Part of the Band- Drunken Stupor(Part two of Part of the Band)


Our next practice was Tuesday, and Julie and I walked to Mark’s house from school hand in hand. When we got to the garage that was serving as our practice pad, David looked between Julie and me and grinned. “So you two finally hooked up, huh?” He asked with a grin.

“How was your date, Kazrack?” I shot back with a mischievous grin.

“What da-” David began before stopping short. “Oh, you mean Saturday… Um, it was alright. ”

David was short for a guy, his height only reaching five foot six. His skin was pale and his muscles practically non-existent. He had shoulder-length light brown hair with sea-green eyes. He looked like a gangly teenager and it only added to the homosexual appearance.

“Yeah? What was his name?” Julie asked slyly.

“Max. ” David said immediately before his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. “I mean, her name was Max. Well, her name is Maxeen, but she prefers Max. ”

Julie and I looked at each other with huge grins.

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   We so enjoyed messing with David. Before we could say anything, Mark came into the garage through the side door that lead into the house and said, “Alright, ladies. Let’s get to practicing. ”

That afternoon would be our last practice before our gig on Friday, so we worked our tails off. By the time practice was over, Mark had yelled at David for being off tune, I had bit Mark’s head off for playing off-tempo, and David had lashed out at Julie and me for coming in too early. As we put up our gear, I shot a glare at both Mark and David. David had really irritated me, though it wasn’t because he had yelled at me. It was because he dared to yell at Julie.

As usual, Mrs. G brought us some sandwiches, coke, and chips. We ate in relative silence for a time before David finally broke the silence. “So, one of my friends said she’s coming to the show. ”

“So?” I snapped, though my anger was slowly subsiding as the food and drink filled my stomach.

“Well, she’s a pretty good guitarist and dancer. ” David said.

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   “And her dad’s a producer. She said if she thinks we’re any good, she’ll put in a good word with her dad. She also would like to join, if we meet her taste as far as music. ”

“You were just going to let her in without asking us?” Mark asked, his face stern.

“I’m running it by you guys now!” David argued. The two boys glared at each other form across the room.

I looked between the two and grinned. “Why don’t you two just kiss and make up?” I offered with a grin. I ducked towards Julie as they both chunked empty coke bottles at me. Julie and I were rolling with laughter. Once we had settled down, we calmly discussed the possibility before Julie leaned over and whispered to me that she had to get home before her parents got worried. I nodded before looking up at David and Mark. “Sorry guys, but Julie and I have to bail for the night. Her parents are coming home this evening and all. ” I said with a fake apologetic smile.

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“Later Arya, Velanna. ” Mark said with a wave of his hand as we stood to leave.

“Bye you two loooooove birds. ” David said with a grin.

I shot him a glare but couldn’t do anything to him as Julie pulled me out of the garage and out into the sunlit street. We walked hand in hand down the sidewalk towards Julie’s house, neither of us talking but rather enjoying simply being in each other’s company. After a while, however, I looked at Julie and grinned. “So, my parents are going out Friday night and won’t be home until Sunday. It’s their twentieth anniversary. ” I said.

“Yeah? Tell them I said congrats. ” Julie said with a proud smile.

I walked silently beside her for a time before shaking my head slightly. “I’ll tell them, but that’s not why I told you. ” I said softly.

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   I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and said, “I was wondering if you might be able to stay the night, or… at least come over Friday after the gig. ”

“Oh…” Julie muttered, staring at the ground as we walked. I moved slightly closer to her, wrapping my arm around her waist. She smiled up at me and nodded slightly. “I can definitely come over Friday night. My parents already sorta expect me to stay the night with someone in the band. They bought us some alcohol to celebrate with afterwards and everything. ” She said with a grin.

I grinned and stopped walking when we rounded the corner to our street. I could see her parents SUV sitting in the driveway and sighed. We had to keep our relationship on the down low since her parents weren’t too fond with the idea of their daughter being bi, much less lesbian.

“Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye, huh?” I muttered.

“I’m sorry, babe. ” Julie said with a sad smile. “I’ll talk to them and see how they react.

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   Maybe they’ll be cool with it now. ”

“Maybe, but wait till after Friday. I don’t want them flipping out. ” I replied. I leaned in towards Julie and kissed her lips lightly and felt her return the kiss before she trotted off to her house. I watched her cute little ass sway as she walked away, enjoying her backside nearly as much as her front side.

That Friday night after our gig, we were putting up our equipment when a brunette approached us. She was my height and had bright blue eyes. She had a nice body, with 36 DD breast and a round ass. I knew I was staring and I looked away quickly in hopes Julie hadn’t noticed: She hadn’t. She was staring curiously at the girl.
“Hey, guys. ” The young woman said. “David told me about you guys. I love your music.

