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The two pregnant women settled down in April's well appointed living room, and with cups of coffee in hand regaled each other with tales from their days at State U!!! "So," April asked, "how do you like married life!?!" "It's okay," Lin said a little sadly, "but ever since my belly began to expand Tom just hasn't shown his usual interest in me!" April took a long sip from her steaming cup and replied, "I guess we're in the same boat then, because Denny hasn't touched me in over two months, so when I hear people saying that pregnant women have a special sexuality about them, I just have to say you couldn't prove it by me!!!" "Amen, sister," the young Asian replied a little bitterly, "I could be glowing like a light bulb, and Tom wouldn't notice me, that is except maybe to turn it off!!!" It was a bad joke, but both women broke out in gales of laughter as the commiserated with each other over their sexual fates!!! After giving their husbands a couple of more shots, their conversation turned to more happy items as they yammered on about the upcoming births of their babies!!!The time seemed to fly by as they gabbed away until April all of a sudden blurted out, "Geesh my breasts are sore right now, sometimes I can hardly stand it!!!" "You too, huh," Lin replied, "my bra usually feels like a straight jacket, so when I'm around the house I mostly go bra less!!!" April stretched uncomfortably and said almost grimly, "Well if you don't mind, I'm gonna take mine off, I can't stand it another minute!!!" "You go, girl," Lin fired back, "if I were at home I'd have had mine off by now, I can tell you that!!!" "Oh, thanks," April sighed, while slipping the maternity blouse over her head, "at least my bra is front hooking, I'd have a heck of a time trying to reach around this fat belly!!!" As April shucked her huge brassiere, Lin said softly, "Oh, my, your breasts are absolutely huge, what size are you anyway!?!" "Uh, let me look," April said as she fiddled with her bra, looking for the tag, "ah, here it is, 38e, that's up from usual 36d, what about you, what size are you!?!" "Well," Lin answered, "I'm wearing a 36d, but my usual size is 34b, but do you know what amazes me most!?!" "What," April asked while casually massaging her breasts, "tell me?!?" "Well, it's how my nipples have gotten so dark and sensitive," she replied, "I can barely touch them without having an orgasm, how about you!?!" "That could have been construed as a dumb question, because at that very moment April sighed as she softly twisted her large nubs causing her to involuntarily moan in front of her old friend!!!"My goodness," Lin opined softly, "you're on fire aren't you, dear!?!" "Y-yes," April mumbled, as the tension in her pussy caused her to cross her legs in an attempt to apply some friction to her now engorged clitoris!!! "Do you mind if I take my bra off," Lin asked barely above a whisper?!? "Noooo," April gasped as a shot of desire wrenched at her aching clit, "g-go ahead, take it off!!!" While she was unhooking her bra, Lin asked her old roommate, "Do you want to see my breasts, they're much bigger than they used to be!?!" "Oh, Lin," April moaned as the big bra slipped from the tiny Asian's shoulders, "Your breasts are incredible, and your nipples are so hardddddd!!!" "Mmmmm, yes they are," Lin sighed while cupping them gently, "Since Tom won't do it, would you like to suck on them for me!?!" "Oh, yessssss," she hissed through clenched teeth, "Let me suck them for you you poor thing, our husbands are such bastards!!!" After giving her friend a pat on the arm, Lin stood quietly next to her chair and let April nurse calmly on her dark distended nipple!!! "Ohhhhhhhh, that's so nice," Lin sighed while cradling April's head in her arms, "mama just loves having her nipples sucked, and by such a nice girl, too, that makes it all the more special!!!" For the next half hour or so the two mothers to be took turns sucking each other's breasts while the fury growing between their legs grew more ferocious by the second, that is until April said with a moan, "I can't help myself, I've just gotta get my panties off so I can frig my clitoris, it's absolutely on fire!!!" "Me, too," Lin gasped, "let's hurry up and get them off, I need to cum so badly!!!" Almost in a frenzy the two women tore off their skirts and panties, leaving them standing in the middle of April's living room in only their shoes and socks, and of course their two large bellies that made it impossible for them to see their own pussy without the aid of a mirror!!! April caressed Lin's big belly and said in a husky voice, "Y-you look so sexy I could just eat you up!!!" Lin, with a twinkle in her eye, quickly sat down on the sofa, and with her legs spread wide apart offered, "You do me first!!!" April was a bit stunned at the request, but the more she stared a Lin's hairy pussy, the more excited she became, until it was impossible for her to resist it!!! "Okay," she said softly while carefully getting down on her knees, "but you gotta promise to do me too!!!" So with her hands cupping her oversized chest, Lin smiled and nodded, as April's mouth descended onto her gaping vagina!!!"Oh, goddddddd," Lin moaned loudly, "it's been so fucking long, I can't hold it much longer, I-I'm cummmmmming, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss!!!" Even though this was her first experience at cunt lapping, April went instinctively for Lin's bulging clit, which for the past half hour had been whipped into such a frenzy, that even the slightest pressure would send it careening out of control towards a truly memorable climax!!! April was stunned at the ferocity of her friend's orgasm, but when she thought about it, she realized that when it was her turn, she should probably expect the same!!! A thoroughly spent Lin lay motionless on the couch with her hand still holding her big chest while mindlessly tweaking her large dark nipples!!! "My turn," April said excitedly as she plopped her big ass down on the couch with her legs spread, "come on, hon, do me now!!!" "I have and idea," Lin said softly!!! "You're not gonna leave me hanging are you," April asked, "cuz I'm sitting right on the edge and it wouldn't take much to push me over it!!!" "Oh, no," Lin said while leaning over to give her friend a kiss on the nipple, "I was just thinking you might like this even more," as she let her hand slide down to April's crotch where she quickly jammed her thumb hard inside of her!!! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, goddddddddddd," April gasped while Lin jammed her finger in and out with brutal precision, "oh don't stop, just do that, oh yessssssss, finger me hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's almost like getting fucked!!!" Lin bored in hard on her friend's gaping pussy, making sure that every once in a while she rubbed hard over her hard little clit, which naturally caused the pregnant hussy to lurch forward into her hand while begging for her to do it harder!!! It only took a matter of minutes, and soon April was climaxing hard as her pussy gripped at Lin's stabbing finger!!!While puffing like a locomotive, April gasped, "I thought I was gonna die, but that was the best orgasm I've had since I became pregnant!!!" Lin had since taken April's nipple back into her mouth, but pulled away just long enough to say, "Me too, what luck it was for us to find each other again, especially after all these years!!!" 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