Office Lunch


    Seanna had been running around the plant all morning and was dying to get a chance to sit down so she could get something to eat. Kim was sitting at her desk, looking over some papers, when she walked in and plopped into her chair exhausted.
"Man, oh, man I tell you," she sighed as she threw the papers up on her desk, " I wish people would learn to come up here from time to time. "
"Well, you know," Amy started trying to give her friend some good advice, " why don't you try calling people instead of going out and hunting for them. "
    Seanna agreed with her co-worker and told her that she was going to have to try that after lunch.  Amy finally realized what time it was and got up to lock the door.
"Now we will be able to eat in peace. " Amy stated as she walked back around her desk.
Seanna looked up when she heard the door lock and watched as her sexy co-worker walked back around her desk. She secretly had a crush on her for the last few months, similar to the way the guys felt when she came out on the floor. Seanna, herself, had been getting looked at by all the guys and she could feel their eyes moving all over her slim body.
Seanna was a petite little thing with cute little tit and a nice small ass. Amy, on the other hand, was more endowed and was perfectly proportioned. Her tits were clearly a "D" cup and her ass was perfect. Seanna felt herself getting flushed thinking about her in this manner and did not realize that Amy was staring back at her.
"Are you okay, Seanna?" Amy asked waking her friend from the trance.

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"Huh, oh I am sorry I was thinking about something else. " Seanna told her as she snapped back into reality.
"Anything you care to share?" Amy asked her, knowing in the back of her mind that it had to deal with something sexual.
"No," Seanna lied not realizing that she had placed her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself.
    Amy got up from her desk and walked over to her as Seanna suddenly realized what she was doing. She tried to play it off by messing with some papers on her desk. Amy told her to relax because the door was closed and it was just the two of them. Amy picked up Seanna's right hand and brought it to her nose and smelled it.
"Now can you tell me what you were thinking about? Amy asked as she began to lick on each of Seanna's fingers.
"I told you it was nothing," Seanna started as she tried to pull her hand away from Amy, "nothing of importance. "
"From what I can tell it must have been pretty good. " Amy told her
"Okay, you caught me," Seanna stated.
"I was thinking about last night with my husband. " she lied.
    Amy was about to let it go at that but then after smelling her friends fingers she knew she had a chance to have some fun.

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"Now is that all you had on your mind?" Amy asked Seanna as she let her hand go and began to undo her blouse.
"Amy what the hell are you doing?" Seanna asked in complete surprise.
"Something I probably should have done long ago," Amy began, " I am going to show you what I think about when I am daydreaming, you with no clothes on and me satisfying you for lunch. "
    Seanna was shocked at what she was hearing but at the same time she felt herself starting to get wet as Amy's bra covered tits came into view. She had dreamt of seeing Amy's wonderful melons but never thought it would actually happen.
    Amy's blouse hit the floor and as she reached between her tits to undo the hook Seanna's hand moved down to her pussy. She slid the fabric to one side and was working her fingers up and down her slit. Amy began to knead the flesh of her 36d's and pinch her nipples to full erection as the room filled with moans and the sound of Seanna's fingers going in and out of her hole.
Amy bent down in front of her hot friend and looked up at her as her tongue came out of her mouth.
"Would you like me to help you?" Amy asked as a smile came across her face knowing that Seanna would not say no.
"Oh,God, please yes Amy put your tongue into my hot slit and make me cum. " Seanna told her trying to keep her voice down.
    Amy went to work on Seanna twat sucking on her clit and using her fingers in the tight hole. She wanted to comment on the fact that she was tight but she decided to use her energy eating her out.
    Both females just about died when the door suddenly opened.

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   Both females quickly hid behind the desk until they heard a female voice. They both popped their heads up from under the desk to see Kim standing there.
"Close the door and lock it before someone else comes in. " Seanna told with excitement in her voice.
"What the hell are you two doing under the desk?" Kim asked as she walked over to them.
Amy saw who it was and decided to go back to tasting her sweet co-worker know that Kim would be next if she played her cards right. Seanna began moaning at the tongue lashing she was getting just as Kim rounded the desk and saw Amy on the floor with Seanna riding her face.

    "Now this is what I call lunchtime. " Kim stated as she suddenly realized that she was over dressed and removed her dress.
        She climbed up on the desk and slid her panties to the side so Seanna could taste her sweet juices. Seanna readily obliged her and dove right into her hot hole.
        Amy got Seanna off in a matter of about five minutes and Seanna used Kim's pussy to muffle her pleasure and the moaning got kim to have one of the best orgasms she had in a long time. Amy got up off the floor and Seanna grabbed for her and laid her out on the desk. Both females each took one of Amy's tits and began to suck on a nipple. Seanna made her way down Amy's body and began to work her slacks and panties off.

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    "Oh my God," Seanna exclaimed, "I love a clean shaven pussy and she dropped to her knees and began to eat her friend out. Kim and Amy began to French kiss as an orgasm came over Amy.
    "You taste so wonderful. " Seanna told Amy as she climbed up on the desk and French kissed her friend, also.
    They all looked at the clock at the same time when they heard the phone ring. They jumped down off the desk and Seanna picked it up still without any clothes on.
    "Hello," Seanna said into the receiver, "okay I will be there in about five minutes I have a few quick things to take care of. Yes I know what you are talking about I will have that with me when I get there. Yes. Okay I heard you now will you let me finish so I can come over and you can yell at me then. Bye"
        Seanna hung up the phone and began to get dressed.
    "Who was that?" Amy asked wondering why her friend would be getting in trouble.
    "It was Jennifer and she wants me over in her office right away," Seanna told them as she straightened her dress out, "by the way thanks for lunch.
        Seanna started to head out the door then ran over to her desk to pick up some papers and she reached into her desk for a box.
    "What's in the box?" Amy asked quizzically, "something you have been hiding from me?"
    "Well, kinda," Seanna told her as she opened the box to show Amy the double headed dildo, "I told you that she wants me and what she want is for me to do her.

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        Amy smiled as Seanna left the office and Then she turned to Kim and told her that they still had half their lunch hour left. Kim agreed and the two began to kiss and feel each other up.
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