering their opponent into unconsciousness with their tits or arse.


   What I do know from my own experience that Filipinas celebrate by fisting or double fisting their dominated opponent, and that Vietnamese humiliate by pissing over the face of their defeated rival and forcing them to swallow their golden juice.
"Don't make me laugh. That will be my piss stain on your carpet to match the cum I left in every room when I took him in your house when you were at work as proof I am better than you. "
The two circled wanting to come to grips. Hien instinctively awakened inferiorities in Ngoc's mind as she thrust her tits out at her enemy, caressed her thick nipples rigid to their maximum and extended and stroked her long legs seductively, knowing that Ngoc could not match them.
"See Greg can't take his eyes off me. You can take your hooker's clothes off now and compare bodies or I'll rip them off you. "
It was true. If you tastes didn't extend to pneumatic penthouse bodies, then Hien was what you would want. High, firm 34c tits with thick stubby nipples on a slim, lithe, taller than average Asian body with lean shapely legs. A body that looked far younger than her 42 years. Pity about the face which still bore the scars from the severe acne she had as a teenager. Yet Ngoc's confidence in her sexuality and her attractive face and very prominent cunt mound overcame the deficiencies of her less firm, smaller tits, thin bandy legs and middle aged belly which she displayed as she took off her halter neck dress.
Hien struck first before Ngoc had completely shed her dress seizing Ngoc's short hair and pulling her head back. She arrogantly demonstrated the greater length of her legs as she held Ngoc captive before showing the softness in Ngoc's belly by seizing it with one hand and shaking it while she flexed her own stomach into a flat muscular board.

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   Finally she placed her hard chunky nipple against Ngoc's quickly establishing the great difference in size, before releasing Ngoc's hair and seizing her in a bear hug drilling her nipples into Ngoc's inverting them and driving them back into her flattened 31B tits. At the same time she started humping her cunt into Ngoc's their pussies separated only by the sheer silk and lace of their cream and black thongs.
"See the hard on my body is giving him. And my sex drive is even stronger and better than my body, slut. Are you proud of your inferior body now? How will you feel when Greg hears you plead to me to make you cum? That right cunt, you'll beg to cum knowing you'll lose and swallow my piss in front of him"
Using the leverage her greater height gave her she forced Ngoc backwards to the floor and straddled her pinning her shoulders and arms with her knees. With one hand she took one of Ngoc's breasts and gently stroked the skin away from the nipple stretching and holding it so the nipple and areole were standing proud. With her other hand she started stroking, kneading, squeezing and caressing the nipple. Deliberately she stimulated it lightly tracing her fingers over the surface of the aroused nipple and areole. The reaction was instantaneous, partly due to the fact that I had concentrated upon building her self esteem with the thing that Ngoc was most ashamed of when I met her: her small tits with the wide stubby out of proportion nipples. In every love making session I spent time playing with her tits and nipples praising them. When she came I would always suck on her nipples and make her yell how proud she was of them. Her first presents from me were quarter cut bras that exposed her nipples and the gold rings she slid on to maintain her nipple erections. Soon she had disposed of her hard Asian bras proud for every one to see the size and shape of her nipples. All these things were designed to make her give up her inhibitions and believe in me.
With her mind believing her nipples were far more sensitive than other women's it had became fact and created a self generating circle.

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   Her response to nipple stimuli increased and strengthened the belief I had created that her breasts were special and caused a more stronger reaction the next time which increased her belief which caused a greater reaction and so on. Even Hien was surprised by the immediate response of Ngoc when her already hard nipples lengthened, areole swelled and whose breathing became shallow. Moving swiftly she grabbed each wrist and slid her body down so that she could take a nipple in her mouth. If her fingers had aroused Ngoc then the skilful use of her lips and tongue sent her wild. Her breathing became quicker and labored and uncontrolled moans came from her mouth. From where I was sitting I could see the dark patch of love juice spreading across her thong.
Hien was enjoying her control. She stopped using her tongue and held her mouth centimeters from Ngoc's nipple, her breath still caressing the stiff organ.
"What does the slut want me to do to her other nipple?"
"But I can only do that if I hurt this nipple first. Do you want that, whore?"
I was astounded. Here was Hien doing everything I had wanted when we were married. Was this the same woman who had walked away from challenges in the past and allowed other women to put her down knowing she would not respond?
"Yes but suck it quick" Ngoc managed to say between her moans
Hien lowered her lips and took the aroused nipple in her lips. Teasing she flicked her tongue over its erect length giving pleasure before sinking her teeth into the sensitive organ. Ngoc's cry of pain echoed round the room as Hien shook her head like a dog with a bone. After about 15 seconds she stopped and before Ngoc had time to realize the pain had stopped she had the other nipple imprisoned between her lips and was rapidly stimulating it with her tongue.