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   My dad’s a music producer, and I’ll introduce you guys to him. David also mentioned y’all might have an opening for a dancer or back-up guitarist. ”

I glanced at Mark with a raised eye. He seemed just as suspicious, but I could see his excitement. I grinned and looked at Julie. “Well, I think we’ll have to see if she’s got any talent, won’t we?”

Julie smiled at me but didn’t say anything. David filled in the gap by saying, “Hey, Jackie! Arya’s right, they’ll have to see what type of talent you have. ”

I looked at the girl David had called Jackie and frowned slightly when the woman grinned at me and danced towards me. She had a damn fine body, but I forced myself to look at her face, especially since I knew Julie was watching me. I stepped away from the girl when she began dancing up on me and said, “You’ve got some fancy moves, but we’ll have to set up a private screening. Saturday afternoon, two o’clock. ” We had decided on it earlier that day, so no one argued.

We went out to the back and got in our respective cars. Julie had come with me in my coup and David and Mark had come together in Mark’s Heavy Duty Ford. As I was driving to my house, Julie turned to me and grinned.

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   “She was pretty, wasn’t she?” She teased.

“What?” I asked, shifting gears.

“I know you’re thinking about her. ” Julie continued to tease. “She was flirting up a storm with you. ”

“Who?” I asked, glancing at her.

“That Jackie woman. ” Julie replied.

I smirked slightly and shook my head. “I wouldn’t know, babe. I wasn’t looking. ” I retorted.

She continued to tease me about Jackie all the way home, but all teasing stopped when we pulled into my drive. I pulled into the garage and saw the Mark’s truck pull in behind me. I popped the trunk of the car and Julie and I took the booze inside and to the living room before I let Mark and David in through the front door.

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I blared the music at a level that was loud enough for us to have fun, yet not loud enough for the neighbors to report us. Julie and I took up the love seat as Mark and David took up the couch, and all of us began drinking the Smirnoff and other booze Julie’s parents had provided.

I grinned as I watched Mark opening up to David over time as more drinks calmed his wits. Julie and I went into the kitchen to get some food and when we returned to the living room it was to find the two boys in a passionate embrace. Julie dropped the food she had grabbed on the counter and took my hand in hers before pulling me down the hall and up the stairs. I followed her into my bedroom and watched her with a confused look as she closed the door.

She came to me and began kissing along my neck, and I couldn’t help but sigh at the pleasure it sent through my body. I was lost in her touch for a time before pushing her back from me slightly. “No, we can’t. ” I gasped softly. “Mark and David… We can’t do this… Not now. ”

“They’ve got each other… They won’t hear anything, I promise. ” Julie whispered in my ear before she took the lobe of my ear in her mouth and sucked on it.

What could I do? I wanted her more than anything. Those ripped jeans and black tank top with her half leather jacket over it outlined and personified her beauty and her perfectly shaped body.

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   I wanted her more than I had ever wanted her in that moment. I grinned and pulled Julie close to me and began kissing her neck.

She jerked away suddenly and wiggled a finger at me. “Now now, none of that. ” She said with a grin. She was obviously intoxicated, but I didn’t care. I grinned at her and looked at her curiously. “It’s my turn to please you. ” Julie said in what I imagine was supposed to be a seductive voice.

She shoved me onto the bed and I fell back, looking up at Julie with surprise. I watched her strip off her jacket and tank top before she started unfastening the button of her pants. She pointed at me and said, “Take it off. ”
I watched Julie with a raised eye for a moment before doing as she told me to. I unfastened the buckles of my belted leather jacket and slipped out of it before jerking my t-shirt over my head and unfastening my leather pants and forcing them off. I laid there on my bed in my black lace underwear and bra, looking up at Julie in her powder blue silk bra and thong.

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She crawled on top of me and forced my hands up over my head as she kissed over my chest and neck. I sighed in pleasure at the feel of Julie’s lips against my body. She held my hands over my head for a while before she moved her hands to fumble with my bra. As she finally got the bra off, she tossed it to the floor and said, “Keep your hands up there. Don’t move them. ”

I did not argue with her. I felt her tongue slide over my nipple and moaned faintly, my breathing becoming heavy and ragged. I could feel my pussy screaming to be pleasured, could feel something building deep inside me. I felt her mouth latch onto my nipple, her mouth sucking on it gingerly. I moaned and turned my head to the side slightly, the feeling so intense in my body.

Her hand traced over my stomach and hooked in my underwear. As she sucked and licked around my nipple, I felt her pull my underwear down and off my legs. Her hand slipped between my thighs and I felt her fingers tease the lips of my pussy. I moaned softly and resisted the urge to place my hands on her back.