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   She settled into a steady rhythm. With the nipple between her lips she would suck, then flick with her tongue and gently scrape with her teeth before taking the complete areole in her mouth and licking the entire sensitive area.
Ngoc's body was humping against hers so Hien slid off the prostrate woman and ripped her sodden cream thong from her. Now she attacked Ngoc's cunt beneath her wet matted bush spreading it open and touching and manipulating her pulsating clit. Shudders of delight ran through Ngoc's body, involuntary twitches that Hien monitored.
All the time she was talking to the spread-eagled Ngoc. .
"Do you want me to will unless you tell me you're a ugly, cheap sluttish whore".
"I'm an ugly, cheap sluttish whore"
"Whose better than you bitch?"
"Do you want me to fuck you like the dog you to make me make you cum".
Please Please fuck me and make me cum
Instead of taking her over the top Hien stepped away
"Get up bitch. I haven't humiliated you enough yet"
Standing up against her Hien took Ngoc's hand and guided it to her cunt.
"I don't want this all one way. I want you to strive to win and fail. Show me what you can do before I take you and finish it"
Desperately, frantically Ngoc worked on Hien ignoring the arousal in her own loins she strove to have an effect on Hien. Momentarily Hien relaxed as the pleasure surged through her.

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   Seizing her chance Ngoc pushed her backwards hoping at least to gain top position when they fell. Caught off guard in falling Hien struck her head against the dining table. She came to with her hands bound to the table legs with her and Ngoc's thongs.
With Hien helpless Ngoc repaid her back. She used her tongue relentlessly on her clit even forcing Hien's legs wider to give her greater penetration inside the love tunnel itself. Her long fingers penetrated Hien searching for that elusive g spot. Just as Hien had done to her she brought her close to orgasm before stopping only to recommence a short time later. Sweat poured from Hien as she writhed on the floor, half from pleasure, and half from trying to escape. Sitting astride Hien Ngoc took one of my ex wife breasts in her hand and rubbed the thick nipple against her clit reveling in the look of hatred in Hien's eyes.
"See how strong is my need for sex", she gloated "and you're going to provide it as I prove you inferior"
Climbing on top of Hien she joined their pussies. Although Hien had the better body Ngoc's mound was far more prominent and using her dominant upper position she fucked her with her pelvis driving it into Hiens before raking it the length of her rival's wet red raw cunt. She adjusted her position so her larger cunt engulfed Hien's and her clit was rubbing against Hien's. She reached around and entered Hien with her long fingers from behind finding the g spot she had located earlier. Then using her stomach and pelvis muscles she rapidly vibrated her clit while her fingers stimulated Hien's G spot. This time she did not stop.

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   Not when she heard the pre cum moans from Hien. Not when she felt the warmth of Hien's juices flowing into her own cunt. Not when she felt the spasms that shot through Hien's body as she came. Not when she heard Hien's pleas to stop.
When she did stop it was only to move so she could again use her tongue on Hien's clit and use those long finger to simultaneously enter her cunt and anus and finger fuck her to another. Using all the techniques at her disposal she ruthlessly raped the tied defenseless woman. Finally after an hour and a half she rolled the semi conscious Hien onto a pillow made from Hien's most expensive clothes before squatting over her face. Reaching between her legs she masturbated herself to a climax inches from Hien's face. First her cum dropped onto Hiens face and then as the full effect of her victory struck her she directed an orgasmic spray of her yellow piss into her prisoner's open mouth before covering her face and clothes.
"Every time you see me from now on remember how I fucked you"

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