She flicked my nipple with her tongue and slipped her finger between my lips and began rubbing my clit gently, teasingly.


   I moaned louder, my head tilting back from the pure pleasure. She flicked her tongue feverishly over my nipple for a time as her fingers slipped into me. As she shoved her fingers deep and hard into me, I moaned loudly and latched my hands onto the pillow under my head to keep my hands firmly above my head.

She continued plunging her fingers deep into me, moving faster as her thumb began rubbing my clit. I moaned louder before turning my head and clamping my teeth down on one of my decorative pillows to gag myself.
    I moaned into the pillow as she rubbed my clit faster and continued fingering me. I was about to reach the climax of the intense pleasure when I felt her move her hand away from my pussy and up my thigh. I didn’t have time for the disappointment to show through before I felt her lips kiss down my body.

    I moaned faintly as she traced her tongue teasingly over the lips of my pussy. I looked down at her to see her grinning with amusement. I wasn’t amused. My body screamed for release, my pussy screamed to be pleasured. “Dear God, please do it!” I groaned as her tongue continued teasing my lips.

    “Don’t worry, babe. You’ll get what you want soon enough.

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      ” She whispered with that same grin on her face.

    “Oh please, please baby!” I nearly screamed.

    She plunged her tongue into me and I moaned louder than I could ever remember having moaned. My back arched slightly at the feel of her tongue licking around inside me, my pleasure mounting once more. I felt her fingers begin rubbing my clit as her tongue continued to explore inside me. I moaned and my back arched more, my head rolling back slightly as my hands clung to the pillow under my head.

    Her tongue slipped out from inside me and begin flicking my clit. I moaned and squirmed slightly as the intense feeling grew, threatening to burst. She licked my flit even more feverishly for a while, my moaning growing in intensity and becoming closer together, until, with one more loud moan, the pleasure exploded forth from me in a strong orgasm. I could feel her licking up my juices and sucking on my clit, which caused me to cum once more, though it was less intense.

    She kissed up along my body and moved so she was on her knees straddling me. She looked at me with a grin as I lay panting beneath her, my muscles spasming from the intense pleasure. I leaned up and wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing over her stomach. I traced my tongue over her belly-button piercing before sucking on the ring and making her moan. I hooked my fingers in her underwear and pulled them down slightly before she got off me slightly and let me pull them off.

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       As she resumed her position over me, I bit her stomach lightly and sucked on the skin in my mouth.

    I kissed down over her stomach towards her pussy as I slid under her slowly. I kissed her pussy lightly and traced my tongue over her lips lightly. She moaned and I could see her thighs quivering with the pleasure. I forced my tongue between her lips and lightly teased her clit with my tongue, causing her to moan loudly. I licked her clit feverishly, enjoying the sweet taste of her juices. I continued licking her clit lightly and then shoved my tongue in her, licking around inside her as her moans grew louder and more intense.

    I began rubbing her clit gently as I licked around inside her ferociously. My fingers lightly dug into her thighs as I forced them to remain open. Julie moaned loudly and her thighs trembled as I licked around inside her and rubbed her clit. I stopped licking around inside her and began sucking on her clit, lightly nibbling it occasionally and causing Julie to moan louder than ever. She began pulling at my hair and as her back arched. I slipped two fingers into her and started shoving my fingers in and out of her as I sucked and licked her clit. Her moans turned to screams of pure pleasure before she finally came. I licked up her juices as quickly as I could, though some of her juices dribbled down my cheek and over my neck.

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    Julie collapsed forward, breathing heavily and a gleam of pure lust in her eyes. I continued lightly teasing Julie’s clit with my tongue, causing her to tremble and shudder with pleasure. She suddenly shoved me down and turned on top of me so that she was facing my pussy. Before I could protest, I felt her tongue tease my clit and all thoughts of protesting escaped me.

    I moaned softly and tilted my head back for a moment before quickly shoving my face into Julie’s pussy and licking her clit lightly. I could hear her moan softly as she began licking my clit faster, and I began licking her more feverishly. We licked each other faster and faster, both of us muffling moans in each other’s pussies. I felt the pleasure building in me once more, and I knew Julie’s was growing as well. I sucked on her clit as she continued licking mine and then it happened: we both released our pleasure at the same time, moaning intensely as our juices filled each other’s mouths.

    Julie turned and collapsed on her side beside me, her arm wrapping around my waist as she snuggled against me. I lay beside her, breathing heavily, and wrapped my arm lightly around Julie’s shoulder. Julie passed out with her head resting on my shoulder, but I did not find sleep as inviting. I stared up at the ceiling, a contented smile on my face, and enjoying the warmth of Julie against me. Slowly sleep overtook me, however, and I drifted into a peaceful slumber with Julie sleeping beside me once more.

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